Carnet de Voyage Hermione2018 # 8

Now it’s been 48h, a little over 48h, that we left La Rochelle. We had favorable winds, East, North-East winds. So, we did more than 360 miles in 2 days so it’s good. it allowed us to unwind, we are off the Coruña. We made luff for luff, the first big maneuver with all the crew on the deck. It was really nice to see set everything up and see how, how effective we were all together. We can see the topman are well trained, they take the job seriously. At night, it’s an atmosphere quite special, it’s very strange because we do not really see who is in front of us so we guess, we start to find little tips to recognize each other but it is true that it is a ballet of shadows and it is very beautiful! For the moment, there are not too many difficulties but at the same time, the weather is rather with us so I guess it will come later. “The storm track” as they say the path of depressions, which usually is rather on Ireland or Scotland, is at the latitude of the Azores and Lisbon. Which is a little unnatural. And so we have a family winter storms who is blocking us. The first will be on Sunday, we must negotiate it skillfully to be able to negotiate the second which is planned to be very hollow. We will meet a strong enough sea still, strong winds, 35-40 knots established, a very strong swell. We took action, we went down this morning, the topgallant yards, completely down. They were stored on the deck to reduce the windage in the highs and then also gain stability. We girded all the guns with extra straps. There are no shelters here on this coast, so obviously, we are likely to arrive very early in Tangier.

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