Channel Update July/August 2017

Channel Update, July/August 2017. Hi everyone and welcome to the channel update video for July and August 2017. As always i will tell you about appointments for model shows, what is going on at my workbench and what else can be said about the channel. Let´s start with the appointments, they are very intersting this time. The first appointment: Augsburg model building days on September 30th and October 1st. The show is organized by the club i am a member of. That is very nice, because this means the show will be close by. It is a small, but very nice exhibition which takes place in a gym. Other model building clubs take part as well. The last time i was at that show everything was very nice and relaxed. The work on display was outstanding. If you are from this area you should visit the show, i´d be happy to meet you there. The second appointment is also very relevant for me, because it is my favourite model show of the year. It is the 10th international model show in Ried/Austria. The show takes place on the 14th and 15th of October. It is my favourite show. The visitors are amazing. The exhibitors have a lot of different models to show, there is something there for everyone. I´m looking forward to meeting some of my old friends there again. Recently the model building workshop for the children of my village took place as part of the holiday activity program. We built models like madmen for two days. The kits were donated by some of my viewers, again i´d like to thank them for their generosity. The children had a very good time with the kits! A curious fact: I brought along so many kits that the children had no chance to build them all. A bunch of kits are left, which will be used for the workshop next year. I made a lovely video about the workshop, so please watch that if you are interested in seeing the models the children built. Another thing that makes me very happy is my approaching vacation. I will go to the USA for three weeks. It is very exciting, because it will be the first time i leave the European continent. I am sure it will be a quite interesting experience. You probably think now “three weeks is a long time!” No worries, i prepared a few videos for you, which will get published automatically. That way you have something to watch during my absence. I don´t want to reveal too much about the things i will do in the USA, most of it are private affairs, like visiting people, but i also have some rather crazy thing planned. You will see that after my return. It should be pretty interesting. Enough talking for now, let´s have a look at the projects on the workbench. The basic assembly of the Bronco Flammpanzer IIis completed. Despite the complexity of the kit it is pretty easy to build. I had no difficulties. The level of detail is outstanding, especially on the rear of the tank. A very impressive kit, it was big fun so far. The little trailer was also a decent build.The tracks come in segments. Pretty nice. Overall a very nice kit. I have to get round to painting it and also have to make up my mind on the diorama. I am still uncertain about that. The only thing i know so far is that it will be a fighting scene. Because of that the little turrets with the flame throwers are pointing to one side, like they are engaged. I can not yet say anything about the scenery in detail. Unfortunately i was not able to make progress on the Schneider CA project for the building review series since the last update video. The basic assembly is done, just like it was before. I intend to build and paint the figures next, of course this will be filmed for the building review series. The muse did not yet kiss me, but i hope i am able to get to work on this after my holiday. I hope you do not mind to wait for the next part of the series. Good things require time. I am not the guy who finishes something just for the sake of getting it done. Most of the time i have spent in the workshop went into the diorama for the Famo. You know that one from the last update video already. Back then i had the desk prepared and the layout of the landscape was roughly set up with styrofoam. Since the last channel update i made quite some progress, as you can see. I built the frame of the diorama with such balsa wood plates and cout out the silhouette of the landscape. Then i shaped the landscape with repair grout and Fimo air basic modelling clay. Building this retaining wall was very tedious. I think the top stones came from Plusmodel. The rest of the wall is meant to be a rubblework wall. I just went into my garden and collected stone chips, which i glued on the wall. It looks amazing, i am very happy about the result. I will build another retaining wall down here. It will be good to have that out of the way. I also added a small barn by Model Victoria here. It is just a small shelter for agricultural purposes. A small creek will go here. Of course i have to add a small tunnel here. The spring originates in this hill or mountain, but then the road got built over it. The spring is still there, it just passes the road through a canal. Thats it really. The area at the hill will be covered with a forest or dense shrubbery. Down here i will set up a pasture or something of that kind. As you can imagine this project is very ambitious, so i put in a lot of my energy and time. I want to see it finished within a reasonable time frame. I am working on this for a couple of months already. Now i am entering a phase where i can see the finish line already. These were the ongoing projects on the bench, now we take a look at the new kits i have purchased. The things i got there are quite varied in my opinion. I am very happy about the resin figures by Modelix Studio, which were sent to me by Carlos. It is a very interesting subject and i intend to review one of the figures at some point. The Tiger I late by Tamiya in 1/48 scale with all the goodies i bought for it is meant for the Tiger I group build by Adam Mann. For that i also bought a soldering station and a photo-etch bending tool. I want to get more experienced with photo-etched parts. My plan is to solder some of the photo-etch. I used the bending tool for the photo-etch of the Flammpanzer II already. It is a very useful tool, easy to work with. Next i have to figure out soldering. Thats it again for the channel update, i hope you enjoyed it. See you again in the next video, your Hamilkar Barkas.

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