Canada Travel Guide | 10 Best Places To Visit | Discover Fantastic Things to Do, Places to Go

Misk Travel Guide Canada

100 thoughts on “Canada Travel Guide | 10 Best Places To Visit | Discover Fantastic Things to Do, Places to Go

  1. I love canada.i want immigrate there immediately but don’t know how
    Can someone help me to immigrate there?

  2. Kidnapping other country citizen Now Dumping garbage onto other countries. …Dump your own garbages in your own house you have plenty of land . stupid country keeps dumping their diaper onto other countries. Shit & hypocrite. Stop buying and using North America product.

  3. Really? Niagara Falls? Gaudy tourist trap Niagara Falls? Almost any place in Atlantic Canada – not mentioned once – is more appealing than Niagara Falls. The rest of the recommended places is in the zone, but the “Falls” gaffe isn’t the best travel advice. Yikes!

  4. Sorry not to see any of Atlantic Canada on your list (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI or New Brunswick). Some of Canada’s original provinces and oldest cities with Scottish, Celtic and Acadian cultural influences. Canada does not stop at Montreal

  5. Been travelling and I am a local 👍 plan my trip to PEI, Nova Scotia, Ottawa and Montreal & bit of Toronto

  6. Every party in Canada 🇨🇦 is beautiful and unique,although the Vancouver is 2nd expensive city in Canada after Toronto.

  7. Amazing country filled with amazing people came before 6 years and absolutely love it ❤❤❤❤❤

  8. The west coast trail is not an easy hike it is a 76km hike without cell service and few places to get help most people take 7 days to do the trail.

  9. Atlantic Canada the very best of everything can’t get lobster in TO…… hahahahaha hahahahaha


  11. Great video! I absolutly adore it. Continue like this and have a look at mine if you feel like it. =)

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  13. I live in Canada and would love to travel and visit all kinds of places across the country but alas, it's way too expensive. I can fly to almost any other country and tour there for half the price. So sad when they price you out of your own country.

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  16. I need Canada and Australia to be my countries because both of them combined you get all types of weather and landscapes of the earth.

  17. 5:10
    Heh! I just moved there a few months ago after living in a town south of Whistler, which is just before that on the list!

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  19. Great video, but the background music is too loud which makes the commentary unclear and thus annoying after 1 point !!

  20. You are amazing canada 🇨🇦❤🇨🇦❤🇨🇦❤🇨🇦❤🇨🇦god keep our land glourious and free

  21. Hey mate, I'm from Australia and planning on visiting Canada for a week, end of march & start of April, I'll be based in Toronto what places would you recommend?
    Other than a day or two in the city, I'd love to go into the wilderness, nature and visit national parks probably for hiking and camping! Thanks

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