¿Cómo Comenzar tu Vida en Suecia? (Nuestra experiencia)

Do not take come with 15,000 crowns, come with 20,000 or 24,000 which is around 2,400 euros. It is also important because it is easier to get a job by networking. Being here, you realize that the reality is completely different. How are you, dudes! I hope you are having an amazing day. Today I´m with, Raul And Johnny again. Exactly, they are always in my videos And we are always drinking. That is our problem. Now Raul has prepared us some delicious Negronis so, cheers! “Salucita de la buena”. “Salucita de la buena” they already know it.
Exactly. Where are you from, my friends? We are from Chile. – Valparaíso specifically.
– The team that lost yesterday. – Did we lose?
– Against Colombia… – Oh well okay…
– You have to skip that. Edit.. Ok, they are from Chile so they are going to tell us about their experience here in Sweden. You already know that I’m from Mexico so, let´s see how Sweden has changed their lives and how they got here. So. Let´s start. Why did you come here to Sweden? I came because .. – On a night of alcohol…
– One night of alcohol I got up and I told myself .. Well, last year I was living in Spain. I lived in Mexico too, by the way. Cheers everybody. And last year when I was in Spain I said .. I want to change my life and improve my English. I chose Sweden because One, it is easier to apply for a visa And second, because English is not their mother tongue, but everyone speaks it. So it’s much easier to practice it.
You do not feel bad when you make a mistake. I did the paperwork, I came here. It took me two months since my visa was approved. Hey, wait.
How long did your visa take, two months? – My visa took two months.
– Okay. My visa is from January onwards but I I arrived here in March. And in the meantime I met Jon on Facebook Aha, on Tinder. On Tinder, of course. I have Tinder Premium so I could have more distance. Well, the truth is that we matched. Exactly, they matched and then boom! And this guy helped me and we talked a lot and from here By applying for a type of visa that has nothing, you start from zero. Finding a job can be easy or difficult depending on fate or destiny itself. In my case, it was easy for me. Jon gave me a couple of contacts and on the third day here, I got a job. Ok, super fast. – I work in the kitchen. I’m a chef in a restaurant and ..
– Exactly. – In fact, both of them are chefs.
– We are partners, we work in the same restaurant in different areas. And we are not fat. – And we’re not fat. That is the most important thing.
– Well maybe I do, a little more than him. First… all the people told me The country is cold, people do not communicate You are going to be alone, you are going to spend your days drinking, which is something that is almost a Swedish sport. It is true. Then you realize that the reality is completely different. Each person has different experiences and clearly tells what he experienced or what he heard from someone close to him. But in my experience, now as you are asking me – It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.
– Yes? You do not regret anything. -I do not regret anything. – Okay. How cool.
– I love Sweden. Hey but let’s see, with what visa did you come here?
What visa do you have? I have a Working Holiday visa. – So, you did not need to have a job before coming here to Sweden?
– That is different. Each visa is different. For example, if you want , for example, when I applied in Spain or elsewhere I had to I needed a work contract and then do the paperwork but instead, when you choose a Working Holiday visa you only have to show subsistence money for the first two or three months and then it’s a matter of luck. It allows you to travel and work in a country for x time In this case, work in Sweden for one year I become a Swedish resident for one year in which I can qualify for benefits or whatever. – Ok, so your experience so far in Sweden has been great. Did you like it?. You recommend it?
– Ten out of ten. Go for it. You are about to change your life, you have 365 opportunities in a year to do so. Do it for you. And there are many Chileans who follow this channel and want to know how to get to Sweden. – Each country has different…
– ..Requirements. Different requirements for each country in order to get a work visa, study visa or working holiday visa as the one I have. Do not be afraid to take risks. Sometimes it’s difficult. For example, in my case, I came alone. With nothing I mean … I met this guy on Tinder, no, on Facebook. And he gave me advice and everything but at the same time you keep coming alone and it’s a matter of risking yourself, maybe you can get it wrong at first but After all, you are gonna learn from it. That motivation, gosh.
The motivation you need, fuck. Hey and what do you think about the language? Because now you do not know Swedish, right? No, you see. I do not understand either, so I´m not gonna lie. Almost 80 percent of the population speaks English. But you can learn it. There are many places that teach you Swedish for free if you want. I heard that the Red Cross (“Röda Korset”) does, I have not gone because … well those who work in kitchen know they have no schedule. The Red Cross is, they help with food, clothing or any other way of help, and there they have Swedish classes for immigrants twice a week I think There is the schedule, just google it. This country gives you all the help you are looking for. Everything you need. You have to go out of your comfort zone and go for it. It is true. Because there are many who want to travel, they want to come to Sweden but they are afraid. I mean, the decision is yours, guys.
One is a matter of perspective, how you see the situation. And two everything you do is learning, after all, it will help you. Take that step guys and get out of your comfort zone, it’s really going to change your life. Ten out of ten. Sweden. Very good very good.
Now your turn, Jonathan. – You also came with a Working Holiday visa, right?.
– Yes But first I was living in Canada for six months. and I had to leave after 6 months so I said..Sweden I came here without any .. Without any expectation like, I just came to …to make money here. I never had the dream of coming to Sweden. In fact, Sweden was like okay, the second option after Australia, it was like ah .. But finally I’m already here, I’ll be six months here and I think that It has been one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had. I have met many great people. Michelle, Raul -Here we have a little Italian-Chinese who is sleeping.
-Ah yes, you are gonna meet him later. He fell asleep with our talk because he does not understand us. Exactly. As I said, I always came with the expectation of I’m going to work, I’m going to make money and then I’m going to continue traveling. Now I would like to stay here. Because in reality Sweden is a great country. But for me, this city has absolutely everything. Absolutely everything. You will be able to have lakes, forests, the big city itself. It has it all. More than 173 bars. – Ah look, and he knows, huh.
– I learn fast. That was the first thing he learned. He already knows more about bars than me.
Exactly. I did not even know there were more than 173 bars. For me it was obviously a bit more difficult because I had no contacts here. I mean, I found a job, after two weeks. Well… I have to say something .. We are chefs therefore, it is much easier for us to find a job. There are people who have taken up to three months to find a job but they find it at the end, like the other day I was at a party..with this Italian guy who is sleeping .. I found a Chilean woman who was in the “Working Holiday Chile” group I’m going to tell Michelle to leave the slash the link, sorry. The slash. in the video, so that if you want to join that group, join and there they will always answer all the questions that have to do with the Working Holiday visa in Sweden. And they also have the WhatsApp link for Germany, for France for all countries that have an agreement with Working Holiday Visa You have that WhatsApp and you can make your queries, You have a Facebook page and everything. The WhatsApp group is for Chileans clearly each country should .. Well, people can ask questions there even if someone is from Mexico and wants to know something, if someone is from Peru, If someone is from Bolivia, from whatever the country, and they want to ask a question, of course there are not going to be the same rules for every country, but you can find some, – Tips
– They can say “hey, they’re looking for work in such restaurant, they need a chef” Ah, if you are Peruvian, Bolivian, Mexican Latin American Maybe you can go to the place, it’s not just to help Chileans. I mean, everyone comes alone here, and it is very good to also have and meet people so you can start creating a group and a family. I met a couple of people who They said “Hey, why are you here?” – “Ah, for Working Holiday” – “Ah, what is that? I explained to them and they said “And what are you?” – “Cook” “Ah, look, I have a friend who has a restaurant, and I’m going to call him, give me your number and if they need people, I’ll call you. ” It is also your responsibility, If you come here, do not sit around waiting for things to arrive, if you come here go out every day and meet people. Yes, do networking, that is very important.
– Move, move. – Having contacts is very important.
– And in fact, it’s also important, why? because many jobs, they call you because of the contacts you have created. – Exactly, yes.
– My case, I arrived thanks to him. He did not know me, he said .. “There is a Chilean who is a cook like me” Make contacts, guys. – He is my hero. That’s the important thing if you want to come to a country. The visa, if you go for a Working Holiday, is a maximum of one year. There are jobs, I assure you, there are different jobs. Maybe…if you’re a lawyer maybe you can not work here as a lawyer because obviously, the laws are different. But, You can work as a waiter or whatever, a “simple” job. or jobs that are needed, jobs related to tourism because tourism is something that is everywhere. You can work on that, at the beginning, you can start researching about your career you don’t know if in six months, of being here you like it, and you say “I want to stay here” and you start to find out what you can do to continue your career here.
– Sure. If you are a teacher for example, I do not know, you talk to the entity that corresponds to your career, to your profession, and maybe they’re going to give you the chance to come in and teach English. Or to teach Spanish. But first you’re going to have to do a Swedish course, with the six months that you worked, and, suddenly you can stay making your life here. Another thing, be cautious at the start before you have a job or before you start working, be cautious with your money, because when you work and the salary, the salary is not, it’s not at the end of the month, it’s at the end of the next month, I mean, if you work in March, they will pay you at the end of April, not at the end of March. So just be careful with that, because you can say, “I worked all month and the money that you saved you spend in in whatever and then you realize “Oh, i did not get any money” and you have to wait another month to receive just the salary of March. Yes, this is the normal way. Here is normal.
-Exactly. It’s the law or whatever, but that’s the way it is. Migration asks for 15,000 crowns to get into the country, – Yes
– Well, our … In our country they ask us 15,000 to approve the visa.
– Okay. Just prove that you have it, it is not necessary to pay it. But as an advice, come with more because you do not know if you will find a job in the first month, and there are some cases of guys who decide to leave the country because they have no money left and because they can not find a job. Just do not come with only 15,000 crowns, come with 20,000 or 24,000 which are around 2400 euros.
– Sure. Convert the currency, Swedish crowns to your own currency.
– Hey, but how do you … How do you prove it? You can show a screenshot. From your bank account, which has your name specifically, In the case let’s say that, you do not have it and you want to go for the visa, because let’s say, It is in January, I want to do my paperwork in January to be able to travel in July, you have enough time, to collect the money. But, you can talk to your dad or your friends So, they can send you the money. For you to show a screenshot of that and then return it then you save, you will get it. because you only have to show a photo of your bank account with your name and the number. Ok. You do not need anything else. So But still you have to come with some money.
– You have to come with money. Do not come without money. Do not take that risk. One thing to know is that they will ask you for a medical insurance. I bought one super cheap medical insurance in Chile. I am very lucky, of not getting sick yet. Yes, you have to show that you have insurance, yes, for sure.
– You have to have insurance. Hey, wait, another question. For example, the working holiday visa lasts a year. if you would like to stay longer and live here, can you stay or do you have to return to your country to apply? We can stay..
– You can talk to your boss. Let’s see .. In each country, you can work with a contract and get for a working visa. The difference is that if you start with a Working Holiday here, and you want to continue in this country, you already have the advantage of the person who is going to hire you he already knows you He knows how you work, he knows how you are, he knows your punctuality, knows everything about you. And it’s much easier to do the paperwork. It is like, okay. I want Raúl to continue working with me and then they tell you, you have to give an answer from such date to such date but to have that answer you have to be According to what I heard or what I read, I do not remember you have to be a month out of the territory European territory?, No, Swedish territory. Oh, only Swedish. You can be in Denmark, you can be in the country that you want and after the resolution, they tell you “ok, you can continue” Then you come back and stay here. – Because if they already have your number, your card, everything You continue with your normal life. From my experience, I tell you, You can work in any country you want just take the risk and If one day you wake up and want to do something you lose nothing, it can be a yes or a no and it’s super simple and if they say yes, great If they say no, it was not something you expected your whole life to do, no. Only that you wanted to take the risk in that moment. I mean, when you decided to come to Sweden, what was the first thing you did? search the internet? and it was like, how I do to go to Sweden. Sure, I did that. As I was in Spain, I was fine, I felt comfortable. But I wanted to continue, improving personally and professionally and I came here because a friend recommended it to me, he told me that the country is great good money is earned, you can continue practicing the language. And I did everything I needed and I came. I mean the Working Holiday is simple to get.
– It’s the simplest thing. Yes it is simple. And each country has different agreements.
– Australia’s visa is simple also, but this one is very simple. – The Swedish one.
– It’s just some papers, showing the money you need, having the medical insurance, your passport. So you know, if you want to come to Sweden, it’s not as complicated as it seems . If you are from Chile, well, we already have two Chileans here.
Working Holiday Visa is simple to get. And it’s good to be here. To those who live in Latin America, they will find out, if they come to Sweden, it’s super nice to feel safe at 3 in the morning With your cell phone looking at it, in Whatsapp, talking to your family on the phone It’s nice to walk at that hour and feel safe, without any troubles, without looking back like, shit someone is following me or whatever. It is nice.
– It’s super safe. We are all the same here.
Even immigrants. Not because you are Chilean, they will look at you as What are you doing in my country? No. And always thinking positive because that way things will work if you come thinking negative you will always be attracting that negativity and and maybe it’s going to go harder at the beginning better, come positive and he goes it’s really going to make you grow. I just remembered a quote from Mark Twain .. Let’s see, say it. Say it. “Nobody acquires a broad and generous vision of life if he stays in a corner of the earth all his life” But it’s true, guys, travel, it’s going to help you a lot.
– It is very good. One can notice that people are different when they travel. One can notice that there is a human being that we have hidden inside. The travelers we have hidden inside. When we live alone in this corner, as Raúl says we have this traveler inside of us and never let it out but when we are outside and we are travelers and we really need, we need that love that your family gives you in your country we need it but nobody gives it to you but you find great people only because of that happiness that you show.
– Like these guys. You find people like these guys. And they really fill you up.
– Like the little chinese who is sleeping there. Like our friend who is sleeping.
– You are gonna meet him. Matteo, come. Say hello to the camera. He’s an Italian boy, check.
– Yes, he is Italian. It is Italian. We are not kidding. Ok, I can speak Italian then. He can tell us his experience in Stockholm. Yes, do you like Sweden? Sweden is super cool. I came here because my English sucks. I have the same reason as this boy. Because I need to learn English. I mean, I met these guys from Chile, also you, from Mexico. And we became an incredible group. Yes, we are like a family. I want to show our family. I have a picture.
– My brother. This is our family in Stockholm. In fact it is very difficult during the winter, you know? and when you do not have anyone here. but yes, now I have these guys and it’s amazing. We are going to cry now. And we really love each other very much. The other part of the team is not here. But we are a super multicultural group.
Oh, yes. We have Mexico. Chile.
– Italy, Chile Mexico. Canada. Sweden. – Chinese.
– Imagine. Oh, yes, it’s Italian Chinese. Exactly. We have met Uruguayan people, we have met guys ..
– From Germany Germans There are many, many many nationalities here in Sweden that you can meet, so it’s also very multicultural. We have Shar from Dubai as well. Sure. We have Shardoob from Dubai. I mean, traveling, either to Sweden or another country opens the doors of the world and you can meet many people from other places and that opens your mind so much. And it also gives you opportunities to travel to other countries. I already know where to go, I know where to go next.
To Italy, to Milan. And to Chile too.
– To Australia too. Michelle already has a home in many places in the world, many places in Chile. Valparaíso Wait.. what is the name of the festival?
– The festival of Viña del Mar. Viña del Mar. I want to go. When you start traveling, it really becomes super addictive. It is not a joke. Very addictive.
– But guys, do it. Don´t let people say that you cannot do it. Your family will sometimes tell you, do not do it because it scary, because look how the world is, the truth is that something bad can happen to us anywhere but But it is up to you to control your future and what you want to do. I mean you can start by…okay not going all the way to Australia but you can travel somewhere close. and then you can start traveling more. Look for different options in your country, both Working Holiday or Work and Travel or like.. “Hi, I live here …” Google answers everything, it’s the best thing. “… I would like to live in x country” and that will give you options. Search, search, search. Try it, it’s something that’s going to be better for your future, you’re going to open your mind. Maybe you have other opportunities, maybe you can stay living in that country. Leave the place where you are, leave your comfort zone. See something new Or whatever. How long have you been in Chile? On June 19, I completed one year. So one year and maybe a week or two weeks. I miss my family a lot; if you watch this video… I miss you a lot I know that they will watch it because I always send them the videos.
– We all obviously miss our family. Obviously I miss my family, I have small nieces and everything but But what travel gives you is different. And do it, really. I think that you will regret more not having done something, than doing it. Listen to that. You have to put it twice in the video.
– Repeat, repeat, repeat. No, and write on the comments..
– Who did you like the most? Him, me or him? – No. Poor Matteo, he is like ..
– Matthew does not understand because he only speaks English or Italian. You will meet a lot of good people from everywhere. Write on the comments how many of you are living right now in Stockholm. If you are here to study to travel, to work, or whatever. Write here in the comments below. We can also plan a meeting, with all the travelers.
– With negronis and wine. It would be great to have a meeting. So if you have just arrived or if you already live here and do not have many friends we can meet and meet more people. I think it will help us a lot for the winter that is coming. Oh my god. You can write in the comments below and if you have any questions, I can help you. No problem.
– And if you’re from another country too, we’ll try to help you, clearly with what we know or based on our experiences. Any questions you have or any suggestions for new videos, put it down here in the comments and we will make more videos
– Yes, suggest some videos with travelers and so we can do it and we can invite the whole team that we have from many countries and maybe we can talk about our countries We have a Swedish girl who is super cute, ask which questions you want to ask the Swedes so that she can also answer. So you know Write everything you want down here in the comments and we’ll read them. And well, I hope to see you in the next video, Thank you very much to my guests. Thank you very much, Matteo. Bye, guys.
– Thank you very much and see you in the next video. And go for it.
– Goodbye.

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    Como puedo obtener un visado de trabajo ?
    saludo de un nicaragüense

  38. Desculp una pregunta.
    Me gustaría viajar a Suecia.
    Pero no sé hablar inglés.
    Uno se puede estudiar y trabajar hay.?

  39. Hej. Jag har sett några av dina videos (hittade en av en slump). Jag tror min fru skulle gilla att vara med i ert Community. Hon är från Tabasco, Villahermosa och bor sedan över tio år tillbaka här i Stockholm. Just nu är hon hemma i Mexiko så därför är det jag som skriver. Hur kan hon komma i kontakt med dig? P.S Intressant videos du har gjort även från ett "svenskt" perspektiv.

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