Chinese genetics research-center (BGI) chooses Copenhagen Science City

In 2011 the Chinese genetics Corporation BGI
launched their European research-center at the Copenhagen Bio Science Park, COBIS,
in Copenhagen Science City. Their mission is partnering with
researchers and scientists, contributing to the advancement of
innovative biology research, molecular breeding and healthcare. First there is the historical reason. Two of our founders
graduated from Danish Universities. One graduated from
the University of Copenhagen in 1985 and the other from the University of Aarhus. The second reason is because this is a biology harbor. We all know that Sweden and Copenhagen co-operate, and have had this
magical Valley for more than 20 years, so the environment is very good. The third reason is because of the innovation.
The whole country focuses on innovation. People are very friendly with us, and there is
very close communication. As a start-up company, it very hard for most us
from Asia, from China, we do not speak Danish. Copenhagen Bio Science Park has helped us
a lot with the language barriers. They guide us and help us with the authorities
and how to recruit people. They introduce us to a lot of business opportunities,
not directly but through network. Since we have experienced so many good things here, we are looking forward to having more international
companies in the Bio Science Park and join the Family to be a part of
biology’s Silicon Valley in Denmark. Copenhagen Science City is a place where the
business community and research institutions can interact and share knowledge openly. A breeding ground for innovative solutions
and a driving force for growth, employment and quality of life
in both the city and in Greater Copenhagen.

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