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How much did you pay for it? 5 equivalent of 5€ We are in West Jerusalem Just outside the wall of the Old city We are having Breakfast and afterwards, we go to explore the old city Jerusalem is divided into East and West Part Western Part is mainly Jewish area and Eastern Part is an Arab area on this road used to be border before the war of 1967 East Jerusalem was part of Jordan This area in front of me where I’m going now That metro line was an actual border and on the building behind the line there are still some bullets holes from Jordan and Israelian war Old Jerusalem is very small only 1 Sq. Km and it is divided into 4 quarters Armenians are also Christians they have a separate quarter and churches Muslim Quarter is the biggest and then Jews quarter The old city has 8 gates 7 Gates are opened and every Quarter has a one or two gates The Gate in front of Jaffa St. is Jaffa Gate all gates are opened except Golden gate which according to Muslims belief Imam Mehdi will enter Jerusalem through this gate and it will stay closed until then Right next to Jaffa Gate is Armenian Quarter and after that is Jewish Quarter When you enter the old city through Jaffa Gate The name of the road changes to Omar Ibn Khitab These buildings are part of Armenian Quarter The wall around the old city was built by the ottomans not only the wall but all the main development of the city happened in that Period they also built a railway between Jaffa and Jerusalem and they stopped it before the old city to protect the Old city Now I’m in Jewish Quarter a lot of renovation work has been done here very beautiful small streets we will continue exploring it This area in front This is not only the Holy place for Muslims but an equally holy place for Jews Muslims call it Haram Al-Sharif It was the first Kaaba of Muslims for 13 years and it is the place of the first and second Jewish Temple First Temple was built by Prophet Suleman which was destroyed by the Babylonians and 2nd Temple was built by Jewish King Herod the Great which was destroyed by the Romans and they also expelled Jews from the city Jews were allowed only once a year to visit the City then the Muslim History starts which I will explain later when I go inside the Al Aqsa compound But let me tell you a little about the place This is Western Wall Where Jews Pray This Dome is called Dome of Rock this is Al Aqsa Mosque a lot of people think Golden Dome is Al Aqsa Mosque and the Mountain behind Al Aqsa Mosque this mountain is called Mount Olive place of Jewish cemetery is there and the Minaret is actually Church From where Jesus travelled to Heaven so now let’s go to the Muslim Quarter As a Muslim, I’m allowed to go inside Now I’m inside the Al Aqsa compound The police asked me a lot of questions especially because of my vlogging camera whether I’m making this for commercial purposes For a TV Channel etc. They do ask a lot of questions and sometimes they can get very aggressive Yesterday they didn’t let us enter even we told them that we are Muslims but we entered from a different gate I’m walking towards Dome of Rock I’m inside Dome of Rock Here the history starts after the arrival of Muslims as this isn’t important place for Christians they used to throw garbage it when Omar ibn Khitab arrived in the city He allowed the Jews back into City and He consulted a Jewish Rabi to tell him the place of first Jewish Temple The Rabi who later converted told him this is also the same place from where Prophet Muhammad went to Heaven on Nights Journey and also the same place where Prophet Ibrahim brought his son to sacrifice Jews and Muslims cleaned the place and Omar Ibn Khitab planned to build a Dome But it was built in the Umayyad Caliphate by by Abd al-Malik Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter here only outside during specific hours there is still the Rock which is the foundation This is the basement inside the Dome of Rock This is so holy that Jews can’t enter even when they had control of this area only their Rabi would come here once a year on Jewish Holiest day ‘Yom Kippur’ only on that day and only Rabi not anyone else The western wall where Jews prayer is only 30meters away from here Which I will visit later behind me, you can see one small Dome The small is the actual Model which Non-Muslims can visit This whole area because was under Jordan when Jordan lost the war Israel took over the control but now Israel controls the outside security But Islamic society Waqf holds the keys of the gates and controls the area inside This Dome is actual Gold (200kg) gifted by Jordanian King before that, there were Bronz and copper colours Umayyad Caliphate not only built this Dome but but also built Al Aqsa Mosque in front of it Now it might be closed visitors are allowed during 7-10am the only outside area I will go inside for Friday Prayer I’m inside Al Aqsa Mosque I was thinking it will be closed during Non-Muslims visiting timings but Muslims can enter anytime I feel very lucky to be here It will be very crowded during the Friday Prayer inside here there are also a number of Mosques There is Omar Mosque This Minbar is made by Saladin I hope I’m right This is called Qibli Mosque Friday Prayer The Old Al Aqsa Mosque is in the Basement in front of every Gate is a Bazar this is very beautiful Bazar I’m passing through Muslim Quarter because this area was under Jordan so Arabs still hold Jordanian Passports and they prefer to do it instead of taking Israelian I wanted to show you something because I’m in Muslim Quarter and every Quarter is religiously Segregated and every one prefer to stay in their Quarter but here you see Israelian flag in front these home you see are actually settlers and also on this side someone is listening to what I’m speaking so I want to avoid saying it these are illegal Settlers home I need to more careful when I say something here to avoid landing myself in any kind of trouble Say it loud I never ate such tasty Falafel and Hummus before I’m at the Damascus Gate (Muslim Quarter) you see all these Police check posts here one there I haven’t see Police check posts in other Quarters only in Muslims Quarter Maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t seen there Maybe there are some as well This path goes to Church of Holy Sepulchre here Jesus was crucified and contains an empty tomb of Prophet Christian Pilgrims walk on the path where Jesus walked This is Christians Quarter I’m near to Church It is very crowded It is not under control of any Particuler section of Christianity They all have a particular area for their prayer when Omar ibn Khitab took over the city and visited the Church, the priest offered him to pray inside but He refused thinking that in future, Muslims might turn it into a Mosque he prayed in front of this place there on the same place is now Omar Mosque This is the Western Wall area The only place in Temple Mount where Jews pray near the wall there is a small room inside we went there as well by wearing Kippa in a few minutes, Shabat will start which is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset and Jews refrain from doing a lot of things during Shabat all the restaurants will be closed in the Jewish area we might go to the Arab area to eat Now we are thinking to visit Mount Olive This is Mount Olive the holy place for Jews and Christians The Jewish cemetery is 3000 years old and have over 150,000 graves and Christians because Jesus used to live here (place of Last supper) when Jesus was crucified He was arrested here and when He saw the city was burned down He cried for the city of Jerusalem and its people Jesus ascended to heaven from here Church of Ascension This is Jaffa Street which is only Pedestrian st. which is very lively especially during the night similarly to the Arab Quarter Now I’m going to Machneyuda which is one of the oldest Market Let’s go there you can get alcohol there but not in Arab Bazar But both are similar You should visit at least once and decide yourself and hopefully, I gave some good info about the city See u in the Next vlog

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  1. Very good vlog Abrar. I always wanted to visit Israel but was hesitant about the visa and airport security etc, but just got inspired. Did you get chance to visit Tel Aviv also?

  2. bhai ''kuch na kuch information'' very modest line. Excellent Vlog, again looking forward to the next episode. Great Job. Thanks

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