Card-Shark presents Mind Power Traveler

Okay guys. This is something really strange. Let me show you. This is a trick with two queens and a deck of cards. Actually, these two queens will help me performing this routine. At the moment I will just
leave them here in the pocket. I will spread the deck in front of you and just in a blink, in a moment, you will select one card, okay? Go ahead. Have a card? Yeah.
Good. Now, let me guess. Was your card a red card? No. It was not? Yeah. Sometimes, the queens influence you. That’s what I hoped, because they are red. I hoped you would go for red. But anyway, they will now help me
performing the whole routine. Alright. They start whispering
to me and they tell me that your card that you
selected was a low card. Is that correct? Um.
Okay. Typical woman. They always say it’s low but in the end, what they meant is that everything from
ace to seven is low, and from eight to king is high. It was a low card, right?
Yeah, it was low. Yeah that’s what I heard. Yeah.
Yeah, and I think it was… Oh yes it was a club. Was it a club? It’s with the three balls. Yeah. Yeah that’s what I thought as well. I think they already
have a very precise idea which card you selected. Alright. And in this particular moment they removed the soul of your card from the pack. When I spread the deck one more time, your card will not be there anymore. Alright.
Let me show you. Without telling me your card, is your card still amongst these? Wait. No, it’s not. I told you that the two queens took the soul from your card, and right now this soul is
in between the two queens. I don’t believe that. Well, here we have the two queens. Let’s have a look. Was that your card? Oh my God. But wait, it’s just a split second, because it was never there. It traveled over here
into my trouser pocket and that’s your card. Oh my God.

5 thoughts on “Card-Shark presents Mind Power Traveler

  1. Hab da mal ne Frage. Erhalte ich die Möglichkeit diese Routine zu lernen mit hilfe von Mind power traveler? wenn ich mir das Paket auf Card-Shark kaufe?

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