Can I Travel To The U.S. With A Criminal Record? Winnipeg’s Pardon Services

Hi, I’m Mitch Jessimen from Pardon
Services in Winnipeg and I’m here to answer the question: “Can I travel to the
US with a criminal record?” The answer is maybe . Only certain crimes prevent you
from being able to enter the United States and the experts here at Pardon
Services would be happy to assess your individual situation. If required you can
apply for a waiver for up to 5 years to overcome your convictions and be able
to enter the United States. Once approved you will not be denied entry for your
criminal record. It’s important to note that a pardon might not be good enough
to travel to the United States. If it’s discovered you had a record at any point
you might still be required to apply for a waiver. Pardon Services offers
assistance with both pardon and waiver applications and
we’d be happy to assess your eligibility. For a free private consultation, please
feel free to call our number at (204) 453-0099,
or stop by our office at 103 Scurfield Boulevard in Winnipeg.

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