CIAO ROMA – travelers art journal page without budget [PROCESS VIDEO]

welcome back to my channel! today I wanna share an art journal page I created this page for my traveler art journal I only used the things I brought home from the trip no special paper or art supplies I wanted to capture my impressions and emotions from my last day of the trip in this page there was so much confusion and there were no clear thoughts so many places I’ve been to so many roads through which I have gone and everything in my head like pieces of a puzzle when I stood at the station and waited for the train everything in my memory seemed like through a white mist, as if it had never happened there I stood now at this station the gray of the platforms the rails sprayed with white paint and in my mind all the old art and cobblestones and the bright red color of the train that I had to drive home with ciao Roma! I know, I will come back, even if I have not thrown a coin into the Trevi fountain thank you so much for watching!

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