China’s tourism ban on S. Korea taking heavy toll on Korea’s tourism industry

It’s been almost a month since China banned
group tours to South Korea as part of its economic retaliation against Seoul for deploying
the THAAD missile defense system,… and it’s already taken a massive toll on the tourism
industry here. Over the last 30 days, Busan, one of the most
popular destinations for Chinese tourists, saw a total of 94 Chinese cruise ships cancel
stops in the city, meaning a loss of approximately 300-thousand visitors. Incheon also saw 20 out of 23 Chinese cruise
trips canceled,… with the remaining three likely to be canceled as well, according to
the port authorities. Korea’s tourism ministry reported this month,
that there was a nearly 40 percent drop in the number of Chinese tourists in March compared
to the same time last year. But industry insiders say the situation is
likely to get even worse in the coming months, with numbers expected to drop by 60 to 70

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