Core Value Series: Respect

Welcome. Thanks for joining us in this short video
series on the core values, and this’ll be the final video in that particular series
as we talk about respect. Now I’ve got to do a little “true confessions”
here. I was in the Air Force for a long period of time, and I was in the Air Force when Gen.
Fogleman, the chief of staff, introduced core values to the Air Force. And our fourth core value, Respect, was not
one those that were part of the Air Force core values. So when I joined Civil Air Patrol, when I
became familiar with CAP’s core values, I was … “So where’s this respect thing
coming from? It’s not one of the Air Force’s core values.” But over the years, as I have grown in my
experiences within Civil Air Patrol, I have come to respect the core value of respect. All four, it’s one of my favorites now. Because it’s one of those things: We can talk the talk about how good we’re
going to do, but if we’re not treating each other out of an attitude of respect, it’s
just moving our lips; it’s not happening. So respect is absolutely critical. One of the cool things about Civil Air Patrol
is we have people from all walks of life, and the experiences and strengths that these
folks bring to the table are amazing. But we have people that don’t have the same
background as we might have, and they might think about things differently, but that’s
a richness for the organization. And for us to capitalize on that, make the
organization all the stronger, it comes down to treating each other with an attitude of
respect. Each and every person should feel respect;
each and every person should feel valued, that they have a voice in the organization
and what they have to say and bring to the table is valued and important. So I ask you, please, to deal with each other,
as well as yourself, with an attitude of respect. That’s like the cherry on top of the broad
core values. We have talked about integrity and the importance
of the foundational nature of that particular core value. We have talked about service, volunteer service
– that’s what we’re called to do. Excellence – the level of performance that
we should strive for. The cherry on top, how we can truly be successful
as an organization, is treating each other with an attitude of respect. So think about these core values that we have
in CAP. Learn about them. Embrace them. Find that there is an alignment between your
ethical underpinnings and your core values and those of the organization in which we
serve. Have these conversations, whether you’re
a cadet, whether you’re a senior member. And if we can embrace and put into practice
and model these core values, Civil Air Patrol will be all the stronger. Thank you very much.

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