Chalkidiki 4K: TOP 10 Beaches of Kassandra Peninsula, Greece | Παραλίες Χαλκιδικής

emerald waters and powdery white sand.
Exotic scenery. An authentic paradise A place where the lush green of the land
spills into the blue of the sea. The exotic getaway that has lived in your
imagination Chalkidiki, Kassandra peninsula Welcome to the paradise that is Chalkidiki.
It will amaze you with its exotic views, invigorate your body… There is
something about Chalkidiki that sets it apart from the rest of Greece. And
nowhere else you will find making friends such an enriching experience! So, let’s find out which are the top ten beaches of Kassandra number 10: Nea Potidea Beach The village of Nea Potidea has a sandy and well-organized blue
flag beach. A wide range of facilities are available here. A narrow isthmus
joins the peninsula of Kassandra to the mainland. The canal was begun by King
Kassander of Macedonia number nine: Pefkochori and Chanioti beach These twin beaches are characterized by
a long sandy strand and fully equipped facilities featuring beach bars taverns
mini markets and plenty of water sport activities number eight:
Kallithea beach Among the most famous and busy coasts of the area, Kallithea is a point of reference for young people a golden sandy beach adopt your new summer look number seven: Siviri beach Siviri beach at the western coast of the
peninsula offers calm shallow waters ideal for afternoon walks and romantic
sunsets greek-style number six: Polychrono and Kriopogi
beaches. These beaches have been awarded several times by international organizations for having the clearest waters so-called blue flags. Are entirely equipped with all needed to spent a joyful day on the beach Water is crystal clear and the beach is covered with soft delicate sand. Nearby taverns and cafes
are offered to take a break from swimming and sunbathing Greek jewelry and summer
fashion number 5: Possidi and Glossa beaches. Possidi beach stretches one kilometer in length and welcomes you for a refreshing dive into its water playful white sand scattered with fine pebbles Do not forget to walk all the
way to Possidi lighthouse and further up to the Glossa beach. This is a natural
phenomenon created by local water streams. The sandy Peninsula
changes shape frequently. Three Campings are operating here: a hot spot for youth, naturists and lovers of life. During the night everything calms down quietly. Your
stay at Possidi will be unforgettable number four: Sani & Stavronikita beach Sani beach is a true heaven on earth
the white powdery sand of the seashore couples with the turquoise crystal clear
water of the Aegean Sea, painting an idyllic picture. Sani is a well organized modern
resort, fully equipped with luxurious beach bars and restaurants. Festivals are
frequently organised here and been environmental activities take place.
artistic creations Stavronikita, is a quiet low sandy
beach next to Sani resort, ideal for Naturists,
nudists and people seeking for tranquility and easy living. number three: Afitos beach. In the heart of Kassandra, the four kilometers long coast of
Afitos, stretching at the foot of a rock, on which the village with its
typical stone cottages is built, will fascinate you with its sandy beach and
it’s crystal clear azure sea! Best choice! The beach features various amenities and
beach bars! For privacy look for the secluded cove, accessible
after crossing the main beach. number two: Paliouri beach. This exotic beach is recognizable by its fine sand, like flour, and very long shoal,
extending up to 30 meters into the water This place has many names: it is also
called Krousso, as well as Koursaros, Blue fish, Cabana, Lefli Ammos beach, all
names of local beach bars, or Xenia unique greek-style the most beautiful
part of the beach with the finest sand is on the right,
looking towards the sea, in front of Koursaros bar, close to a small
marina where boats depart on a cruise. At Paliouri beach, there is also a camping
site, a luxury hotel, as well as watersports amenities. All kind of
vacation styles, tastes and desires are fulfilled here! number one: Glarokavos beach. Welcome to Glarokavos, the most beautiful and unique place in Kassandra!
Many faces one strong blue character Here you may find from luxury beach bars
to free camping naturist tents! overall Overall unforgettable! release your senses: Greek fashion & style The organized beach of Glarokavos is on the
left side, with direction to Pefkochori village. There is an amazing lagoon which
hosts a few boats. At this location the beach is ideal for chilling out and
naturism. Every moment of your family holidays in Halkidiki will be filled
with joy, relaxation and fun in the sea Pine trees that reach up to the water’s
edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal-clear water, hidden coves! Chalkidiki’s beaches are so great in number that you can’t possibly count them all
only enjoy them. unique Greek style Kassandra: a few beaches more! Mola Kaliva | Fourka Beach Nea Skioni like this video. Write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
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