Caring for the Environment: Mercedes-Benz

Our facility sits on a thousand acres
all of those thousand acres are in the Black Warrior River Watershed. Little
Hurricane Creek enters the plant and runs underneath and exits on the other
side and Little Hurricane Creek then runs into Black Warrior River and that
is where people fish and where people are swimming. So it’s important for us to
have controls in place that prevents stormwater runoff or sediment from
entering those creeks and lakes and ponds. So at Mercedes we have an
environmental management system. So all the systems work together just like we
have management for quality and for safety we do the same thing for
environmental. It gives us greater capability and being proactive about
environmental management and capturing things whenever there’s an issue we can
solve a problem or continuously improve upon what we’re already doing. Having a
system around things rather than just reacting to problems as they occur
ensures that we are protecting the environment and upholding our
principles for environmental protection. So we have a system for stormwater
management to you we go out samples twice a week and test water quality
there to make sure we’re not polluting the environment and we generally try to
prevent sediment from leaving the site in the first place Being a zero waste to landfill facility
means that none of the waste that is generated here is going to local
landfills. A hundred percent of the waste that is generated is diverted from local
landfills So at Mercedes we have to achieve that
the only way that’s possible is through implementation of a waste management
hierarchy. So at the top our most preferred method of waste management is
source reduction it makes sense if you’re trying to eliminate or minimize
environmental impacts to just reduce the amount of material you’re consuming in
the first place and then after that it is to reuse material and we do a lot of
that here too but then we also have recycling and so we actually recycle 60%
of the waste that is generated here. There can be up to eight thousand people
every day in and out of these doors and even if they just come in and see that
we’re recycling that impact or one person times eight thousand hopefully
they carry some of that with them home. Minimising our environmental impact and
managing pollution prevention is held to the same standard as quality of the
vehicle. There’s no one that’s saying no we shouldn’t try to protect the
environment it’s always about how can we get better what can we do to
continuously improve and we’ll we’ll keep doing that for as long as we’re
we’re here.

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