Course moto : le Tourist Trophy Tchèque, à fond entre les maisons (English Subs)

So, you must be thinking: the guys from Moto Journal have gone to the UK to do a report on road races. Well, not quite! In fact, we’re in the Czech Republic, in Horice to be precise In this video, we’re going to show you that it’s not just British riders who know how to go full throttle on the road. Horice is here, about 120 Km from Prague. Usually, it’s a sleepy little town with a population of 9,000. But at the end of May, this quaint town turns into a shrine for speed. The hay bales are out, the improvised barriers are ready, it’s time for… Or in English, the 300 curves of Gustav Havla. And given the number of people who turned up on Saturday just to watch the tests, the race seems pretty popular round here. As you can see, there’s a lot of people who come to watch this race. There’s also another race held in Horice called the Czech Tourist Trophy But I don’t think it’s as popular as the 300 curves of Gustav Havla Indeed, the Czech Tourist Trophy is also held in Horice at the end of August We really hope that by the end of this video, you’ll want to go and pay it a visit. The organisation here is excellent. Everything is done so that the crowd can move around the 5km track without any issues. The setting is incredible and varied, mixing town and forest sections. And if you’re hungry or thirsty, no worries! There are plenty of snack bars selling local food all around the circuit. It’s not surprising then that the race continues to grow and attracts riders from all over Europe, France included. We are really starting to hear people talk about Horice, and Hengelo which we’ve been to as well. And all these kind of races wich allow the riders to go to the Tourist Trophy Given that it is publicised, we are attracted by road races. Of course, on the road, you immediately feel like they’re going really fast, because of the natural setting And we’re more used to riding on the road and so we are well aware of just how fast the guys are going And being able to get so close to the paddocks is also really interesting. Does it make you feel like riding or does it scare you? To be honest, it scares me more than it makes me want to ride. I think you really need balls of steel. And I’m sorry, but I’m not brave enough It’s also pretty crazy to see a road race in the flesh. Here, no less than 6 categories do 2 test sessions each. Suffice to say that on Saturday, the bikes just never stop. First of all come the 125s and the 250 promos, the 125 GPs and the single and twin cylinders. But when the 600 cc and 1000 cc come along, things really go up a gear. When you see how these guys chuck the bikes into the corners, accelerating like madmen and passing by just centimetres from the pavement, you can’t help but get goose bumps. With a really relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the leading riders, all the ingredients are there to attract foreign riders like Didier Grams from Germany, Shaun Anderson from Ireland or even our own Fabrice Miguet from France. For those who don’t know him, this is Mig. French record-holder for number of TT races entered and the fastest Frenchman at the Isle of Man event. This year, he’s christening the new ZX-10 R. Here, I’ve got the new Kawasaki. The original bike already performs really well For the TT, I add a suspension kit because it’s a really special course, but on a little track like this, you can use the original suspension. I’ve used an exhaust which I’ve had since 2011. It’s a top bike, with original aviation-style hoses, you just need to open the throttle and put a good set of tyres As a road race specialist, Mig is the ideal person to explain what is special about a race like the one in Horice. It’s the second time I’ve raced here. I really like the track, but you need a lot of experience because there’s quite a few blind turns It’s pretty quick, but also quite technical. There’s a really fast section, then quite a slow and technical part It’s much shorter, here a lap is 5km compared to 60km at the TT Here, you head off in a group, the first couple of laps are pretty tricky. And the speeds are different too. At the TT we’re usually at about 280km/h, compared to here where we’re between 200 and 250km/h. For me, I tend to be quicker on quicker tracks, and slower on slower ones”. In terms of atmosphere, Horice has a good old-fashioned race track ambiance. It is relaxed, the paddock is open to everyone and and the top riders are happy to chat away with their fans. Like Marek Cerveny here a local hero who took our breath away with his incredibly aggressive riding style Like for the test session, the races take place one after the other, with metronomic precision The professionalism of the organisation is really impressive. And it needs to be to manage the 20,000 people who flood to the circuit on Sunday morning. After the Promo 125 category, which has no less than 60 participants, it’s the turn of the 600cc bikes to take to the track. And this was the first big race of the day. From the first lap, Marek Cerveny took the lead and never let it out of his grasp. He quickly built a good lead over the competition and maintained it to the end. He finished ahead of Kamil Holan and Jochen Rotter, and won the 600cc category of the 300 curves of Gustav Havel. Now we’ve been saying his name since the start of this video, but who actually is Gustav Havel? OK, while we’re waiting for the showpiece event, let’s have a little history lesson on Czech motorcycling: Gustav Havel was a motorcyclist who competed in the 1950s and 1960s. He took part in around 250 races and won more than 70. He sadly died on 31 December 1967 in a road accident. He was very popular but spent all of his career in the shadows of the most famous Czech rider of the time: Frantisek Stastny. Since 1968, the race at Horice was renamed the 300 curves of Gustav Havel in his honour. So the local passion for motorsports clearly goes back a long way. And for the start of the 1000cc race, the atmosphere has built to a crescendo. This time, Didier Grams takes the lead ahead of Petr Biciste and Marek Cerveny. While our home boy Mig makes a good start and begins to really squeeze the throttle. Like in the other categories, there is a pretty big gap between the leading riders and the rest. Small breakaway groups start to form. Grams is flying at the front and goes on to win. Biciste and Cerveny are in a good scrap for second while making their way through the back-markers. Fabrice is hanging on to the coat-tails of Tomas Borovka who he eventually passes on the last lap to finish 11th With the festival atmosphere, the amazing setting, the races and the change of scenery, don’t you fancy popping to Horice for the Czech Tourist Trophy? Well, if you’re tempted, the race is held on the weekend of 6 and 7 August. And as a parting gift, we’re going to show you a full on-board lap with our mate Mig a guy who is as nice in person as he is quick round the track!

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  1. Ah super de parler du petit TT que peu de gens, en tout cas en France, connaissent. c'est top, mon père y est allé il y a deux ou trois ans, c'est génial.
    Un peu moins impressionnant que le TT à cause de la vitesse moindre mais l'ambiance y est géniale et une chose est sûre la vie là bas ne coute rien du tout. Pour 300 euros tout compris on peut y aller 2 semaines.
    Bref, merci pour cette vidéo.


  2. Je connaissais déjà cette course, faudrait que j'y aille faire un petit tour n'empêche, ça doit être bien sympa tout de même. Vachement moins procédurié que le TT.

  3. Comme toujours au top cette petite vidéo.
    Ça donne envie …………euh………….. d'aller voir sur place. Oui, parce que me mettre en lice sur la course, je n'y pense même. Y'a pas moyen. Je laisse ça aux vrais pilotes. Moi je suis un trailiste et en ce qui me concerne, quand on me parle de faire de la piste, moi je vois de la terre battue et des graviers ………. pas une piste de circuit.

    A ce sujet, et bien que ça puisse amuser du monde, y'aura t'il l'espoir de voir un jour un reportage sur la midsize de chez Beumeuh. C'est vrai on parle toujours de "la référence" R1200GS, mais la F800GS mérite à mon sens plus que du dédain et a fortiori encore plus la "petite" F800GS Adventure.

    Très récemment, le Portugal à son guidon à été une simple formalité administrative. Bonne à tout faire et très économique.

  4. pk vous ne faites pas des épisodes sur des motos de 2000 à aujourd'hui ? se serait cool un peu de nostalgie

  5. on commencent à entendre engelo…. haha je suis plus jeune que ce mec et je connais engelo depuis belle lurette…
    ce sont des supporters de foot perdus wai! ils pensaient aller voir l'euro en tchequie… x) ou alors assen au meme endroit pour pouvoir huer le podium motoGP…. hahahaha

  6. J'ai rarement vu un filmage de caméra embarquée d'aussi bonne qualité. Comme si on y était. Pas mal la course, mais ca vaut pas le TT de l'Isle of Man.

  7. Encore du beau boulot bravo à toute l'équipe !! 🙂
    A quand des tests de supermot ?? #701 #690SMC-R 😉

  8. BEST … VIDEO … EVER… you guys do a better job at showcasing these events that actual studios..

  9. Fantastic video! Big thank you! I've never heard for Horice before. As a side note, it seems that a pavement on this road is really, really good.

  10. Merveilleux.
    M-J qui découvre qu'il existe un championnat continental de course sur route…
    Bravo les pros…

  11. T'imagines les pilotes qui passent sur les même routes après avoir fait la course .Ils doivent trouver que la route a été allongée.

  12. Great race & its a pity this isn't as well known as the IOM TT. Perhaps if road racing was advertised as much as GP it would get a bigger following. Perhaps that is an idea for a new YouTube Channel?

  13. Hello,
    un petit reportage comparent motos premiere génération et motos actuelles(vitesse,tenue de route;confort,consomation,enfin tous ca ainsi que l'equipement motards.Encore merci pour les reportages qui me font rever.

  14. Les trajectoires et le décors ont l'air bien sympas, surtout en 600cc.
    Ceci dit, plus de 200Km/, c'est la moyenne au tour de Dunlop 😉 (211,77 km/h au TT2016 superbike il me semble).

  15. Great video . Thank you for visiting the Czech Republic . Horice are the best on-road race in our country 😊

  16. Venez voir le week end du 29/30/31 Juillet à Chimay pour l'open trophy, le TT belge, Chimay se trouve juste à la frontière française, à quelques km de Rocroi, Hirson……..

  17. C'est vrai que c'est une chouette région, j'étais à moins de cent bornes de là encore la semaine dernière 🙂

  18. ouch même en cam on board, j'ai des frissons dans certains virages! …
    A cette vitesse, je me gaufre à coup sûr…

  19. J’adore voir c’est furieux tâter le bitume à des vitesses folles la chaire d’ampoules assurée lol sa c’est du pilotes des dingues comme on les aime en regardant toutes c’est vidéos je suis fière d’être un motard la moto mon kiffe ma vie gazz aux tarmo qui liront se message faite pété la poignée soyez prudents V la mifa tarmo

  20. Impressionnant mais…avec une becanne pareille , le.pilote se traîne grave.
    Il pilote…mais ce n'est pas un Pilote…un bon conducteur de moto rapide et prudent…conscient
    de ses limites…
    Pas un reproche…mais loin des adjectifs "rapides" un poil flagorneur .

  21. Moi les miennes elles sont plus grosses que celles de tous ces pilote réunis, le soucis c'est que ça fait tellement lourd que ça m'empêcherai d'aller vite sur ce genre de circuits, même si toutes les bombes tchèques se mettaient en file pour me les siphonner, elles seraient toujours aussi lourdes. Donc non, merci, mais sans moi.

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