Can I Get Married on a Tourist Visa? (Then Adjust Status)

7 thoughts on “Can I Get Married on a Tourist Visa? (Then Adjust Status)

  1. I have a question on a different topic… The proposed Public Charge rule. My future husband will be coming here from Egypt I will be filing for a cr1 Visa. I was out of work for a while this last year and was receiving snap and Heap benefits. Can you tell me if I will be disqualified from sponsoring him because of this? He has never used any public benefits in the US… Just me. And also I do have a co-sponsor if necessary. I've been asking around and I keep getting the same answer which is that it does not pertain to the sponsor but I just wanted to ask you guys and get your opinion.

  2. A friend got married on B1/B2 visa, and came back to uk he only stayed 14 days. Can his wife put in for a permanent residence, now while that is in progress, can he still travel backwards and forward to usa on B1/B2 visa or will that get cancelled ???

  3. I am a 61 year old female American citizen. My fiance is a 35 year old Nigerian man. We have had a long distance relationship for almost a year now. My question is simply how hard is it gonna be to get him a fiance visa. Proving our relationship is not a problem for us, because it is real.

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