Cancer World Tour – Deleted Scene 2 | Deadpool (2016)

Guadalajara Mexico the cancer research
capital of I’m just fuckin with you Oh fancy part of Mexico we moved in with
our son to afford the treatment cancer sorry al cancer yeah Stage four toughest
part of the Tour de France very hilly you log in some frequent flyer miles
yeah it’s their last stop on our desperation World Tour no checkers a be
a hero no pesos cash americano Chupa Chups
cuesta an extra hey that’s on me you go senior I bet solemn
on now that mess was possible you are a handsome couple good luck to
you what you may not know is that I hit fuck
it two countries and three phony doctors ago once you see enough desperate people
ripped off you start to feel the itch movie and your sulwon relaxi mr.
Salamone relax I got you tumor
you see stuck with other amigo saved my wife another good luck next see you did
already here I’ll break yeah you surprised me how long you standing over
there long enough smells like chicken wait say someone offers you the chance to be
a superhero at a time when things aren’t going so hot like I don’t know maybe he
just got cancer or flew to Mexico and murdered a man

5 thoughts on “Cancer World Tour – Deleted Scene 2 | Deadpool (2016)

  1. I know and I'm sure everyone knows deadpool is a antihero or anti something but I like how in his movies he gets his heroic moments like this one where he pays for the kid with cancer it was a real nice and sweet thing to do and I think he should be given his props on his heroic moments

  2. I understand why this was cut. It seems to belong to a completely different movie. Also it doesn't make a lot of sense for Vanessa to totally forgive him after he basically left her to be implicated in a murder in a foreign country (we would have all the info, but she wouldn't).

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