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It’s no secret that the Viennese are crazy about their coffee. The Vienna Coffee Festival celebrates the traditional and brand-new coffee scene in the city. There are tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, as well as interactive workshops. My name is Chris Cummins. Let’s find out about Vienna’s coffeehouse culture and the latest trends in coffee in this edition of VIENNA / NOW. A Viennese coffeehouse is a place to relax, to sit and chat for hours. Writers have written important works in them. Their elegant interiors create a special atmosphere, and they entice with newspapers, with special pastries, and a wide variety of coffee drinks. New modern coffee bars are opening up all over the city. Some of them take the idea of the coffee house as a meeting point and hub for creativity to a whole new level. Coffee tastes even better when it’s freshly roasted in one of Vienna’s coffee roast houses. Hi I’m Oliver, I’m a coffee roaster here at Alt Wien Kaffee. We’re mainly a coffee bean shop and a speciality coffee shop, with 42 different coffees. The secret to our coffee I will not tell you – otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret. But it is fresh roasted coffee, fresh roasted beans, carefully sourced, which means that we really check the beans, we taste them before we buy them, and we roast them to what we think is perfection. The secret behind a great coffee is not just the great coffee bean, which is a very important part, but the preparation. We like to know where our produce comes from.
So that’s why we are very much into organic and fair trade double certified coffees. I don’t think there is a best coffee in the world. Does the price, you know, sort of define the quality? I don’t think so. I think the best coffee is the coffee that you really like, and that you really spend time and effort to make. My favourite pastries are Cremeschnitte is something I would really die for, Apfelstrudel of course is Viennese, and strawberry cheesecake, which is Erdbeer Topfentorte, which is excellent with a coffee. If you like delicious cakes and pastries with your coffee, then the place for you is Café Demel. Still today, it bears the title
‘Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court’. Come in, sit down. Enjoy a nice coffee, or a tasty hot chocolate, and choose from one of the many mouth-watering pastries and confectioneries on display. The traditional all-female waiting staff, the Demelinerinnen, will address you in royal third person. Demel was established in 1786. In 1867 it was granted the title K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker – Imperial and Royal Court confectionery bakery. Empress Sisi was especially fond of Demel’s sweet creations. Confectioners still produce the typical specialities as they have been doing for over 200 years. Cakes, scones, strudels, and tarts, all precisely and skilfully handmade. You can watch the master bakers whip up new creations in Demel’s show bakery. Well, I may well need the stimulating effects of all this delicious coffee for the next episode of VIENNA / NOW, because we’re going to dip into Vienna’s nightlife, and that could last well into the wee hours of the morning. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and I’ll see you out on the town.

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  2. Greetings from Minneapolis MN!
    I absolutely love this series, especially this episode; the coffee culture in the US is just not the same! Chris is the perfect host – I know him from the radio from my time in Vienna. Chris, you make me want to come back to Vienna!

  3. Another spot on video. Mouthwatering cakes and lovely places for a coffee. Coffee culture here is Spain is big too but you guys have made an art form out of it.Coffee mindfulness in beautiful surroundings.

  4. Hello from America. I'm visiting next month and I'm a little worried about the language barrier. Especially when it comes to restaurants and museums. How is it for tourist?

  5. 1:35 I have never seen a waiter in vienna that happy (or happy at all) to serve a customer XD XD XD
    (our tradition: grumpy waiters XD XD XD)

  6. Thank you for the amazing video! What do to in Vienna? Discover our best picks! I hope it interests you!

  7. Will be in Vienna in about a month, and I can't wait to dive into the cafe culture! What are the MUST TRY coffees in Viennese coffee houses??

  8. Griensteidl does not exist anymore and Demel is (bad and) just for tourists. If you want to have the real viennese coffee house experience then I have some recommendations. for the edgy traditional coffee house experience I recommend cafe Jelinek; very diverse in terms of age of the customers. If you want to have the most beautiful coffeehouse go to Cafe Schwarzenberg. But for the real experience go to Cafe Prückel. This is by far the best. The interior is amazing (50s style) the cakes are the best and the customers are either students from the nearby university of applied arts or real viennese gentlemen and ladies with a theatre, journalist, or art background.

    P.S.: Cafe Sperl is nice too but already too touristy.

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