Concerns About Stem Cell Tourism

since I am in fall to the clinic I’ve become very concerned about stem-cell tourism and stem-cell tourism is a exploitation of the promise of stem cells people are going overseas to get treatments that promise cures using stem cells the reason why stem cell therapies are offered outside the United States is because the United States has very very rigorous oversight over the development of any kind of drug or treatment of this kind the people who want to use the cells in treatment have to spend years testing those cells and culture dishes making sure that they’re not dangerous making sure that they don’t carry any viruses or that they will cause any damage at all in the United States you cannot just decide that you think something might work and try it on people that’s forbidden however in other countries that is not so closely regulated all of these overseas stem cell clinics offer patient testimonials many of them are videos people will say they feel much better I had heart disease and now I can walk an entire block what you will not see is any scientific evidence there will be no FDA investigation of those treatments there will be no scientific literature that can be read by scientists and agreed upon and there’ll be no guarantees whatsoever that you will be helped by that treatment and no guarantees that you won’t be harmed seriously by that treatment if you really look into the cells that are being offered by these overseas clinics you’ll find that they can be virtually anything sometimes they come from placentas human placentas those aren’t stem cells those circle Center cells there are other groups that will use umbilical cord stem cells which are fine for certain applications but no use at all for neurological disease there is at least one company that takes organs out of fetal rabbits and they inject them into people you should at least be informed that the stem cells that you’re getting are not human if you decide in spite of all the warnings to go overseas and have a stem-cell therapy I’m asking you if you will ask the clinic to collect a sample of the stem cells they intend to use you can freeze it and send it to me I will analyze it for free and I will tell you what those stem cells are and that will give you some indication about whether those stem cells are going to be dangerous or that they may be helpful to you it really breaks my heart to have to explain to people who have critical illnesses or children with autism or parents with ALS that there is nothing we can do right now to help them and all I can do is to say please be patient and if they decide they want to do something overseas that they should be extremely careful because I can’t guarantee nor can I recommend any treatment that has done that hasn’t been proven to be safe

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