Can we re-apply after a tourist visa refusal?

Can we re-apply after a tourist visa refusal? Okay from Josh. Question, we have a friend here in Australia,
had her sister here last year on a tourist visa. No problem. Now they applied again for the same visa for
her sister but was denied. Anything I can do? Can they reapply ASAP mate? Well, they can reapply but whether it’s going
to be successful or not is hard to say. They will of
course look at the previous application in most cases it just means they weren’t convinced
if she’s a genuine applicant. Family member applications are often just
a little bit iffy because of the fact the salaries are very low here somebody could,
what they earn in a month, they can earn in a day
picking zucchinis, picking oranges somewhere. A lot of families will get their sister in
and let her go for a picking job and what have you to earn
some money. So, yeah they do have a legitimate concern
there. That’s the point. Try again but really,
especially if she’s a working age, it’s still all going to be that little bit iffy. Why was it granted before
and not now? Well the case of before was obviously convinced
second time obviously was not convinced. It’s a bit like tossing a coin sometimes. Anyway, they can try again, we can have a
look at it but no promises.

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