Careers in Hospitality & Tourism Warwickshire FULL LENGTH

the hospitality in tourism industry is
expected to be worth two hundred and fifty seven point four billion pounds by
2025 providing 3.7 million jobs did you know that last year in Warwickshire
alone the industry was worth more than 1.1 billion pounds it provides twenty
thousand jobs in Warwickshire and is growing fast
there’s tons of careers available in dozens of award-winning attractions
venues hotels pubs and restaurants and it’s not just about the ground level
positions you can go anywhere with Korea’s leading to highly paid jobs
there’s chief executive of a major hotel or visitor attraction or as a head chef
in in top salaries there’s also part-time temporary or casual
opportunities for people still in school college and university students looking
to earn a bit extra outside of studies what I love about my role with McDonald
Hotels & Resorts is meeting people different cultures different backgrounds
different countries and continents I get to speak to different people every day
of the week so I’ve worked in hospitality a long time and the people
skills and the different sorts of things that I learn has helped me bring those
skills across into my job here and it’s very much people skills there’s there’s
a lot of expectations of being open and friendly and doing everything you can
for the guests to have the best time that they do here at the castle it’s
like being in the theatre as soon as those double doors open and you step out
onto the floor it’s like being on a stage you’ve got to have lots of
personality lots of smiles and a lot of confidence you meet somebody new every
day you meet different people from different backgrounds for an event that
they’re planning they want it to be perfect so if you show a lot of
confidence they’re going to pay huge amount of confidence in you one of the
best things about working in hospitality is that the people on shift so it
doesn’t even feel like I’m working most the time everyone’s got such a team bond
and everyone works together pulls together to make everything go well for
the customers and that’s our main focus what I love about it is the daily tasks
that are on there different challenges each day and it’s never the same you’re
not going stuck into one area you can easily move around all the time which is
what I enjoy you’ve not just based at one hotel you
can support other hotels in New York up in the local area for me the job is all
about customer gratification and it’s a section I absolutely love the look on
somebody’s face but they walk into one of our rooms and see how beautiful it is
when they sit down in our restaurant and enjoy one of our meals and know that
they’re gonna come back time and time and time again it comes with a lot of
exciting times there are up and down challenges there are things you do need
to face but across the board it’s really exciting coming from being on reception
welcoming guests and make helping them enjoy this day we
have a spa here at bills and Manor so there are opportunities there for spa
treatment therapies for porn attendants and receptionists you’ve also got your
weight and staff your bar staff which again you can develop into being a food
and beverage manager I like the amount of different people you meet on a day to
day basis so obviously we have our regulars look at me quite a lot and you
do get quite close to them and they all get to know by name is quite fun but
also just the amount of by families and companies and things you could get and
come in and it’s just nice to see a variety early so the skills needed for my job is you
have to be really good with people because we’re communicating with people
from all around world or throughout the day you’ve got to be friendly and happy
at all times so that they know that they’re getting good customer service at
the end of the birthplace so the skills involved in my role is great
communication as we have quite a large team and just being able to be positive
and happy because you are the first face that people see when they come through
in terms of my team so obviously the management style I have
so it’s different types of people I have to work with and actually engage with
and actually change my style depending on who they are you need to be able to
be good with people you get loads of people coming through the doors here
from all over the world all different ages and you need to be able to make
sure that you can connect with them in some way also make sure that you can
keep your time well because again when a show is running you need to make sure
you know what you’re doing and when so you need to make sure that you’re always
on time to make sure that can happen the main skills that you need to have to be
front office manager would be people skills you need to have a lot of
customer service skills being able to talk to guests being able to talk also
to talk to the staff that are around you the skills you need to be a tour guide
here is basically the ability to communicate with everybody all types of
people the type of skills I’ve developed whilst being here is working with people
who are both deaf and blind people I’ve never worked with before and developing
ways to talk to them and show them elements of the theatre when some people
obviously can’t see or can’t hear so that’s been a really thing to build upon
my job is to look after my customers I make sure that I deliver exceptional
customer service that’s the basics of it really the skills I need to do my job a
quite straightforward to be honest I need the exceptional Christmas service I
need great communication and needs interpersonal skills in a whole so I
need to make sure that not only on the communication and my customer service
skills there but I need to make sure that I can effectively do my job so my
job involves I’m one of the Duty managers for the accommodation
word castle so the skills of Piper develop is managing different types of
teams and personality so I think the key skills you need in my job one of the
really important ones is organisation obviously we’re organizing people’s
events so we’ve got to be able to organize ourselves in our workload I started actually 21 years ago in
hospitality as a young kitchen assistant in a small restaurant in the countryside
throughout my career I’ve done various roles in hospitality such as deputy
general manager roles general manager roles and most recently a people and
talent manager and then recently promoted to greet talent manager as part
of that journey I’ve done various qualifications apprenticeships Envy
queues and the most recent was a degree in business and administration so I’m
doing a level 3 team leader apprenticeship through Solihull College
the way the level 3 team use ships work is that you don’t spend any time at
college it’s all on-the-job training so it means that you’re really getting
integrated in your job which is really useful because it means that I’m still
here five days a week and I’m still working on my job but I’m just doing
additional stuff so I’m getting extra knowledge through workbooks and
textbooks I was really lucky working in an heritage job straight away from the
University as the chase of birth fish just had openings the opening was
engaging and that was fantastic it was fun but I wasn’t going to be a guide
forever so to know that there was development in there SBT was really
fantastic for me because I could actually stay with people I liked in the
trust they could support me and develop me and I had that strong kind of
relationship with them which today then have my back because they want me to do
well as well so having started at the very bottom rung here at the castle and
moving very quickly into a managerial position it’s very clear that Merlin and
amore at castle hugely invest in their people they have a scheme called get
grow keep and that’s basically that they they get the best people and they grow
them with their talent and they they keep them for themselves and make
sure that they develop them in the best way that means that really we can we can
diversify from Warwick Castle into places like Alton Towers and Legoland or
sea life centres and really there’s there’s such a vast array of attractions
and things that need to be done of those attractions and skills required that
once you’re in if you show the right skills and the right aptitude they will
find the right sort of job for you when I started off my career there’s a
Saturday worker on a nursery and Rockdale in Lancashire and then when I
left school I went on to the apprenticeship scheme and the
apprenticeship scheme is a fantastic way to learn a craft a trade like gardening
because you actually work in the gardens with the plants with the plant
collections and alongside very very talented gardeners that I’ve got many
many years experience instead of as a college you’ve got up three days a week
we go to the International Beauty holistic Academy in Gloucester three
days a month for ten minutes and we get to stay at the hair towels which are all
luxurious so it’s good experience to go to all the different hotels and we get
set so we learn things and like different units don’t win yet so in
December we’ll be qualified in body massage so they don’t took it all that
you’re one go and you learn it step by step I’ve learnt so much from various
different people in my career over the time it’s about making sure that you
listen to other people’s experiences they have been here a long time it’s
important to take note they obviously enjoys as well that’s why they’ve
remained at this industry over the times moving forward there is so much that you
can do online there is various different courses that we offer through an online
training course alternatively we are more than happy to progress with other
evening courses and things like that should you wish to do so
the way we do it here is that we’ve got a program that you go to university to
become a manager so it’s aimed at people like me that wants you progressed to be
an assistant manager or a manager and it doesn’t matter whether you’re our
assistant manager at moment you can still get on that course once you’ve
done that course if you want to regress to become an operation manager or a
general manager there are different routes that you can take depend on which
one you want I graduated from University in Events Management degree and the
company actually offered a graduate program that I went on as soon as I
started working for the company on that program they teach you loads of
different managerial skills and just those are the skills that you can use in
your career going forward our company actually does do a management program as
well for people without a degree where they can do a foundation to be alongside
of it and I’m actually now a mentor for two of the staff who are on that so in
terms of developing our people we actually run a number of programs which
is entitled our stairways program they start right from people starting with us
on day one right through until they become future leaders of their company a
few of those courses are things like chef apprenticeship programs our hotel
your programs and also future leaders I would see my future career probably
staying in the customer service industry because it’s great because you get to
interact with people on a day to day basis and the job I’m in is really good
because I’m learning a lot of transferable skills as well because I’m
learning about management stuff that can be used in in any sort of job role not
just in retail so it means they if I want to stay in retail I can’t back and
also progressivism my long-term ambition will be to
eventually become a general manager at one of them at darling hotels I do enjoy
the company and I plan on staying in the company for good couple years really
working in hospitality in restaurants in attractions is absolutely where people
are starting to move their attention and their money too so it’s an industry
that’s going to be growing exponentially over the next couple of years as people
choose to spend their money elsewhere and it’s just it’s going to open up a
world of opportunities for all sorts of things and you won’t get opportunities
like this in any of any other industry really as part of my role and my
managers here allow me to shadow of a department so you can get an idea of how
with the department’s work how will the rollers work which is great we also have
loads of schemes that you can help train with so we have trainee venue managers
that we can go onto we have apprenticeships that you can learn from
so there’s so many opportunities that once you’ve kind of started working here
you can try loads out and I hope to support you the whole way so there’s
loads of progression here also so you can move from a therapist to advanced to
senior to head therapist and then maybe even become a spa manager or anything
you can work at luxurious its parts all over the world and we have a lot of nice
on tutors but and they’re always there to help us develop a noise and we all
might want ones like coffee breaks that every now and I always sit downs ok
what’s the next step what can we do to further your development so there’s a
couple of ways you can go from my job role directly so you can either work
your way up to a revenue manager or work your way up to director of sales or
sales manager I really enjoy the customer interaction and also I’m quite
hungry for the business so in the next 5 or 10 years I want to get get out into
the proactive sales role within the hotel industry and I’m working my way up
to the Director of Sales for a hotel I’d love to be more Nagori
so Merlin huge international company I’d like to be working with your food
development across the globe in an ideal world system with theme parks and other
hotels or states working I think my ultimate aim like is with most chefs
would to have either my own catering business or maybe even my own restaurant
or something like that that’s always the ultimate aim I’m very lucky I’ve got two great
children slightly older they’ve been through this industry this industry has
some great benefits and ones that we don’t see all the time is this the
people that entertain and eat and dine within our business they have so many
connections on top of that I think we find that the it develops their
communication skills now these skills can take into any
industry we have to communicate with colleagues I’ve seen them I know they’re
my kids but they’ve seen in blue and that’s because of that life skills that
my children have pizza up over the years and certainly all the young young people
that have worked with me over the years being able to turn up for work on time
being punctual being able to behave in the correct manner standing up the
biggest thing for them as we know to stand up in front of the chef’s deal
with those those issues and problems as young people more often their mother
coddled and we don’t want that I want them to blossom and that’s what this
industry brings to me you

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