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Welcome to Quotacy’s Q&A Friday where we answer your life insurance questions. Quotacy is an online life insurance broker where you can get life insurance on your terms. I’m Jeanna and I’m Natasha Today’s question is: can I get life insurance as a foreign traveler? In the life insurance world, foreign travel is defined as recreational or business travel outside of the United States for no more than six months. If you spend more than six months outside the U.S., the insurance company considers you a foreign resident and this has entirely different rules and deserves its own video but today we’ll focus on life insurance for the short term foreign travelers. When life insurance underwriters are evaluating a world traveling applicant there are specific factors that are taken into account such as the country or countries you’ve recently traveled to or plan on traveling to, how often you travel outside of the country, how long you plan on staying in said countries, your occupation, and the purpose of your travels. The destination country impacts whether or not you’ll be approved and it can also impact the cost to pay for life insurance. The life insurance companies typically place countries into one of three categories: acceptable for travel, acceptable for travel but with limited coverage amounts, or unacceptable for travel. The categorization of a country is based on its current economic, political, and social stability. A country’s status can change at any time. Also, sometimes specific regions within a country can have different statuses and different countries within continents also frequently have different statuses. For example, many companies currently consider the majority of Algeria acceptable for travel but not Southeast Algeria. And within the continent of Africa, currently Rwanda is acceptable, Congo is acceptable but with limitations, but Sudan is unacceptable. Insurance companies typically want to know of any foreign travel you’ve done within the past two years and any upcoming travel plans. Regarding foreign travel that occurred in the past, many insurance companies won’t really see any concern unless it was a hazardous place that you might end up going to again. For example, if you travel for business and one of your company’s locations is in that hazardous region. For upcoming travel plans, the duration of the trip may have an impact but not always. For example, if you’re traveling to England for a few months the insurance company probably won’t care. If you’re traveling to Iran for a few months, the insurance company may limit your coverage or postpone approval until you’re back. The purpose of your travel matters too. If traveling for business, your occupation will be reviewed closely. Examples of occupations that may be seen as additional risk include politicians, journalists, trade union officials, security consultants, humanitarian aid workers, and members of the military and the judiciary. If you have a history of participating in hobbies that are considered hazardous, for example rock climbing, and you also have upcoming plans to travel to Nepal you may be asked what you plan on doing there. If you plan on attempting to conquer Mount Everest, this could be a problem. If you’re a foreign traveler looking for life insurance apply with the life insurance broker like Quotacy. We work with multiple life insurance companies, not just one. When you apply, your agent will review your application to make sure you’re matched with insurance company that will offer you the best possible price. Not all life insurance companies evaluate foreign travel in the same way. When you apply for life insurance, a few travel questions will be asked. Answer them thoroughly and honestly. The more details your agent has, the better they can be your advocate. Don’t purposely omit travel plans on your application. The insurance company is allowed to investigate claims during the first two years of the policy being inforce and if it’s discovered that you misrepresented yourself on your application the insurance company can reduce or deny your beneficiary’s death benefit. It’s also important to note that the entirety of the life insurance application process may take some time, so plan ahead. If you know you’re leaving on a month-long vacation to Europe at the end of the year, don’t wait. Apply now. The insurance company requires everything to occur on U.S. soil including the final approval signature from you. The policy can’t be activated without this. Now, don’t let all this information make you nervous to apply. Your Quotacy agent works on your behalf. While we can never guarantee coverage we will do our best to help you get life insurance. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about life insurance, make sure to leave us a comment. And if you have any questions regarding today’s topic, check out the blog link posted below. And if you’re ready to get quotes check out We’re here to help you find the best deal on the life insurance you want. Bye! Thanks for sticking around. We’d appreciate it if you Liked the video and hit that fancy little Subscribe button to see us every week. Bye!

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