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  1. I found Caroline Myss over 25 years ago. I read every book, listened to all of her audios. It is absolutely what my soul and body need at this time to become reacquainted with her teachings. Thank you, Caroline, for all of your life teachings!

  2. I listen to and read a lot of different authors and of all, you speak in a mannerism that makes sense to me…..I love your direct approach and nonsensical mannerisms Caroline! Thanks for all you do!

  3. You enlightened me in the understanding of spiritual contracts between myself and the Universe; what we came here to accomplish; without this light, life how it unfolds , would be confusing and unfair, and it is not, thanks to you Mss Myss. I will always be grateful for lighting me to the spiritual path; it began in the early 2000, and it has been most rewarding; it led me to more discovery and a happier person.

  4. Wow and WOW! I'm witnessing the gradual and painful passing of a longtime friend from cancer, and It's been difficult to know what to say or how to be with all that comes up. This talk came exactly when I needed it, to show me how to get to the deepest level of praying for a miracle, but without a personal agenda. Much gratitude for all Caroline gives for free, to those who can't afford her workshops. I've been following her since "Why People Don't Heal and How They Can," and it's amazing to witness her evolution into one of the most important voices on our planet right now…

  5. So glad you mentioned Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defense Minister, and him speaking out on the existence of aliens.

  6. This was so good. I'll need to listen to it again, My Angels have always saved my sorry ass. LOL Carolyn Myss thank you for this teaching. YOU ROCK!

  7. How right you are Carolyn Dido to absolutely everything you have explained ๐Ÿ™ i'm going to pray like i am torally crazy. Thank You n Lot's of Love

  8. Your coldness approach to talk to the audience is such a skill! I'm totally the opposite and I have been lost in navigating a world looking for a kind response which like you said, it is nonsense! I have noticed that those who live longer are the ones capable to love themselves in a selfish way. Make sense!!! BTW, I LOVE THE WHITE ROSES!

  9. LOL I have birthday cards from 40 years ago I haven't opened … I just don't have emotional wiring, I never did and never will. She is so precious, a great wake up call to stop teaching your kids they are so special and being humiliated to be "ordinary".

  10. I appreciate your wisdom. However, during the audience questions when a person asked you how to deal with fear, your response came across, imho, as demeaning.

  11. If you really have Birthday cards even unopened from 40 years ago wouldnโ€™t that be some type of emotional attachment if you kept them? Get them, open them, say thank you and throw them away. Thatโ€™s my version of no emotional attachment.

  12. Meh… Caroline's been giving this speech for 25 years…. almost verbatim (no joke). Check it out. And her delivery is tiresome rather than uplifting. Accusatory as heck โ€ฆ tonality screeching… " you, you, you….. blah blah blah…". C'mon at least write a new speech.

  13. you are saying some interesting things, Carolyn, since I still have " Invisible Acts of Power" book which you signed " with so much appreciation for your talent and the effort you put into helping make this one event a success" on page 57 is Lord make me an instrument of your peace,
    on well warn out yellowed pages from being left open for my children to read as I often left out my self-help books so they would be on the same page as me, or others I thought who loved me would know? They knew and didn't care about the Amazon rain forest, the fights with the 300 yr old Land Claims, in Ottawa, or the Telescope in Hawaii, so instead of going after what didn't work, with the alcoholic parents, the ex-husband, or the drug addict ex-boyfriend, I went after and pushed for people's right to Land Claims rights. because people were not interested in the picture of the little boy in Venusela that I took, but they could act on the horrific acts over fires on video on TV?. The thing I find most is that these people don't find time is wasted on because they have a reverence for what they believe in to be true about the land, they live on. Carolyn, my Dad, or my exhusband, my ex-boyfriend, my kids might think its nuts to do something for nothing in return, yet when I did something for something, I received flack for that too. I stopped trying to win them over, and I can't win on the lottery and pay off my debts, yet, when I was on the Amazon Rain forest on the Ornico River, I was asked if I could stay there with them, I said no because I knew the interruption and the decimation would be so horrific, that my telling anything would be better told back in Canada then risk being killed on the Ornico River, if I had stayed on the river, and not meeting my granddaughter, I love my Granddaughter she's wonderful, I have prayed for the safety of people, but the point is I prayed, and Dad's too busy talking with his buddies to care about how I go about my life.

    I'm glad you moved to Canada!

    Where there is hatred let me sow love.

    Where there is injury, pardon.

    Where there is doubt, faith.

    Where there is despair, hope.

    Where there is darkness, light.

    And where there is sadness, joy.

    O divine master grant that I may

    not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

    to be understood as to understand;

    To be loved as to love

    For it is in giving that we receive-

    and it's in pardoning that we are pardoned.

    And it's in dying that we are born to eternal life.


  14. Caroline is describing the bondage of emotional co-dependency that is so prevalent in our societies these days. It is a trap for the human psyche and soul to separate you from your authentic self in God. We are all an expression of God but the action of our rational mind in the world around us is the culprit to true knowledge.
    When you drop the ego you can touch your higher consciousness and tap into your angel.
    The zen teachings say that to see a separation in the universe is the original sin of the mind- there are not boundaries in the universe but the act of thinking will make it so.

  15. I love her talk because she packs her presentations with so much information and guidance but I wish she would be less crusty in her responses to people (listen to 1:30 on).

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