Can you apply for a bridging visa?

Can you apply for a bridging visa? A bridging visa is just like its name implies. It’s a bridge between visas, and nothing more. Yet there is a
massive amount of misunderstanding out there amongst the visa-needing public about the
bridging visa being this easy visa to apply-for when you
find yourself not ready yet for a proper visa. What is a bridging visa? A bridging visa is one thing and one thing
only. It’s a way to keep a visa applicant lawfully
in Australia when they don’t have a substantive visa (which
means basically a “proper visa”). It stops the applicant
being in migration no-mans-land and being at risk of detention and deportation. It is NOT an easy visa choice when you’re
still making your visa choice. It’s not even something you
directly apply-for. You cannot walk into the Department of Immigration
and Border Protection and ask for “One bridging visa please?” So what is it, and how do you get one? To get a bridging visa, you need to do the
following: 1. Lodge a valid application for a substantive
visa 2. And you need to wait for your current substantive
visa to run out because the main visa application hasn’t finished being processed
by the Department So you did the right thing and lodged the
visa application you had intended to lodge, eg an onshore
partner visa or an onshore tourist visa application (so you can stay in Australia longer), and
they haven’t finished processing it. Get the idea? And while that processing takes place, you
get normally a Bridging Visa A so you can remain in Australia
and not have to leave (or risk being tossed out unceremoniously). And that Bridging Visa A remains until
they make a decision on the substantive visa application. All things going well, they grant the visa
that you really wanted and the Bridging Visa A
winds up automatically having done all that it was meant to
do in the first place. So the bridging visa is not an easy alternative
visa? No, definitely not. I’ve repeated this statement more times than
I could ever remember over the years, and it’s an essential
concept to grasp. Visas are grants! They are not rights! You are not purchasing a visa, and you are
not saying “I think I’ll have………” before putting your money
down on the counter. Yes, they are expensive and you could be justified
in thinking you had made a large purchase, but you’ve done no such thing. You’ve asked the legal decision-makers who
represent the Australian Government to make a decision
they are Constitutionally allowed to make. And that means the onus is on you to do the
right thing to get that visa grant. You need to dot all the i’s
and cross all the t’s on a proper visa application and lodge it in plenty of time before your
current visa runs out. Yu have to organize yourselves and allow yourselves
plenty of time to get this right, and you need to treat it as though your life depended
on it. In fact your future happiness DOES depend
on it, which means there’s no time to be casual about
it. Getting distracted, or waiting until the last
minute, and most definitely underestimating how much
work is involved in a SUCCESSFUL partner visa application……all of these are bad mistakes. Partner visas take months of work to prepare,
most definitely. Further tourist visas are much easier,
however they are still visa applications and should be given enough time to put them together
properly so your particular case is presented as well
as it could possibly be presented. We have plenty of articles about bridging
visas on the Down Under Visa BLOG page, all designed to help
you to make informed and educated decisions about your future happiness. Forget the advice of
amateurs. This all comes from Manila’s best Registered
Migration Agents who see applicants trying to
slap together last-minute rush jobs and have had to pick up the pieces more than a few
times. Please be
well organized and please get your facts only from those who know what they’re talking about.

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