Canada IEC Work Travel Visa Vlog (2016)

Hey guys I’m Shazin and I’ve applied for Canada’s
two year IEC working travel visa. Last year I got a 1 year visa which I used to work in
a Canadian ski resort. My working holiday was cut short and had to
return back to the U.K. This where Im currently working and studying. I just been on a quick
trip to Canada to activate abd collect the new 2-year visa. Although my life is here
in the U.K. I’m intending to use the visa for shorter working holidays over the next
two years. Im nervous doing this vlog because there are
three other people in the room thinking I’m a complete weirdo but at least now they know. You are a weirdo. That’s paddy over there, he’s also going to
be doing the two year IEC Visa and we had a completely totally different experience
at the boarder. When I got there they didn’t ask me to see
my proof of funds, insurance or anything other than my invitation letter. And she pretty much stamped everything and
I went through within 5 minutes. And When Paddy got there, maybe it’s because
he looks a bit more dodgy than I do. They asked him for everything and if he didn’t
have the 2- year visa, sorry the 2-year insurance, the guy would’ve stamped him for the length
of his insurance. So, I think it’s one of those things it’s
not worth taking the risk. He was telling me about a guy that got insurance
for three months and he only got his visa stamped for 3 months and you’re missing out
on such a good opportunity And I know that not everyone has the money,
but my friends let me the money to come here and I’m sure that everyone’s got someone here
they can borrow money from, to get all of the requirements that they need, or I hope
they do anyway. I’m staying at the Hostel behind me and it’s
called the Hi Hostel (Calgary) it’s in the centre of Calgary, it’s not too far from the
station, so it’s really easy to get to you earlier. I’m now on my way to get my S I N
number, which is again a 10 minute walk away. So the building behind me is Service Canada
and that’s where you going get your SIN number, which is like a national insurance number,
so that I can work in the country and it will last for two years. It took me around 40 minutes,
it wasn’t busy at all. Even though I’m going home, it was worth getting now. Because I bought a high hostel membership
card, you get 25% of Greyhound buses, I’ve always wanted to go to Banff, so I decided
to take a quick day trip. To get to this stunning lake, you have to
walk through Woodland, and don’t laugh, but I kept on thinking that I was going to see
a bear. I’m too much of a chicken to do this.
So I asked two people that I’d never met if I could go with them. Obviously we didn’t see any bears just a few
squirrels, but I’m glad that they let me go with them. I just hope that next year I can come back
and spend more than four hours in Banff.

14 thoughts on “Canada IEC Work Travel Visa Vlog (2016)

  1. I'm new to your vlog but I'm enjoying the documentary style video work. It was nice to learn a little more about Canada and see some great views. Keep it up!

  2. What an incredible vlog Shaz! Thank you for sharing your time in Canada with us 🙂 I hope to one day be able to visit Banff. You're awesome

  3. If you are ever back in Banff this year you should get in touch. I am moving back there in April and love meeting new people 🙂

  4. Hey how are you can you plz help me for a job in Canada plz help me if you can apply for me iec plz help

  5. hi! love the video! I got my visa this January and plan on leaving January 2nd 2018 as i've been saving my money here in the uk ready for a new start in Canada in the new year. My plan was to go to Toronto or Vancouver and find shared accommodation and a restaurant job or something similar and just live a city life. Did you do this or was it just ski resort work? Do you think theres any chance of me finding a ski resort job if i arrive in January?

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