China Visa: How To get Chinese Travel Visa – Tutorial by Travel Visa Pro

welcome to travel visa pros series of visas and passport processing tutorial videos today we will be discussing how to apply for a business or tourist visa for China before we get started please note that all documentation and links referenced in this video can be found on our website chinese visa processing is simple with us you fill out the application gathering together all of the requirements and ship them to us for process you will obtain your travel beats and ship it back to you inside of your passport now let’s discuss what will be required for your travel visa to china first we will need your current valid US passport your current original U.S. passport must have to plan visa pages and be valid for six months after your scheduled departure from China please note if you are out of visa pages or your passports about to expire we can renew your passport as well. 2 passport size and quality photographs photographs must be 2 by 2 inches and dimension the front facing on a wider off by background and the original on photo paper we suggest using a professional photographer to avoid delay a computer-generated flight itinerary you will require a computer-generated flight itinerary showing your entrance to and exit from China if you’re traveling to Hong Kong and then to mainland chaton by boat or train please also provide a written statement of that or the itinerary and a copy of the voter train tickets a business cover letter you will require a business letter from your company here in the US if traveling on business this letter must be on company letterhead signed by somebody other than yourself and we have examples of these letters on invitation letter from the company in China you will also require invitation letter from the company you are busy if traveling on business this must have your vital information such as your passport number date of birth and name on it and must have the official company seal your hotel reservations from China if you are a tourist you will require a copy of your hotel reservations from China if you’re staying in hong kong or macao and traveling into china once again also submit a copy of your boat or train tickets the application for a travel visa to china this form must be filled out completely online the link is available on and then printed and signed and original ink when is completed if you are born in China Mchale Taiwan or Hong Kong please hand write your name in the Chinese characters were prompt the local ID number is simply your driver’s license or state ID we’re in in most cases your type of passport will be ordinary to request a 10-year multi entry visa please check other work asks for visa type and indicate a ten year visa in the box in this section you must list a family member name even if they are not traveling with you. Sections 2.5 through 2.8 or where you will enter your hotel or inviting company information and please do not forget to sign and date your application additional requirements for applicants born in China Hong Kong Macau or Taiwan if you are born in any of these locations you will need a copy of your previously issued Chinese visa or a copy of the information page of your non US passport and once again you will be required to write your name in Chinese characters were indicated on the application at this point you should have everything you need to process your visa you will at this time package your passport and requirements up and send them to us for process we will process your Chinese visa with the Chinese consulate and then when completed return it to you Chinese visa processing to take as little as eight hours so there is always a processing time to meet your day of travel and don’t forget to avoid delays and hassles we can fill out the application forms for you if you choose our exclusive form fill in service thanks for watching and feel free to be any of our other tutorials on visa and passport processing you –

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