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  1. I have travelled to Puerto RIco many times. Love it. And been to the fortress there "El Morro" 3 or 4 times. I learned more about El Morro watching this video of your trip there, than I have in all of my visits there combined. Very well planned and executed trip…and THANK YOU so much for sharing it with all the rest of us. Loved it and felt like I was right there with you all.

  2. Ugh my kids won't have a papa and mugga and it breaks my heart 😥 my mom passed away and unfortunately my father isn't in the picture. This is why I value family vlogs so much and aspire to be like the Johnston's when I do start my own family. You guys are a prime example of how a functional family is, not everything will be perfect but you can work it out as a whole family unit.🥰

  3. Its windy at the sea Because the moon makes the waves and tides and it has a gravitational pull and so the air and the wind is pulled by the moon's gravitational pull.

  4. The last thing you said in the video was really inspiring thank you for the encouragement and keep doing what your doing 😊

  5. Another reason it’s so windy by the sea is because it’s open. Same reason open fields are windy, there’s nothing the wind has to go around or be obstructed by.

  6. I love Papa's shirt ' I'm not retired I am a full time Papa!' What an amazing shirt! lol
    They are getting so big I can't believe it!

  7. I love all your videos you guys should make merchandise I would be so interested in what it would be also By the way I live in St. Louis how is it in Puerto Rico today such a gloomy day

  8. Nice to see the abuelos! I miss my island… and the coquíes! aww they are our symbol of been puertorriqueños. Thank for the video. You guys are amazing. Dios los bendiga!

  9. you eat healthy guys! inspiring to my kid nephews who barely eat veggies….
    janae: slow is how you get there…. ccuuuttteee! deep thought. 🙂

  10. And if you put the extra effort in making the bricks the structure will stand the test of time. It’s the little things that sometimes matter the most.

  11. "slow is how you get there" -Janae
    This is so cute… Love how Janae took that bike ride one "push" at a time no matter how long it took.

  12. When Jeremy said the iguana is climbing the wall I was like.
    Is he climbing to Mexico or America? Which side?

  13. What I love about your family is how invested you guys are in learning about the history of the places you visit! My family did that too atleast from what I can remember. And as an adult I still do it. I perused LA one day, one portion actually where they had a small Mexican museum and I listened to many of the audio passages they had for the exhibits and it was amazing what people went through or did! I love learning history.

  14. What a fun day!! I think learning by doing and by actually seeing places is the best! What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Janae is a clone of Laura, it's crazy. I remember when you asked Laura the same question about her birthday and she said the exact same thing aha

  16. I've been watching you guys sense 2015, and it's unbelievable how much I think I know you guys in person. I feel like I can say a whole paragraph about each of you. You guys inspired me to be grateful about life and enjoy the time we have. Keep it up with your great videos, it's really nice to come home to get to hear what happened in your day.

  17. how cool! on a cruise ship we took we stopped in san juan puerto rico and it was so cool! it’s neat seeing you guys doing the same things we did. 🙂

  18. Hi my name is Beatrice and I love your videos I’ve also been in the fortress to and Read the same sing that Caleb read in the beginning so I thought this video was cool

  19. You should take the family to upstate New York in lake George during the summer because of fort William Henry
    They shoot a cannon and musket, and a really cool gift shop!
    I honestly think you will love it!

  20. Kind
    Not afraid to do anything
    Determined to get something sone
    Respects all people

    See what I did?

    If not, I spelled KENDRA with her characteristics.

  21. Great video, you have inspired us to began our own vlog journey here in Puerto Rico and we hope to be as informative in our content as your videos have always been. Your Dad is right, if you live right next to the ocean, you can actually feel and hear it when the temperature changes. When we first moved here 5 years ago, I had no idea what was going on but it is truly amazing to experience.

  22. you should watch a show called manifest. its on at 9:00pm at dark. it is only on monday its a awesome show its the best watch it its great. me and my family watches it every monday

  23. The ocean heats up much slower and becomes relatively cooler than the beach making it a high pressure zone. The air moves from the water to the land each morning forming a sea breeze. These pressure zones might equal out later in the day and the winds may diminish. … A sea breeze blows from the ocean towards the beach.

  24. i wonder when janae will grow up and she'll watch this video and be like WhOw I wAs CuTe!!!!
    honey it's true you are so cute i can't get over it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. helmet is useless because its not on properly.. look how loose the chin strap is.. just hanging .. how is that going to protect her head if it just slides off..

  26. Well done Janae you are sooooo cute I remember when you were a day old….
    You learned how to ride a bike with training wheels
    You know how to swim
    Janae you are adorable

    You are really smart especially when you turn 3

    Ur so cute and have a happy 3rd birthday❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗😊🙏🙏😊😊🙏😇😇😇

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