Channel Update November/December 2015

Channel Update November/December 2015 Hi everyone and welcome to the channel update for November and December 2015. The last update for this year actually. The time passes so quickly, i can barely keep up with it! For many modellers out there the modelling season starts again due to the bad weather. Not too many obligations are awaiting us and we have time for the hobby, if we are not running around in the city shops to buy gifts for christmas. Since the last update i´ve been to two model building exhibitions: Model building fair Ried in Austria and the model exhibition in Augsburg. Both events were very interesting with a relaxed atmosphere. I met some new people as well as some of my viewers who showed up there. I like this aspect of being an exhibitor at a model show the most. It is always a pleasure when some of my viewers come there and we can meet in person. I´m always happy about that. One of my “small” viewers actually gave me this kit here. Again, thank you very much my friend! It is a very kind gesture! I have already something in mind for the kit, a project that is around the corner. You will see that soon. My opinion about the fair in Ried: I was a bit disappointed by the shops there, their prices were too high for my pocket. Therefore i only bought some accessoires. You could not get a special offer even when you showed your exhibitor pass. No mercy for us poor model builders. I bought only few things, but that is okay. I have more than enough stuff in my stash. Well, the hunter and gatherer inside me simply wants to buy something for a good price. That did not really happen, but at least i got this! I´m glad about this in particular. The exhibition in Augsburg was a small show, but the level of craftsmanship was excellent. It was big fun and very convenient, because it was nearby my place. There are videos about both shows on my channel, just in case you have not yet seen them. Right now i do not have any appointments for model shows and so on. I can only announce that at the end of the year i will do a 2015 review video where i show all my finished models in one video, just like i do every year. In the beginning of October i spent a few days in France, just had a short vacation there. I went there with my parents,. We appreciate it to spend some time together. We enjoyed it very much and had a great time there. The weather was alright for the most time. We had a look at the remaining structures of the Atlantic Wall, we enjoyed the great food in the restaurants and walking through the nice cities there was very enjoyable. That is the kind of vacation i like the most, just hop on the car, go somewhere and see what you can find there. There are a couple of videos on my channel about this vacation. Of course i took way more pictures and video clips than i posted, but it is hard to turn the material into a good looking video for you guys. I think it will be great for me to take a look at all the footage few years later. It was a very educational vacation that inspired me to build more models and dioramas that are related to the D-Day landings. I am actually working on a diorama about this topic right now. Let´s have a look at that! There are several projects going on in my workshop, one of it is Dragon´s Sd.Kfz.251/7 Ausf. D in 1/35 scale. There will be a diorama for the model as well. Right now i´m working on the building review series for the project. The first part of the series is already published. At first i intended to build the Meng Leopard 1 for the next review series, but i postponed that. I decided to do the halftrack first, because my vacation in Normandy inspired me a lot. I had an idea for this particular kit and i had to start it right away, otherwise i would suffer terribly. I think you can understand this. I guess that you guys appreciate whatever i build for you. The halftrack kit is not easy, but in my building review i will show you how you can work your way through it and turn it into a nice looking piece. I´m building a plane again, it is Revell´s Ju88 A-4 in 1/72 scale. It seems like it is a new tooled kit, very detailed indeed. However, it is quite complex to build. It requires some tinkering, but that is actually very enjoyable. It is a nice change of pace. What i like the most about this kit are the decal options, you can build a plane from the Lehrgeschwader 1. The LG1 was also called “Helbig flyers”. At the moment i´m reading a book about the famous German bomber plane pilots in WW2. Everyone knows the famous fighter pilots or the night fighters. Everyone knows at least one Stuka pilot: Rudel. However, it seems like no one knows any famous bomber pilot. It is a shame, because there were some great men in that Luftwaffe branch. One of them was Mr. Helbig and i want to build his plane. His Ju88 was the only one that reached 1000 hours of operation. A curious fact indeed. You can build this plane with the kit. They were stationed in Greece and Italy and covered the Mediterranean Sea with their operations. It is a different scale and genre, a bit different from what i normally do. I got Eduard´s pre-cut masking tape for the canopies, as you know it is quite fiddly to do that yourself. It will pay off and saves time and labour. I hope the model will look good and everything works the way it should. As you can see i had to use some filler here and there, but i do not mind that. The level of detail is great. I´m also participating in a small group build again, this time it is called “that 70´s group build”. All Tamiya models from the 70´s and 80´s are allowed and can be entered. Here i have the M3 Grant, the kit was developed in 1974. I decided to build this kit for the GB. Of course those kits are more crude than the new ones. Building them is big fun anyway, because they are not tricky and quick to assemble. I did not add something to the model, i only applied some Mr. Surfacer to give it a rough steel texture. It is ready for painting, but i´m not really motivated for that. I´m not very familiar with the M3 tank, maybe this is the reason why i´m not very motivated to continue. Another kit i have in my stash that fits into this group build is that one. That Soviet Jeep i received as a gift recently. I might build it pretty soon, maybe i even build it instead of the M3, because i know how to paint it already. We will see what happens. I like the concept of the GB, because it does not require over engineered kits. Right now i´m working on a white metal figure. It is a figure called “Delta Force” by Knight Models. Scale is 75mm, that is 1/25 scale i think. The title “Delta Force”is a bit weird, because i think the figure actually depicts Soap MacTavish from the computer game series “Call of Duty”. There is a mission in “Modern Warfare 2” where you climb up an ice cliff in Kazakhstan. I think that the figure depicts this scene, at least it looks very similar. It is an awesome pose, he is climbing up or down that cliff. As you can see there is only one issue with the thing, it does not stand terribly well, because the figure is so heavy. I will build a base where i can glue it on, so it wont tumble anymore. I´m looking forward to painting the thing. Especially that ice cliff will be a challenge and very interesting to paint. It is also a nice opportunity to work again with some model snow, i really like doing that. I can not predict how long it will take me to paint this up, could be a quick job, could take ages. It all depends on my motivation Now we take a look at the new kits i got. As you could see i have some pretty big kits there. Most of them require a lot of work. Just the right thing for the Christmas holidays where you have plenty of time for modelling. You can work every day on them for hours, so the feeling of success is great when you complete it in 5 days. The Sturmtiger kit will be improved with some PE parts, but we will see that as soon as i build it. I wish you a nice pre-Christmas period, nice holidays and a happy new year in advance, because there won´t be another update video this year. See you again in the next update video in January. Happy modelling! Your Hamilkar Barkas.

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