98 thoughts on “Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle

  1. thanks google,
    you have reminded me my primary school days , charlie was hot movie! please show us more with his fat friend.

  2. I love Charlie Chaplin, but I think he will be turning in his grave at the thought of being exploited by Google; I see a slight ideological difference here!

  3. Charlie Chaplin -Charlie Chaplin Google always makes me smile,hi hi,ha ha.He is funny,
    sad on the way alone.Charlie Chaplin Google makes me happy I see him .He is young,

  4. Odd……… that's obviously a chick in a Hitler mustache. But I would like for the muffin girl to love me long time though.

  5. for me, chaplin is the best actor in world ever born, but of curse this is too funny
    smile,what,s the use of cryning– charlie chaplin modern times 1936
    tank you

  6. Something's wrong with the views (0), cause there are lots of comments, likes +dislikes…
    Before i opened it, i was very surprised being the first one!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. This piece of music is W.C. Polla's "Funny Folks" from 1904, incase anyone was curious. It's played by pianist Frederick Hodges.

  8. Charlie Chaplin's tramp character never would have stolen someone's painting this way (not sure he would have overtly stolen anything), would not have been a bumbling incompetent juggler (his juggling would have conveyed some kind of sympathetic quality), and would not have made a gratuitous face at the policeman behind his back (he might have made a face, but it would have been justified by something the policeman had just done, rather than, in this case, seeming to be happy that he had got away with doing something wrong.)

    The fact that "Do no Evil" Google can't seem to tell the difference between right and wrong should tell us all we need to know about Google – (that, and it's collaboration with the NSA, et al…)

  9. The thing about Charlie Chaplin, and one of the reasons that I liked Robert Downey Jr.'s casting as him so much, was that he was beautiful. When you look at the old silent films you can see that, in his younger days, he was quite good looking with somewhat feminine features and beautiful eyes which were accentuated by the makeup. Although he was short, as a former circus performer and vaudevillian, he possessed a great deal of physical grace, which he exploited to tremendous advantage in all of his films. Chaplin and his brother were raised by his mother whose father was a drunkard who abandoned them and then they were orphaned when she eventually died. He and his brother lived in grinding, Dickensian poverty in London's workhouses until they were able to begin making their way through show business with Charlie quickly becoming the more popular performer. Chaplin had almost no formal schooling but he was self-taught in many disciplines and was widely viewed as a genius. (CONTINUED)

  10. loved it. Happy Birthday to my Star daughter the day June 2nd. Amanda Louise Welsh, is 30 today. loved greatly by all, plus her mom.

  11. あの時代グーグル有ったかしら?

  12. Google Doodles used to be great, now it's just a platform to promote India. BOOOORING. They celebrate the xxxth anniversary of obscure people while missing events such as the 200th commemoration of the death of Jane Austen. Shame on them.

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