Can we get a tourist visa for parents from Philippines

Can we get a tourist visa for parents from
Philippines? Hi Jeff, Lyndon here. Was wondering how hard it is to get my wife’s
mum and dad out here for a while and then stay in Australia on some kind
of visa. Okay, well this depends on how long you intend
for them to stay. You’re talking about staying
permanently, for a long time, short time, I can’t really tell from the question here. Okay, well let’s
just assume you’re talking about tourist visas. For mums and dads normally it’s not such a
big deal. But look, I’ll clarify here. We get people asking, my wife wants to bring
her 23-year old cousin out for a holiday. How can we help with that? Yeah, we can help with that but its sometimes
not the highest of success rates, reason being because unfortunately
there are a lot of people who will bring a relative out so that relative can take off
and go and pick fruit somewhere and earn a great deal of
money while leaving and working illegally in Australia. Because of this, they’re very, very wary about
the particular cases. So if your mum and dad were 23
years old, single with no kids, full of health and rigor, and everything else, I’d be more
concerned. Now if it’s your mum and dad and they’re of
advanced years, if someone’s got a 63-year old mother,
not likely to take off and pick fruit or veggies somewhere or doing a cleaning job or something
like that. Nor is dad likely to be working on a building
site somewhere. Depending on their situation, they’re generally
considered to be of considerably low risk and plus
mum and dad wanting to visit their daughter in Australia to see how she’s living, it’s
a perfectly normal thing to do and it’s quite common. If someone is having a baby, if that happens
to be the case. It’s quite common to want mum to be there
and they do understand that. So the answer is, it’s
probably okay. So please contact us about that and we’ll
see what we can do.

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