100 thoughts on “By train across Sri Lanka | DW Documentary

  1. These people are very lucky to live in this all green area. Anywhere else you would have to be a millionaire to live in a place like this.

  2. My uncle used to work in Colombo and he used to describe how beautiful this country is.Looking forward to visit in the near future.Thanks for this documentary

  3. 2:27 Nostalgic Air of Victoria/British Dictatorship/Tyrants/Slavery , SERIOUSLY ??!!!!! NO NO ONE misses TYRANTS in ANY Country. How DARE you say that ??!!! Shame on you !!!

  4. By whatever nomenclature you may call, Indian/Sri Lankan/Hindu/Budhist/……the SIMILARITY and ONENESS is a proof of shared and common cultural heritage.

  5. Be careful what you pray for. The TV should be in 3rd Class.
    Why did the British have to leave?
    Think how prosperous you would be had they stayed.
    The elephants are adorable.

  6. My sister spent time in Sri Lanka in the 80s, my music students' mom is from there, I would like to go after our trip to Ecuador this fall…thanks for the upload from AZ, USA🦁🦁🦁🦁

  7. There is one incorrect thing about this video.Narrator said that people in Sri Lanka voted for a new president in 2015 for democracy.But it's a joke.That's what this government shows to the world.But if you ask this question from a Sri Lankan the reply is "no."That is something promised to the Sri Lankans during the election campaign.But we never received it.Instead heavy taxes on everything, bunch of irresponsible parliament ministers and many negative things.But it is very correct that we are living in a paradise.But it is destroying by the people in the parliament.

  8. Perfect ground and climate for the cultivation of the canabasis Indica or sativa.
    Sri Lanka will be rich in no time.

  9. Not only in the hill club time has stood still since 1876, the whole country has been turned into a museum. The educated elite has been dedicated to quarreling and infighting, while unable to provide leadership, and a vision for a sustainable society providing a degree of prosperity, health and education to the majority of the population. Many of them live abroad. while their people suffer.

  10. wasn't looking for a fucking economic report. Focus shifted from train travel to the state of the country and its economics.

  11. onlt 2 Euros for picking tea all day..they are all treated like slaves by the greedy plantation owners…

  12. Sir Lanka is God’s country. My dream is to live there someday. Cheers. 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂………………xxxxxxxxxxxx.

  13. Sri Lankan people are the best on the planet. I know I've spent a long time there. A beautiful country that's full of beautiful people.

  14. Sri Lanka is one of the best country in Asia, we love them and their wishes are granted. Hoping for your happiness. Thanks

  15. Was an unusual experience travelling by train in Lanka.Their system is antiquated but charming.The lines are very poorly maintained.In India we have a much more robust and modern railway network.The station and the signalling systems at Kandy are from the British era .I also found many antique railway engines in the maintenance sheds.The journey to Colombo was like sitting in a tin can.The first class compartment was very modern but it swayed around violently the entire journey because of very the poor track condition.

  16. nice music introduction … again what Sir is saying the most beautifull line in railway in the world … everyone was saying how beautifull their country was, then what a beautifull place we lived in isn't? would anyone will destroyed it's our gift from heaven … circle of life i believe i have watched it already and when i like it i viewed it again and again thanks

  17. Thank you for showing my beautiful country to the world 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰❤️❤️❤️

  18. Railways every country devolped only unfounded pak behind i have love my srilankan brther they live a beatiful country

  19. SRILANKA was known as"SIMHALA DVIPAH" in Sanskrit.Later it was called SERENDIP!.The word "SERENDIPITY" meaning chance or accidental discovery has its origin here!.It is a sheer paradise on earth!.

  20. if india/sri lanka start to collab with Kina it will realy be a good collab for bouth countrys… you have mutch to give and take specially when it comes to tecnology, and india need help with pverty, Kina is like nr 1 in the world with large population and still have balance when it comes to poverty. Plus Kina will be the country in the books who saved specially children from all evil that can happend when you are poor…. you deffenetly gona get my blessings to. and when i say poor people… i mean… so poor you dont anything to eat at all, living out side in a box or on a bentch… and maby die tomorrow because of starvation… that is poor!

  21. Congratulations ,excellent clip to promote my country Sri Lanka.I wish there will be more clips of this nature to so that more outsiders will be attracted to visit Sri Lanka.Wish this will be an eye opener to Sri Lanka Tourist Bureau to showcase our beautiful country.

  22. I think, we may have to add Sri Lanka to our Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia tour this November. I had a few FB friends from there – great people, I might add – who's been goading me to visit. As usual, great docu from DW. Much respect, from the Philippines.

  23. I never expected this. I want to be on that train right now but don't know how a Pakistani and muslim will be treated out there. Lots of love from Pakistan

  24. We are so lucky to be born in such a beautiful country. And it's unfortunate to be ruled by a government like this.
    these politicians are ruining our beautiful country

  25. European practice is destroying the country culture and livelihood and no one cares about that. Everyone wants western life.

  26. good work,. but i got doubt on how you named a war with terrorists as a civil war. if you can say it, you can say it at Afghanistan too.

  27. Came back recently from this "country".Never ever have I met more selfish, rude and ugly people. Total chaos and disintegration. Will not recommend to anyone a trip to this nation.

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  29. Along this documentary journey, I would have liked a timestamp or clarity of the timeframe between, and when arrivng, at each train stop… Towards the end, that suggestive cheesy bath shot at the spa was so unnecessary and incongruous to the spirit of this documentary…

  30. I won’t forget this excellent place! Nearly everyone was friendly towards me! I just had to upload many video about this place!

  31. good morning … the TRAINS are better than the BUS … that's right Mam and what Sir is saying is that the most beautifull line railway in the word and if my memory serves me right, a lady In Omyakon wherein the temperature dropped sometimes below the unbearable one and also says she will not live any where for she loves where she played her role, then by that two comparison our world was equally divided among us isn't it thanks again DW i am glad i travelled again with you and learned what other people do their day to day existence my own understanding and remembering Sir Ronnie Nathanielsz , by blowing of the will of wind and inter twinning our lives became one of ours isn't amazing !!! dakal salamat kaluguran or thanks my friend

  32. I love Sri Lanka & Sri Lankan People. Huge respect for them From their Pakistani Brother from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Im totally stoked. Another Train Adventures idea. South America has another I want to do and then the America West Coast, and the West coast Will take the Train to Chicago from Portland OR..

  34. I am proud to be a Srilankan it is my home land and I love my Birthplace and educated.God Bless Srilanka and Srilankan

  35. Those vadey vendors are a fucking nuisance. Keep on going up and down 20 times even when people don't buy anything. The fuckers must be banned from selling by coming inside the compartment.

  36. Sri lanka is a Buddhist country .there have many books which can awakened your wisdom. And the way to know what is the life but so many forigners aware of it.

  37. vow !the fruit jam can be preserved six years without any addictive by the craftsman who has stired since 13years old。whats more most impressive to me is the garderner who won the champion of the golf。

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