Create Conversations: Today’s Travelers

– [Announcer] Today’s travelers
on Create Conversations – We have certainly been
in the travel industry as this huge change of the
internet has taken over. So I feel like people
are absolutely inundated with a deluge of information about travel choices
– (chuckles) yes – to the point where it’s made them not be able to make even one decision. There’s also anyone with
an Instagram account has now become a travel influencer. They’re now a travel expert. And we don’t know what their opinions are We don’t know who’s supporting,
sponsoring that opinion. So I feel like the reason why
I wanted to come to this team, to Create, to American Public Television, is that there’s such a trust there. There is a trust.
– Trust is Trust is something you’ve
gotta respect or you lose it. – Of course, right.
– And the beautiful thing about public broadcasting
is we can be candid. We can say what we believe and not worry about offending people. We have to be thoughtful,
and we have to speak from experience, but I
just love the thought that we can be an antidote to this everything else is so amped up, and I like to cut
through the superlatives. There used to be not enough information. Now there’s like a glut of information with all this crowd sourcing. And we as experienced
travelers get to curate, and we get to go there and my last show in England
was just going to Oxford and Cambridge, and not raving
about both, but showing both, and helping people
choose one or the other. And that provides a real value because – That’s true because people do sit there “Should I go to Oxford, or
should I go to Cambridge?” – It’s a huge question – Those weren’t my college choices – But on vacation, we all have that option – Exactly. We all could
go there now. (laughs) (jazzy music)

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