Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 86 – Full Episode – 11th November, 2019

US, UK, Canada..
You will get any VISA you want. Come to our office
with your documents. Yes, Sanjay.
It is good that you came here. I was about to call you. What’s happening? Will you
give me the Rs. 12 lakhs? Mr. Bassi, forget
about the Rs. 12 lakhs. Where is my brother,
Gurpreet? What are you doing? When it’s time to pay up, you
ask me where your brother is? Where is my brother? A week ago, on 8th May,
he left to Mumbai from Amritsar. He was supposed to go
to London from there. If all of you
put up such gloomy faces I won’t be able to go. Preeti, Sunny. Smile.
Why do you have such sad faces? Sanjay,
do I have to tell you? Cheer up.
Get up. Study well and
don’t trouble your mom. After a year, I will take
all of you to London with me. Now, cheer up.
Smile. Simran,
do I have to tickle you too? Smile.
Smile. Call me as soon
as you board the plane. Okay. No.. One has to switch
phones off while in the plane. I will call you
as soon as I reach Mumbai. Okay.
Take care of yourself. Sanjay, take care of your
sister-in-law, Preeti, Sunny. Okay.
Let me go now. Good bye. ‘Case 13/2019’ Gurupreet had boarded
the London flight from Mumbai. My brother called his wife on
8th May when he reached Mumbai. He said his flight
was late in the night. Simran,
I have reached Mumbai. I have come out
of the airport and in a car. No.. The flight
to London is later tonight. Now, they are
putting us up somewhere. Did you have your lunch? Yes, I had my lunch. Did you drink
water? – Yes. I did. Hey Simran.
Listen to me. I will call you
once I reach London. Okay, just a moment.
I have kept a box in your bag. They are home-made
flat breads. Eat it. Yes. I will eat them. Yes.
Gurpreet was correct. My agent had Gurpreet
board the 8th May London flight. He had said that he will
call us once he reaches London. It has been a week.
He hasn’t called us. He didn’t call back?
Or have you become greedy? You gave me
Rs. 8 lakhs in advance. Having faith in you,
I got his visa ready. Now, you have become
greedy and cooking up stories? He had told me that I’ll get
money once he reaches London. I was about to
ask you to pay up. Now you bluff that
Gurpreet did not reach London. I even called my brother’s
friend in London, Mr. Jaspal. Hello.
– Is it Mr. Jaspal? Yes. It is me.
Who are you? I am Sanjay Ahuja,
Gurpreet’s younger brother. Hey Sanjay, how are you?
How is Gurpreet? He left for London.
Did you meet him? Oh! Did Gurpreet
come to London? But I haven’t met him yet. The last time I met him
was in March in the village. So, my brother
hasn’t met you? – No. He isn’t like that. He said he will call me
once he reaches London. So, he should
have called me on 9th. But, today is the 12th. I came to your office
on 12th, 13th, and 14th. Your office was closed. I have many other
businesses other than this. I want my money. He had told me that I’ll get
money once he reaches London. I was busy for a few days. I couldn’t call you. Now you bring me this
story instead of my money and say that Gurpreet
didn’t reach London. If my brother had reached
London, he would have called us. We are all very worried. Did Gurpreet
really not reach London? Or did Gurpreet
reach London but was he and his
brother fooling the visa agent in order to cheat him
of the remaining money. Gurupreet’s case
was about to open the lid off the illegal human trafficking
and immigration gangs. Are you fooling us to
avoid paying him Rs. 12 lakh? We don’t know where they took
my brother instead of London and you accuse us
of cheating him? My husband had collected
Rs. 12 lakhs to go to London which we did
with a lot of hard work. We will get
at least 3-3.5 lakhs. Why don’t you
do something over here? Hey Simran. Listen. Let me go.
I want to earn a lot of money. Like Jaspal did
by going to London. I am doing this
for all of you. Working on the farm
isn’t helping our finances. I want to
change fate. I will change
our fate. I won’t
let you go to London. – Is it? We are happy
with what we have. Why can’t
we be happier? Once I go there,
our lucks will change. I don’t know why are you
so insistent on going to London? I want to change my luck. Tell me something.
What did Jaspal have? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Now look at him. He has bought to flats
in Ranveerpur. Why do you compare
yourself to him. No matter how much you earn,
we eat the same food. If we work here,
we will be in our own country. Who’s there for us. Sanjay tell me,
don’t we have the right to live a luxurious life? If we work there,
we will earn in pounds. Do you know?
One pound equals to Rs. 90. Think about it. What I can save there in a month I can’t earn that here
even in a year. Jaspal earns thirty pounds
per day. It’s Rs. 2700. Do you know, Gurpreet? I have come to Amritsar
to buy one more flat. If next week the deal is done,
then I will go back. One more flat in Amritsar?
– Right. You are the hero of our village.
Very good. Tell me one thing. Do you speak English there? My friend, since 6 years I have
been staying with the British. Now,
all the English conversations comes out automatically. Also, if the Brits can learn
Hindi then is it impossible for us to learn English.
– Not at all. Come on, eat.
– Okay. Tell me, how did you
reach there? Suddenly you disappeared
from here. Then we came to know
you are in London. So, you made the passport
and reached there? Come here.
– Yes. I met an agent. He was from Ludhiana. He helped me go there.
– Really? Yes.
– Just like that? – Yes. But it was before 6 years. Now, proper VISA is required. Jaspal, just tell me.
Where can I get VISA? You can get it in Amritsar.
Go find out. But be careful.
There are so many frauds. If you got a good agent
then consider you got a job and then everything
will be fine. You mean, I will get a job
in London? Job?
My friend there are so many jobs
in London. Also, they pay very well. Also,
there’s a value of life. Sir, after meeting many agents
my brother met Rahul Bakshi for VISA. She sold her jewellery
and I took out all my savings. But we had only 2 lakhs. Listen, mister, we can
get you VISA and passports. But you need to pay us
the other 18 lakhs in advance.
Only then we can proceed. Mr. Bakshi, for now
you keep these 2 lakhs. Send me to London.
When I will reach there.. This is my brother.
He will give you the rest of the money. Listen, mister,
that’s not how it works. You and I, both know that. You are here, after meeting
all the other agents. Usually, we do it
for Rs. 25 lakhs. But for you, we are doing it
for Rs. 20 Lakhs. We are good in our business. We provide original VISA
and passports with work permit. That’s all right, sir. But, how can we give you
such a big amount in advance? We are here since many years. We are not frauds. Nor we are, Mr. Bakshi. I mean, I am going to London. But my brother
and my family lives here. In such a limited period of time I can maximum arrange
6 lakhs for you. The rest I can give it
by selling my farm lands.. Sir, is it done?
– Baljeet just give me two minutes. Please sit outside.
I will meet you in a while. Come on, guys. You will earn millions in London and here you are bargaining
for 20 lakhs. Sir, we gave 8 lakhs in advance
to Rahul Bakshi. But the 12 lakhs which I got
after selling the lands is still with me. We aren’t lying
for saving money. Sir, Mr. Gurpreet
sticks to what he says. He told, he will call us
after reaching London. He was supposed to reach there
on 9th. But today it’s 15th. Sir, just like you, Rahul Bakshi was also blaming me. Did Gurpreet tell you
which flight he was boarding
from Mumbai to London? No, sir.
He didn’t tell us that. He told us,
the flight is at night. Come. Your flight is at night. Till then, you freshen up
and have some food. Get your luggage. Baljeet.. What’s wrong? I heard you saying
we won’t have to pay money.. Keep quiet. You will get us killed.
Keep your voice down. Please tell me about it. Listen, Gurpreet in London, there will be
an agent waiting for us outside the airport. He will be having copies
of our photo and VISA. So, what? We will get our luggage and exit through another gate. I have a friend in London. He told me to do this. Then?
– Then what? If we escaped from the agents then afterwards it’s all good. We don’t have to pay
the rest of the amount. Anyways, how much still
you need to pay? 12 lakhs.
– Mine is 18 lakhs. 18 lakhs?
– Yes. Neither I, nor my father
will pay them. Okay.
But if we don’t meet the agents then where
will we stay there? Also, what about the job? We will hide somewhere. There are many places to hide. If you reached there once they can’t kick you out
without any valid reason. We can save the money by hiding. Eventually, we will find a job. Can we do that?
– I will do exactly the same. You decide for yourself. Sir, Rahul Bakshi’s phone
is switched off. Sir, did you see?
He has kept his phone off. I met him today morning. We had a fight too. Sir, where is my husband? Now I am worried about him. Sir,
this is Rahul Bakshi’s office. But it’s closed.
– It was open in the morning. Now he has closed it
intentionally. Where does he stay?
Do you have his address? We don’t have it.
We used to meet here. I had his phone number
which I already gave you. Do one thing.
Tomorrow come here. If you met him,
just give me a call. Sir, we have no clue
of my brother Gurpreet. If he’s not in London
then where is he? Gurpreet was going to London. We need something
to trace him, right? Also, you don’t have any
information about his flight. Let me meet Rahul Bakshi. He will tell us everything. They are lying. I think his brother
went illegally and here they are
playing with us. Sir, he’s saving money.
That’s all. Sir, Jagan got caught in Ambala. These are his transfer papers. Mom, are we still not able
to contact dad? His phone is switched off
since he left for Mumbai. God knows, why he planned
this trip? Dad was not supposed
to go there. Mom, what’s uncle
saying about it? Your uncle is looking for
that VISA agent. ‘The number you have called
is currently switched off.’ It’s been 5 days Rahul Bakshi is neither
switching on his phone nor he’s opening the office. Sanjay, now I am scared. I hope Mr. Gurpreet is fine. I am not able to understand. I have also tried calling
Mr. Jaspal thrice. He’s also not receiving
my calls. Sanjay, what if something bad has happened
to Mr. Gurpreet in London. Was Gurpreet Ahuja,
as per his plan hiding in London? Did Gurpreet had a motive
behind not contacting Sanjay, his younger brother
and Simran, his wife? Was his younger brother
and his wife actually worried about Gurpreet? Or was it just a drama? Sanjay was now going
to receive a call. But it wasn’t Gurpreet
from London. It was something which was
going to shock everyone. Hello! We know that you had
gone to the police. I know your plan. Mr. Bassi, where is my brother? Your brother has acted
too smart with us. He has escaped from our agent. I am asking you
where my brother is! Don’t worry. We will find him. And we will get
him caught in London. We’ll frame him such a way with
the help of London Government that he will never be
able to come out. Why? What did my brother do? He has double-crossed us. Now just wait and watch. If you want your brother
to be safe and if you want us not to tell the London
Government about your brother so that he comes back safely they should get my Rs. 12 lakhs. Let me talk to my brother first. Didn’t you listen to me? Your brother has deceived us
and he is now hiding in London. But we’ve a good network there.
They will surely find him. And how we deal with him
after that depends on you. If you give me Rs. 12 lakhs,
we will give you his address. Let me talk to my brother.
I want to talk to him. Hello, Mr. Bassi! Sir, they have
abducted my brother. They aren’t even letting me
talk to him. And they are asking me to
get Rs. 12 lakhs first. Did he tell you
where he has kept Gurpreet? From where did Bassi call you? I don’t know from where he
called up and where they
have kept my brother. I don’t know anything. I just got his call. He is saying that
my brother is in London and that he has ran away
from their agents. Rahul Bassi is
now threatening me that he will get
my brother arrested. Sir, please help me.
Save my brother! Sir, Sanjay got that call
from a landline phone. It’s a number
of a public booth. What’s the location?
– Delhi, Chandni Chowk Area. Sir, Rahul Bassi didn’t
come back to office. His office is still closed. Sanjay Ahuja was saying that
his brother has got kidnapped. Do this. Put his phone
on tapping first. Sir, this kidnapping
is all a drama. Gurpreet had
left to reach London. I think this man entered
their illegally and he doesn’t want to
pay the agent now. That’s why they are
creating this mess. Sir, that’s what I through
in the beginning. But all this now seems
like an illegal racket. Sachin, get the search warrants
of Rahul Bassi’s office on an urgent basis
and find out what’s inside. Open every drawer and check.
Take everything out. Yes, sir. – Yes, sir. Sir, there’s nothing inside. Looks like Bassi took
everything along. The secretary
of the building was saying that this office is on
the name of Bassi. Sir, this case has more secrets
than what we know. Otherwise, Rahul Bassi,
who is working since six years wouldn’t have just cleared
everything and ran away just because of
one complaint of Sanjay. That means,
it was the first time the complaint about
what he was doing was filed. Sir, Rahul Bassi’s SIM card
of his office’s address. Did you call the number
surfaced from the CDR? Yes, sir. Most of the numbers of Rahul’s
two months old call records are now switched off. I have asked
for the details of all those who have called up Rahul Bassi. We will surely find
an address. And then we can talk
to them face to face. And Gurpreet Ahuja’s
last location was in Mumbai. The phone got switched off
at 11 p.m. on 8th of this month. Rahul Bassi facilitates VISA
for UK, Canada, Australia and such countries. Talk to the embassies,
VISA offices and all those firms where such applications
are given. Delhi must be the nearest one. Yes, sir. We should even start
searching for Bassi. And we need to take
the help of Mumbai Police where Gurpreet spent his whole
day before taking the flight. Sir, the random call
which Sanjay got from Bassi asking for Rs. 12 lakhs.. I am sure the agents
are behind this. Talk to everyone who are in
the call records of Rahul Bassi. We will surely find out
something from someone. Okay, sir. Bassi wants Rs. 12 lakhs
in return of Gurpreet, right? Then give it to him. I will mortgage the house
and give you the money for Gurpreet’s return
from London. Sister-in-law, money has no
value in front of brother. But let Rahul Bassi
call me back. He is not opening his office and even his phone
is inactive. And the police is saying
that the number from which he had called up earlier is
a public booth of Delhi. Mr. Sanjay.. – I think.. Mr. Sanjay.. Mr. Sanjay,
have you heard of Baljit Sandhu? Baljit Sandhu? He is from Nanak Kalan village. Someone named Baljit Sandhu
had come to meet Rahul Bassi. Shall I come in?
– Baljit, give me two minutes. Sit outside.
I will see you soon. He is the one.
What’s the matter? A friend of mine gave me
an information that he was going to London. But he has returned
from Mumbai today. Sanjay, then I’m sure Mr. Baljit
knows about Gurpreet. I will find that out,
Sister-in-law. Come on, tell me where he is. Hello! – Yes. I am Loveleen Kaur,
Assistant Sub Inspector from
Ranveerpur Punjab Police. Tell me, ma’am. Who are you? Ma’am, my name is
Ghulam Rasool. Do you know Rahul Bassi? Rahul Bassi,
who is from Amritsar. You seem to have been in
frequent contact with him. Rahul Bassi.. – Yes. He has a firm named
‘Bassi VISA service.’ Oh! Mr. Bassi..
Yes, ma’am, I know him. Ma’am, I have a travel agency
in Itarpada, Mumbai. Rahul Bassi gets
ticketing services from us. But why are you asking
about him, ma’am? Where is Rahul Bassi now? I think his office
is in Amritsar. He is not here.
He is on the run. What? But why? Bassi used to take
ticketing services from you. Did he get the tickets booked for someone
named Gurpreet Ahuja? The early morning flight
for 9th of this month from Mumbai to London. I will have to check it. I make a lot of tickets here. Check it and call me back
on the same number. I will call you back
in just five minutes. Ghulam Rasool,
Ghulam Travel Agency, Itarpada. This is the right address,
isn’t it, Mandeep? Yes, Govind. This is the only active
number which we have found from Rahul Bassi’s call records. Interrogate him. All right, Mandeep.
I will get him immediately. And send me the photo
of Gurpreet Ahuja. Okay. I will. Is this Baljit’s house? Mister, is this Baljit’s house? Yes, dear. Where is he?
– He is sleeping. Will you please call him?
I want to talk to him. What do you want
to talk to him? It’s something
very important, mister. Please call him. A ticket to London is booked
in Gurpreet Ahuja’s name. This flight left on ninth May
at 2:30 in the morning. There is a halt in Dubai. According to that, Gurpreet
should have been in London at 10:30 in the morning. There is a ticket. But I don’t think Gurpreet
travelled to London with this ticket. Sir,
I sent a mail to the airline. They’ve asked for a day’s time. They’ll tell us if he travelled
with this ticket or no. We don’t have
anything in hand yet. But it’s clear
that there’s a big fraud. That’s definite, sir. Rahul Bassi who has been
working for six years.. Whom and where he must
have sent people? We didn’t find any record
in his office. He cleared everything. We didn’t even find
a small piece of paper. Baljeet, there’s someone
by the Sanjay. He’s supposed to be
Gurpreet’s brother. Baljeet,
you went to London, right? Look at his condition, dear. He has got beaten. I don’t know where he had been. Baljeet, you met
my brother Gurpreet, right? Where is he?
– I don’t know. He must have gone to London. Why did you come back? Where have you come from? What will he tell you, dear?
I had to send a car with Rs. three lakh
to get him back. Baljit, tell me where
my brother Gurpreet is. Hey! Take this.
This is a ticket to Amritsar. Do you understand? Borivali station is fifteen
minutes away from here. You’ll get a rickshaw
from the station that you see. Take a train and go away
from here. Do you understand? Hey, listen.. Listen to me.
If you go and open your mouth.. Keep one thing in mind.
We have many men there too. They’ll finish you
and your family there. Do you understand? Gurpreet was with you, right? Tell me! Yes, he was with me. But I
don’t know where he is now. They must have sent Gurpreet
to London. I don’t know anything about him. They’ve locked me in the room
and beaten me very badly. Baljit, where did this happen? Where in Mumbai?
– I don’t know, Sanjay. They took us somewhere
from the airport. We don’t know where. Baljit, why did they beat you
so badly? And why did they send you back? Why didn’t they allow you
to go to London? That’s what I asked him but
he’s not telling me anything. I just got a call from him and
he asked me to save his life. I don’t know who
Rahul Bassi was. I had to go to
Amritsar and pay him to free him. Where is my son Baljit? Where is he?
– Money.. I have brought the money, sir. Here you go. Here you go.
I’ve brought all the money. Where is Baljit?
– You’ve given the money today so we’ll release him tomorrow. How is that fair?
Where is Baljit? Sir, you go home. You’ve paid us today.
We’ll release him tomorrow and day after tomorrow he’ll be
at your door step. Sir! Sir! Baljit, you know where
my brother Gurpreet is. I don’t know anything Sanjay. I don’t want to get involved
in all this again. He’s a fool. I don’t know who convinced him
to go to London. Sir, I have tried to find out
about Gurpreet Ahuja in Mumbai and
Delhi visa offices. Forget about the visa, they’re telling me that
they haven’t even received an application
with that name. They haven’t got an application. So he has been
given a given visa. Not just visa, sir.
I contacted the passport office. That’s what even they told me.
They haven’t made a passport during April on the address
of Gurpreet Ahuja. Sir, I don’t know if Gurpreet
is the first person or they have fooled
many more people. Maybe the Mumbai crime branch
have got some news from Ghulam Rasool. They must have got a clue from
Rahul Bassi and the racket connected to him. Racket.. Sir, I have
a ticket booking business. I have a travel agency. You can check my book. Look..
He is Gurpreet Ahuja. Sir,
I don’t meet the passengers. I have never seen
him face to face. Sir, I was given the details
of the passport. I just booked a ticket
based on that. Sir, I also got a call
from the Punjab police. I have given them a copy
of the ticket too. Ghulam, same way tell us
where Gurpreet is. I don’t know, sir!
How can I tell you? Sir, I only book tickets online. Sir, let us issue a red alert
in Rahul Bassi’s name. Sir, I received a mail
from the airline. On ninth May, early in the
morning at 2:30, no passenger by the name Gurpreet Ahuja
travelled from Mumbai to London. Yes, the ticket
was definitely booked. But after that it was cancelled. Even if it wouldn’t
get cancelled Gurpreet wouldn’t be able to go. Because his passport was fake. Okay, Ghulam! Gurpreet’s ticket got cancelled. His passport was also fake. But I didn’t cancel it. Bassi must have
done it from there. Even he has the PNR
and the other details. The passport is fake,
visa is fake and the ticket gets cancelled after it’s booked. Tell me, Ghulam Rasool!
Where is Gurpreet? Sir, I really don’t know. I have a business
of booking tickets, sir. I get commission on booking. I got my commission
for this ticket too. Sir, but after that,
how will I know who has cancelled the ticket or who’s passport is fake. Now the matter was clear
that Gurpreet Ahuja could never go to London. Because the visa and passport
that he was given after paying a huge sum of money was fake. Another passenger Baljit
who was with Gurpreet had come back home.
But he was beaten badly. He was in a state of shock. Where was Gurpreet Ahuja?
Where was Rahul Bassi hiding? Was someone going to face
the truth some day? Sir, Baljit is saying he went
to Mumbai with brother Gurpreet. He’s not saying anything
other than that. Now where is Baljit?
– He’s in a nearby village. Chanchal,
bring Baljit immediately. Yes, sir! Did Baljit tell you
where they’ve kept Gurpreet? No, sir! Sir, Baljit’s father gave
Rs. five lakh to Rahul Bassi and got his son back. I’m ready to give
Rs. 12 lakh, sir. Please bring back my husband.
– Please calm down, ma’am. We’ll definitely bring
your husband back. Just let us
talk to Baljeet. He is not telling me
anything. Did he tell you anything? Mr. Paramjeet,
you have also made a mistake. When Baljeet called you,
you should’ve come to us Instead of meeting
Rahul Bassi. Then, they would’ve
killed me for sure. All this has happened
because of you. You were very eager
to go to London. You should’ve
started a business over here with that money. Who were
those people, Baljeet? I don’t know, sir. They would’ve
killed Samar and me if his dad
wouldn’t have send money. Who is Samar? He was also along
with you guys? Baljeet, reveal the truth. Gurpreet
hasn’t returned home. And we have caught
hold of Samarpreet too. Then, ask him. Take it.
This the number, sir. Baljeet called me
on 26th May at 9:30 pm. And told me to give
the money to Rahul Bassi. This number?
5598? Yes.
This is that number. A four digit mobile number
doesn’t exist, Mr. Paramjeet. I don’t know, I didn’t focus
much on the number. You check it, I received
a call from this number. The last I saw Gurpreet
and Baljeet was on the 8th. Where did they
take you in Mumbai? We met that man
outside the airport. He made us sit in the car and then I don’t know
where he took us. Who was he? I don’t know his name. But he knew us. He was standing
outside the airport with a board which
had our names on it. Your flight for London
is at midnight. Arrangements for your
food and stay has been made. Guys, don’t forget me
after going to London. I don’t know his
name but he thrashed me more than
the other person. I don’t know
the name of both guys. Let me go..
Mom.. In the start
he was very polite to us. Come inside,
have your food, take rest. Baljeet,
where did he take you guys and go from the airport? I don’t know. I only that it
was wide road. It was a highway. I had no idea
where he was taking us. Samar,
Gurpreet and I were visiting Mumbai for the first time. Come guys. Baljeet, what’s the place where they took
the three of you? I don’t know, sir. But it took
us approximately two and half hour
to reach that place. Samar, I can understand
that it was a new place for you. But concentrate
a little more. Where you
in Mumbai or did they take you somewhere outside? I don’t know. That place was pretty
far from the airport. It took us a long time
to get there. All right. But I’m sure you must
have seen something. There was a sign board. Something
similar to Supari was written on the board. There were 3 to 4
computers in the opposite room of the house in which
they made us stay. He took us to the rooms
which were inside. Come inside..
Come.. Come.. Keep your luggage
and take rest, all right? I’ll arrange something
to eat till then. Everything all right?
– Yes. Any issue?
– No. All right. We kept our
luggage in the room and then Gurpreet
called me aside to talk. What happened after that? I had come with a
plan that I will trick these guys
and disappear in London. I told Gurpreet
the same thing. I had no idea that
these people are targeting us. Mr. Baljeet,
come along with me. I need you
to sign some papers. Yes. Samar, you also come.
I need your sign on some papers. All right. He took me inside
the room with the excuse of a signature
and then locked me inside. Is anyone there? Let me go.. Is anyone there? Help me.. Why have you tied me? Save me.
Why have you tied me? Let me go.. Is anyone there? Help me. Is anyone there? Mister, save me.
I want to go home. Let me go.. Is anyone there? What wrong
have I done to you? Let me go.. Is anyone there? I could only hear
their voice. First,
I heard Baljeet’s voice and then I heard
Gurpreet’s voice. They made me call my dad. On my word, my dad gave Rahul Bassi Rs. 10 lakh. They gave me a ticket to Amritsar
and dropped me off somewhere. Do you remember the names
of the two guys? No, they didn’t
give me their names. They didn’t call each other
by names either. Amandeep, I’ll soon
get the exact location details of Gurpreet, Baljeet
and Samar’s mobile phones. I’ll at least be able
to find out where out of Mumbai they were taken Yes, Samar did tell us
about a place, Govind. He said something
about ‘Supari’.. ‘Supari’? Amandeep,
it must Sopara, Nala Sopara. It must’ve taken them
around two hours to reach that place
from the airport. It might be that place. What update do you
have on Ghulam Rasool? We took him for inquiry
but he only issues tickets. His office is in town side,
in Nagpada. He’s been there for years. In the investigation, he doesn’t
appear to have any involvement. But we still have
him under our radar. Govind, you can send a team
to Nala Sopara.. Nala Sopara.. We’re here inquiring
about Rahul Bassi. This seems like a huge racket
to me, Govind. – I think so too. Amandeep, you’ll get
complete cooperation of my team for this case. Don’t worry.
We will find Gurpreet. Sir, this seems like
an international racket. Why is that? Did you get
your hands on something? The phone number 5598 was used by Baljeet
to talk to his father, Paramjeet was used by Samar
to talk to his father too. 5598.. What sort of phone number
is that? It’s an internet
phone calling number.. The IP address
is of Moscow, Russia. Moscow.. Russia.. It can’t be traced even
with the entire cyber team. Internet calling? – Yes, sir. It’s been routed through Moscow.
It’s a hacking network. How do we crack this, Jatin?
– I can’t be cracked. The released Baljeet
and Samar but not Gurpreet. This seems to be something else. Those two were beaten brutally. Would they still have Gurpreet
in their captivity? Have you found out
anything about my brother? Did Baljeet and Samar
say anything? Sanjay, my entire team
is searching for Gurpreet. We Mumbai Crime Branch
helping us as well. Samar mentioned
a place near Mumbai. The crime branch
is investigating that. A team of mine
will also go here. This is very cunning gang. Your brother got caught up
in them by mistake. We’re trying our best
to find Gurpreet and bring him out. Sanjay.. Did they police give any update? No, Sister-in-law. – Uncle,
did dad not go to London? Dad shouldn’t
have gone to London. No, dear, don’t cry. I also miss dad a lot. Tell me, Sanjay, did anything
happen to Gurpreet? I don’t know, Sister-in-law. The police said
this is a huge racket and brother
is caught up in this. Why did he have
to travel abroad? I urged him not to. Sister-in-law..
Don’t lost hope. The police said that they
will find brother soon. Baljeet and Samar
have returned, right? Brother will also return. The investigation team
still had no idea about the extent of the racket. Before Gurpreet Ahuja’s case no one had ever talked about
the racket and the fraud. Many victims had paid the ransom and returned home. ‘Dismantle the operation
immediately!’ ‘The police have gotten
their hands on a lead.’ ‘The operation
is in a danger zone right now.’ ‘Remove the set up immediately.’ ‘Empty your positions and switch
your mobile phones off.’ ‘The police have the lead now.’ ‘And I really mean immediately!’ ‘The police shouldn’t
find anything.’ ‘Switch off all the internet
connections.’ ‘Burn down all the documents.’ ‘Move away from your positions.’ ‘Go underground.’ Among all the activities
of the racket Gurpreet Ahuja’s
case was the first one to come under
the police’s notice. Where was Gurpreet, though? The case was about
to take a strange turn. I’m Inspector Amandeep Kochar. Hello, Inspector. Are you in charge
of Gurpreet Ahuja’s case? Yes, who are you?
– I’m Dilip Pradhan. I’m an advocate in Amritsar. Well, Lawyer, what do
you know about this case? That my client,
Rahul Bassi, doesn’t know where Gurpreet Ahuja is. Your client
is on our wanted list, Lawyer. An alert about
him has been issued for him. He’s ready to surrender. But he doesn’t know anything. He only prepares visas.
You know that as well. I know everything.
Fake visas and passports.. Lawyer, you’d know law better
than me. Make him understand. Inspector, Rahul Bassi
will surrender. But he really doesn’t know about
Gurpreet Ahuja’s whereabouts. Let him surrender then, Lawyer. Why are you giving
a statement on his behalf? We’ll extract a statement
once he surrenders. Look, Rahul, running away
isn’t a solution. It’s better that you tell them
where Gurpreet Ahuja is. Dilip, I’ve been doing
this for years. Gurpreet’s brother is the first
idiot to approach the police. Gurpreet is in London,
he escaped us. Is that so? Are you now
trying to fool me? Dilip, why would
I try to fool you? I’m nothing more than a pawn
in this myself. I don’t know who the mastermind
is, where he lives or how he issues commands.
– You know at least that. Tell the police about that. You won’t be able to hide
if you try to run. What do you think
of Rahul Bassi? Brother, he seems the best
agent among everyone we’ve met. He’s a little adamant
regarding money but I believe he’s
be the right choice. The racket wouldn’t
have been exposed if Gurpreet’s brother,
Sanjay, had given us money. Sanjay is a greedy man. He ruined everything! He planned everything
with Gurpreet. Say that to the police. He ruined me. Gurpreet’s kids and wife
hope some news about him and wait for him to return. Will Gurpreet Ahuja
ever return to his house? Will his family ever
know where he is? Or what happened to him?
Or about the state he’s in? Can the police find out
more about the gang across the nation
find the involved criminals? Will they be able
to reach the mastermind behind fake passports, visas, jobs immigration gang through this? The case had shocked the entire police
investigating team when they found
out how the racket was spread across the country and how many people
fallen victim to it. We’ll know the secret behind
the racket tomorrow 11 p.m. in the second and the last
part of the case. Jai Hind!

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