Creating a travel plan that ACTUALLY works

I want to start by thanking everyone for
the immense amount of encouragement and support that I received from the last
video it’s a really really hard thing and I really appreciate it so anybody
who subscribe like watch the last video thank you so much welcome back to the
second one let’s get started I had some quite interesting questions thrown at me
after I posted the last videos some of them that really stood out was oh hey
Peter Chung is gonna be another tutorial channel on YouTube what are you gonna
teach and another one the most common one was what am i coming to your YouTube
channel for who are you so after having spent a lot of time thinking about what
kind of content I want to create I remember that age-old saying it’s not
about the journey it’s about the destined way what it’s about the journey
not the destination something like that point is I want to create a life with
freedom a life where I’m a digital nomad and a life where I’m creating art on a
daily basis and in order to do that I need to leverage one of these many
platforms that we have available today and YouTube meaning many of the others
is exactly where I’m going to start and you will be able to watch me make all my
mistakes and hopefully also learn and grow from them so let’s dive right into
it I want to start by something really simple and very achievable planning a
trip with your friends that actually works now if you live in India you have at
some point of time no matter how old you are try it planning a trip to go out
with your friends and have it watched have it watch have watched it fall apart
right in front of your eyes because something has happened either if you
were too young you didn’t get enough permission or if you’re in college you
don’t have enough money or if you’re older Jobs came in the way something
like that happen and if you’re in another country like say the US for
example you’ve probably tried maybe you know planning a spring break trip to
Cancun and it’s again falling apart because people have pulled out at the
last minute so one of the reasons why I’m making this video specifically is
because I just made a trip like this happen I plan a trip for my birthday
this year where I go to Thailand and another friend of mine flew in from
Chicago and then we were traveling in Thailand and had a blast about nine days
so let’s get started step one is when figuring out when you
want to go on this trip is according to me the most important part why it will
determine whether a place is in high season or low season which will
obviously affect your budget it will also depend whether you’ll be able to
get a leave from work during that point of time of the earth and more
importantly your travel partners whoever they are whoever you’re traveling with
it will determine whether they can get leave and hopefully whoever are involved
in this trip can find this window of opportunity where everybody can get
leave because I’m guessing you as a job and therefore will be able to travel
during that time at the same time together so in my case I knew exactly
when I want to travel that was for my birthday
so I knew that wherever I was gonna be traveling would be during the last week
of May and that is where step two would come in now step two is where and where
do you want to go so the reason why I like to do it in this order is because
once I once you know exactly when you want to go like I said earlier figuring
out that what places are in high season or what places are in low season and
which one fits your budget respectively is much much easier so therefore I like
to decide where I’m going after decided when exactly I want to travel so coming
back to my original example I had decided that I wanted to go for my
birthday so which was May if I spoke to a couple of my friends I did some
research and May 4th Island seemed to make sense because it was towards the
end of the high season but not quite in the low season yet so things won’t be
shut down but they also won’t be expensive and it would kind of be a
budget-friendly trip overall basically after a little bit of research and going
back and forth for like you know two months give or take I decided that I’m
just going to Thailand yeah don’t take that long to make a decision like that
it’s a waste of time step three is how as in how are you
gonna get there now obviously my in in the case of my example I am going to
tile them from India so it has to be an international trip and therefore I have
to fly but say for example as I mentioned earlier if you’re in India you
want to go to go off in the States maybe you’re in Texas and you want to go
down to Mexico it can be a road trip you could take the bus you know if you’re in
Europe you could just take the train so this is the step where you figured out
how you’re gonna get there so once you figure out how you want to get there
this is an important kind of sub point that I’m going to talk about is buying
the tickets then in there now I feel like one of the reasons why a lot of
trips don’t work out is because people are excited about the trip but because
they don’t have any investment on the front end whoever is the one or two
people who are planning a trip they kind of put in all the effort and on the last
moment because the others don’t really have much invested into the trip they’ll
be like yeah didn’t work out and then you like yeah but five months ago you
like us do that trip I mean whoo right and then there’s you just was sitting
there wondering like why did I put in so much effort in planning into this trip
so this is what I did I’ve seen it work I would say the same for you if you’re
planning this trip once you figure out when you want to go where do you want to
go how you’re gonna get there so play will go back to my example for example I
was going to Thailand and I decided I’m going from this date to this date I
bought my ticket first now keep in mind another thing is that you don’t always
have to have the money saved up for the entire trip you have time so I’m
assuming that you know either you’re working or you’re in college or you know
you’re going to spend some time saving up for this trip and therefore you don’t
have to have all the money that in one go all you need to have to begin with is
the ticket money saved up and the fact like no the fact that okay if I’m
planning this six months in advance I will be able to save up the remaining
money for living and eating or whatever doing stuff in these six months so come
back to it you buy a ticket you buy a ticket
then you’re in it shows a couple of things to other people who you are
inviting on the strip you’re saying hey I’m serious because I’ve already bought
my ticket for anybody else who says oh hey for sure I’m down for this trip I
want in I want to come on this trip you say cool buy the ticket did you buy the
ticket yet so this brings us to step four so so far we have figured out when
we want to go you figured out where we want to go we figured out how we will
get there so once we have all of those details figure out the next most
important thing and keep in mind don’t forget that something that you are
having other people who are wanting to go on the trip also investing into the
trip by buying a ticket at least then you figure out what you want to do that
so going back to my example I knew I want to go in May I knew I was going to
go to Thailand and I knew I was going to get there by flying there from India to
Thailand now I need to figure out with my other friends whoever had invested
into the trip by saving up and then buying the ticket what do we want to do
what we get there right do we want to shop how much do we time do we want to
spend shopping or do we wanna hit up a bunch of eating joints do we want to
drink a lot we’re gonna spend a lot of time on the beach do we want to spend
time on the islands do we want to go up north and explore the elephant centuries
what do we have time for and what’s what are we doing this trip for like
obviously it’s not fun when you try to do 50,000 things in like five days and
it’s all squeeze and it’s just like really rushed right so what do you want
to do when you get there what I did was I started with a group chat and then we
eventually moved on to like Google Talk where we had like a day-by-day itinerary
now something that this is just a personal preference
I don’t like planning things out by the are something that me and my friends did
was map out what we wanted where we wanted to be geographically each day of
you there for about nine days and then figure out okay if you’re in Koh Fifi
while we’re in koh fifi what do we want to do for the two days over there
and kind of have a general idea and then once you get there see how we’re feeling
are we tired do we have more energy do we want to do more than we had initially
planned we want to do less and then take it off from there this brings us to the
fifth and the most important step out of all of them how much will it cost
because really let’s be honest at the end of the day it comes down to that
right how much is this trip gonna cost me and if it is feasible is it viable
can I make this happen one of the biggest problems people planning trips
specially international trips so like big trips is that I know why where
people have a feeling that oh I need to have all that money now no you don’t you
really don’t just plan ahead it’s not that difficult we live in a world where
travelling is so accessible it is so easy to figure out travel hacks and you
know what you do videos which will tell you how to go about the entire process
just plan ahead so in this case how much is it going to cost
I’m going to look at the first four steps and figure out my basic expenses
we plan to add a new e like that and then you were able to figure out a
budget estimates accordingly knowing that hey you know we don’t want to eat
at fancy restaurants all the time squatting like maybe one night and that
one night means we are willing to spend this much on it and if once you’re able
to figure out all those little pieces of the puzzle knowing how much it’ll cost
was much easier and therefore anticipating all of these things
planning to save up leading up to the trip having already bought the ticket
and having that in my back pocket made it so much more easier and that’s what I
would recommend you doing so that is the five steps of how to plan
a trip with your friends it actually works
are you still there okay cool if you’re still there I have a little bonus tip I
would strongly strongly strongly recommend doing on our social media
detox while you’re traveling because it’s so wired into social media and
we’re constantly on Instagram or you know snapchat or Facebook or whatever
you use and then you know just constantly want to post all the stories
and make post button like that we more often than not tend to have our entire
experience enjoyed through the lens of the camera so we are looking at the
screen and then looking at something else as opposed to just actually
enjoying what we’re looking at or what we’re experiencing I have multiple times
gone on a social media detox while I am traveling and it makes the entire
experience so much better it just disconnect from the world from
everything and everyone and just live in the moment and enjoy the moment so just
a little bonus tip if next time you know you’re traveling maybe think about
disconnecting and seeing how that feels just be a benefit because obviously you
should just listen to me I’m a random person that you’ve never met maybe or
maybe we have met I don’t know I will link some articles down in the
description of the benefits of going on a social media detox or and
disconnecting from the world while you’re traveling before I wrap up the
video if you are planning to go to Thailand and you want you have any
questions obviously feel free to comment below or message me and you know we can
I can help you plan and answer any questions but a lot of the information I
got came from this one particular youtuber called Christian LeBlanc he has
he’s a great youtuber quits quality travel content and I’ll actually link
his profiles below his handles go by lost de Blancs you can check it out so
he’s done a lot of traveling through the Southeast Asian circuits like Thailand
Cambodia Laos Seychelles and all that so if that is those are any of the places
that you’re interested in going to you know follow him check him out he’s got
some create content on traveling through those countries if there’s something
that I missed maybe there was some tip that can be added to this process please
please please let me know I’m always looking to
learn more and more importantly if you have if you’ve made it to that club of
people who successfully planned trips with their friends and made it happen
let me know I want I want to hear about your stories how did you make it happen
what was a funny story or like where did you go I would love to hear about it so
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