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It’s 2:45 PM and a Wednesday. I left quite late from my hotel. This is Cairo. I’m going to the Railway Station. It is the main train station of Cairo. Trains from here go to all over Egypt. To get to the station, I’m taking the help of Google Maps. In 8 minutes, I’ll reach the railway station. Here it’s hard to understand, where will the traffic come from. Here the traffic moves on the right. Unlike in India, where it moves on the left. That big, red ‘M’ indicates Cairo Metro. Wherever you find such symbols and undergoing stairs, that’ll mean Cairo Metro. I was hungry so thought of trying some corn. This corn smells good! 1 corn costs 3 Egyptian Pounds. Egypt is very different when I compare it to the other countries that I have travelled to. People are really very aggressive here. While I was buying the corn, a person from behind suddenly started shouting that I should stop recording! Similar thing happened while I was walking underneath the flyover. I’ve been trying to ignore these people. This is the railway station. Here you’ll find ATM’s of National Bank of Egypt. I had read on the internet about these Ticket Vending Machines. This is one of them. It looks like this. You can choose your preferred language. You can choose between the type of trains. Now it’s showing all the available trains. The machine doesn’t seems to be working! This gentleman is helping me buy the ticket. With him, I’m going to the Ticket Window. This is first class window. This is the 3rd Class Compartment. Looks good! This is the 3rd Class Compartment. As per this gentleman, it’s better to take a bus than stand in the queue for the train. It’s better to take a bus. Will be cheap and at the same time will be a comfortable journey. Near to the main railway station of Cairo is the Metro Station named Shohada Metro Station. Near to this metro station is a bus terminal from where you can find inter-city buses. It is 4:45 PM. I am at the SuperJet Bus Agency and have purchased ticket to Luxor for 140 Egyptian Pounds. Had purchased the ticket half an hour back. This is my current location. Now Google Maps is showing me how many restaurants are available near to me. This distance is also being shown. You can also use filters like, currently open, top rated ones, etc. Similarly, you can use Google Maps to find out about petrol stations, restaurants, points of interest, etc. Another useful application that you can use is Google Trips. It scans all your journey details on mail and then makes a compiled itinerary for the entire trip. For now, I have decided to go to Khan el-Khalili. Here’s how far Khan el-Khalili is from my current location. 30 minutes by walking, 19 minutes in a car due to heavy traffic jam. I haven’t decided my mode of transportation yet. But I’ve got an idea as to where I would be heading next. I have taken information from a local. I’m now heading to Khan el-Khalili. Could have taken an UBER. Would have costed 27-28 Egyptian Pounds. From a place ahead, I’ll get a Micro Bus which will cost only 2 to 3 Egyptian Pounds. The vehicle I’m sitting in right now is similar to the Maruti Omni Van in India! Three seats at the back, three in the middle and one along with the driver. It’ll cost me only 3.5 Egyptian Pounds for this journey. Really hungry right now! Let’s try some Egyptian Pancakes. Cream Pancakes for 30 Egyptian Pounds! This is Khan el-Khalili bazaar! Before leaving India, I had a talk with Egyptian Tourism officials. They recommended me this place. Very important fact. In Cairo and in fact in entire Egypt, tap water is not drinkable. Thus I have no other option than to purchase packaged water. Although a few people confirmed that it’s safe. But I read on the internet, that a lot of chlorine is mixed in tap water which can be hazardous for health. This looks like a happening place! 5 Egyptian Pounds for one bottle (1.5 L). Very weird lift! I’ll show you how it opens.

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  1. Bro dont give your vlogging camera to random people next thing you is he running away and vlogging himself 😂😂😂

  2. Egytian people is full of 'Naseri' & 'ill mannered'.So thanks for this video to give me idea about egypt.I will never go egypt

  3. Bhai bura math manna lekin kabhi kabhi aap chutiye ki tarah behave karthe ho… Aap ke video me first se last tak kam se kam 1000 logg aap ke aas paas se nikle lekin kisine kuch nahi kaha.. lekin aap ne kehdiya.. saare deshon se compare karo tho Egypt vaale agreesive hain gandi comment karthe hain aap ko dekhkar .
    Matlab yeh kaisa chutiyapa hain ??? Aap ko Arabic ki spelling tak nahi aathi lekin lekin aap samajh gaye.. kisi 1, 2 logon ne kuch kehdiay tho generelise kardiya , Wah bhai !!!!
    India me dher saare forefingers ka rape hota hian.. Is hisab Indians ko rapist kehna chahiye aaap ko , toh kya kahoge ???
    Mujeh ek news article dikhado jisme kisi Indian ne kaha ho ki.. videsh me uska rape hua, main aap ko 100 dikhaunga jisme foreigners ne kaha India me uska Rape hua hain.
    Aap itne saare desh ghume ho lekin aap ki akal me choti si baath nahi gayi.. saari developing, under developed countries me racism hota hain.. Maharastra vale apne hi India UP, Bihar valon ko dowda dowda kar marthe hain.. lekin aap expect kar rahe ho.. saare duniya walon se ki woh Indian ko dekhtehi uski aathi utare !!!!

  4. It’ll be more helpful if you speak English rather than Hindi if you want to attract non Indian audience , everything you have is in English except for the communication..

  5. Lot of real love from pakistan bahi canada ka tour kb or plz paint change karain kafi tour ho gya ic paint ma dont mind😜

  6. Varun bhai, srk and Amitabh bacchan k print ki t-shirts pehen k jao😂😂😂 nobody will get aggressive then😂😂 aapke sath selfie lene lagni h sabne.

  7. Actually egypt's water is drinkable also you don't have to buy water bottles all the Time Because some places will offer free clean water

  8. i thought im the only one who hunted the rude behavior of Egyptians but the scenario is totally changed here after watching your trip basically most of the Pakistanis & Indians have experienced that those who works in gulf countries Egyptians are the most disturb nation ever i have experienced ever

  9. I am going on AIESEC internship to Egypt..are there any food delivery apps like swiggy etc??
    Please reply
    My trip is of 6 weeks

  10. Ye Egypt British colony tha kya?? Iski currency b pound hai.. Ezypt, Syria, Lebanon much influenced by western culture may b than other Arab countries..

  11. Was the person who help you get to the bus agency genuine help or a commission agent whe just lured u to the bus agent I have been through such things in India. Bangalore auto rickshaw driver

  12. I been in Egypt in April this year through a holy tour trip to Israel via Egypt. Saw a little of Egypt on my trip but was well arranged by my Indian tour operator Joshua travels. Lots of schamsters around pyramids

  13. Another thing about few places I been in Egypt is they usually want dollars then local currency. So they can charge extra to the tourist they never mention their currency

  14. Nice watching ur videos on Egypt so I can see what I missed. I like the way u travel between the locals and wander through the streets experiencing the actual culture and lifestyle

  15. सिगरेट और सुलेमानी चाय मिस्री की पहचान है
    मैं इनके साथ क़तर में रहा हूँ। हमेशा लड़ने को तैयार रहते हैं। पर डरते भी बहुत हैं

  16. I wanted to visit Egypt cos of pyramid but now I will not 🤔🤔 I didn't like it. Sorry to say but not developed

  17. I can Notice One Thing, The Girls in Egypt Are allowed to Wear Jeans which is a Very Big Thing Compared to Any Other Islam Country…….

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