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The Country Smokers cs150 PPG portable
smoker arrived on our doorstep just the other day, and today we’re going to show
you what comes in the box and what it takes to assemble this particular unit.
So let’s get started. Alright as you can see the unit takes
primarily a large portion of the box, but it’s well protected by reinforced
cardboard. So all we’re gonna do is take the unit out, and find out what
kind of assembly we’re gonna need to do to get this thing in action. Alright, so you can see pretty simple
from the from right out of the box that we have the smoker, we have the
instruction manual, and I’m guessing that inside we have a few things to assemble. Let’s take a look. Alright it looks like we have a drip
tray, we have a rack and second shelf for the actual grill section. The front handle
and the power cord. Underneath that looks like we have our cooking grate.
I guess those are heat diverters. Actually no these are feet. These are feet for
the unit. Moveable sear plate and the actual diverter itself for
indirect cooking. Alright that looks to be what’s in the box, so we’ll go ahead
and take this out of its packaging, and show you piece by piece. Alright for assembly: step one is we’ve got to assemble the legs. The screws for the
legs are already in the unit so we’ve just got to take these out and go ahead
and add our legs to the body. Step 3 we need to add the diverter plate
to the interior of the unit. What this does is to make sure that the fire goes
around what you’re cooking as opposed to direct heat. But that’s what these
slits are for. This is for that direct grilling that we have, and if you notice
there’s just a slit on one side, and right here in the unit there’s a nice piece of
metal for it to go into. So this is very simple. Set this in here, the piece of
metal comes through. Then you take this which makes it for completely indirect
cooking if you have it slid this way, and if you’re looking for that
flame-broiling option you just slide it open. Step four we add the grill grate
to the top of the unit. It fits like a glove just perfectly. And then if you’re
interested in adding the second rack you can go ahead and take the second rack, and
you’ll notice that there’s a little bit of a slot for the grate to go in. All you
have to do is slide the slot in, the other side rests on top, and you’ve added a
second level. Step 5 is adding the power cord to the unit because this is a pellet grill after all, which means we need electricity. So we add the power
cord to the back of the unit. Then one last step is to add the drip tray. The final step for the assembly of this
grill is just to take the stickers off the outside of the unit. Because if you
leave the stickers on when you actually fire it up for the first time it will
bake that adhesive into the unit and that’s not something you want
to do. So go ahead and take those stickers off and you’re ready to roll.
Now from the box to full assembly really only took us probably about five to six
minutes on this unit. Country Smokers has done a great job of making it easy to
put together, and quick to get your first cook rolling. If you’d like to see more
about the Country Smokers portable pellet grill click up here for our full
review of the unit. And click down here to see us actually cook some recipes on
this unit as well. We here at The Barbecue Lab love showing you techniques, gear
reviews and recipes to help you win your weekend. And if you like what you’ve seen
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weekend. I’m David from The Barbecue Lab signing off for now. We look forward to
seeing you next time. Was he zooming through?

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