CLEVER idea! Is JAPAN convenient or inconvenient? Let’s ask foreign travelers in Japan! #2

Handy for us tourists. All the convenience stores everywhere, all the time and like 24 hr food. Inconvenient? Erm… finding things
finding the shops and stuff hidden in little alleyways and that sort of stuff
sometimes hard to find them. Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today I will go and actually ask foreigners who have come here what they find convenient or inconvenient once they’ve come to Japan. So let’s find out! Coming here to Japan, what you think it’s very convenient about Japan? Subway has been good. Good way to get around it’s been handy for us tourists. I would probably say how polite
everyone is and they are helpful even though a lot can’t speak fluent English so that’s been great. 7-11 (convenience stores) are like a lifeline, so helpful. All the time. If you if you’re like
struggling to find somewhere to eat, honestly, you can just get like a decent
meal at 7-11 And the global ATMs at 7-11 as well. Convenience stores are open 24
hours so whenever you need something it’s there for you. All the convenience stores everywhere all the time! And like 24hr food. But trains are so convenient as well. Trains are very convenient, trains can take you anywhere. You just get on the train and figure out where you have to go and that’s it. It’s so convenient. Everything is so close together too. In Tokyo, it’s all there. The transport is the best it was just so easy we just came down from Shinjuku Station and just having that so close. -And it’s really easy to work out
-There’s trains every few minutes. Back home we wait 30mins between trains if you if you miss one you’re waiting and we’re constantly running. Back home. So if we got to get a train we run to it. Here we’re running still, but then if we miss it it’s only a couple of minutes wait. So yeah that’s awesome. -Convenient? -I don’t think anything here is that convenient. Everything so far away here I’m not used to that. Like one site of Tokyo to the other is like 40 minutes or more. I think we are not used to that back home. I feel like this, this is one thing I have noticed like, I feel like that everything is really efficient like just the mechanics of even some the doors and things are just slightly different. And I feel like just the
culture and everything is kind of efficient in terms of some of the details, don’t even know how to go into that now. Can I take you up on that later, I am a little sleep-hungover and hungover. You mentioned the doors, what do you mean with the doors? There’s like mechanisms within the doors at the hotel we’re at. Where there’s a mechanism that locks it in place keeping it open. It just seems like a very efficient here
and everything has a form and function. Compared to back home in America it’s really hard to get anywhere. Like you have to drive a car. But here the buses are great the trains are fantastic it’s super easy to get… I came here from Hiroshima and
it’s so easy. Back home you have to have a car. Here you don’t need a car. Trains
are great buses are great. Tell me what’s not so convenient. – Inconvenient? Finding things! Finding the shops and the stuff hidden in the alley ways, and that sort of stuff sometimes hard to find them. Not so convenient that they don’t speak English… also, we didn’t have a map to
start off with, that was a rookie error. That’s our fault… I think that’s probably the one thing is the English that we struggled with but other than that we’ve been very lucky over the last 2 weeks. It’s been good. Not really. I did run out of money it was a little bit more expensive than I thought it would
be here. But other than that…. That was my bad so not really. The fact that can’t speak Japanese that’s my problem. It’s just you know, experssing yourself and getting the point across can be difficult and explaining how do you know, where I want to go or what I want so That’s my problem. -Thank you very much.
-Alright, have a great day. This time again the train system is one
of the most convenient things that foreigners can find here in Japan. The
trains come very much on time and you can get almost everywhere by train. Also
the convenience stores, you can grab anywhere you want, 24 hours open. And not so convenient is that in many places you can’t use English or you don’t get far with English especially if you go out on the countryside. So how about you? What do you find convenient or inconvenient about Japan or maybe your local area. Leave us a message in the box below. Thank you for watching. Bye. You can now submit subtitles for our videos on Ask Japanese. So if you speak any other language apart
from English there is a little video description how this works

25 thoughts on “CLEVER idea! Is JAPAN convenient or inconvenient? Let’s ask foreign travelers in Japan! #2

  1. convenient: All is 24 hours open and they are really polaite, and the food is so great
    inconvenient:Well i went with my friend and she doesn`t know japanese and she likes anime, so she said “ let`s go to that shop there is cute anime girls´´ we go and there was ANIME PORN EVERYWHERE and friend that doesn`t like hentai (Yes yes i so strange) it was shock D: we only were 15 XD And i was so flush that i can be a tomato, SO YOU HAVE TO BE BECARFULL BECUSE IT WILL BE SHOPS THAT IS ooo so kawaii there here will be anime YES IT IS BUT PORN ANIME XD

  2. Convenient: Vending machines everywhere! The reliable transport system… So many things in Japan are so efficient and fantastic!
    Inconvenient: The no eating on the street custom. I can see why it's a good thing, but so many times I bought lunch from a convenience store or bakery and couldn't find anywhere to eat it, haha! 😛 And then walking around holding the wrappers for ages because there aren't many bins!

  3. Leaving to Tokyo next week so I don't really know what's convenient or no yet, but from what I hear the trains there are super reliable . Compared to the ones there, here in nyc the only time you don't wait for a train longer than 10 minutes or so is during rush/peak hours. When you're on the train they sometimes tend to constantly stop because of train traffic and that can get really annoying when you have to be at certain places at certain times. However, there are so many trains that can take you almost anywhere in the city, and where they can't, you have multiple buses that do so i guess that's really convenient. However i hear there are times that trains don't run because of it being to late, correct me if i'm wrong. Here trains run all the time they just come less frequently.

  4. Honestly don't see why this channel doesn't have more subscribers. You got a beautiful girl for all the thirsty guys out there, frequent uploads, good content, hundreds of videos yet only 18000 subscribers. This channel should be up in at least the hundred thousands in my opinion.

  5. It's true. When I was in Tokyo, I was surprised that the Tokyo subways had speakers saying all the stops translated into english, I am guessing this is only for the major cities though

  6. This channel really deserves more viewers! alway awesome content for people who are interested in cultures and seeing things through different view points.

  7. inconvenient: u have to preorder tickets for certain events/attractions… even more inconvenient is, that u can't order certain ones back home over the internet, unless u have a japanese adress… u can go to convenience stores to purchase them on a computer type thingy when ur there, but some tickets will be sold out for a couple of weeks in advance… sooo…. that sucks… (i wanted to go to a certain butler cafe and to the ghibli museum, and had problems with getting the tickets…)

  8. Convenient: Being able to pay bills at the convenience store! They just ring it up for you like any other purchase and it's wonderful.
    Inconvenient: Having to carry cash everywhere — especially inconvenient since ATMs are only open certain hours and either won't be accessible or will charge you extra if you attempt to use them when the banks are closed. My advice? Always make sure you have more cash than you think you need, and keep a stash in your room in case you forget to take some out before the weekend!

  9. I love you accent and voice. You would probable be good at making ASMR videos. I also enjoy the videos you and your team make. Japan is a goal of mine to visit. thanks

  10. I really love this channel, it's informative, fun, and the host is absolutely adorable! Also, the western couple that said that things are from blahblah 40 minutes from one end to another?1 What small town are they from? I live in Ottawa, Canada and it can take a good 2hours by bus to cross the city, and this city is considered small!
    I'm new to this channel, where is the host from, I can't quite place her accent.

  11. Most people claimed that an issue was the language barrier. There's a simple solution, learn the native tongue before you travel, or at least attempt to pick up some things before traveling. In America, many people want visitors to speak English due it being the main language spoken here. Americans are very hypocritical 🙁

  12. Inconvenient for me was explaining where to go to a taxi driver…unlike America, they don't know every street, etc…Trains busses and subways are awesome, definitely a plus.

  13. The girls said is not convenient that they don't speak English ! Ok if you go to an other country you need to try to speak and understand their language so you can have an easier time getting around

  14. If you are in Japan, LEARN SOME JAPANESE! Don't expect that just because you are a white people with a lot of privilege, Japanese people MUST know English!!! Learn their language, their culture, not just go there without being ignorant! I've met a lot of international people in the US, and they can speak a pretty decent amount of English. They don't ask us to speak their language.

  15. The availability of trash bin in open public spaces and the missing of tissue paper near your office's wash stand. Other than these, living in Japan is very comfortable.

  16. I enjoy your videos so much! Very informative! Are there many tall people in Japan? Locals or tourists? I'm 6'7" and am thinking about a trip to Japan. What should I know?

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