Buying e Visa for Turkey Online Important Watch this video

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Travel Tip. Buying an e Visa for Turkey Online. Important watch this video.
Hi there I wanted to make this quick video
as I am off to Istanbul next week. So do check out the channel as lots of Istanbul videos
coming soon.
Going to Istanbul means I am going to Turkey. It is one of the few places as a tourist you
need a visa. You need an e visa and to get your e visa you buy it online.
So like most people I have gone over to Google
and I’m searching for buying my Turkish visa online.
Now this is why this video is so important.
Not just for Turkish visas but for loads of applications like this.
If we look at all our top entries they all
have advertisement written next to them. Even this one says Gov in the title.
I am not saying there is anything wrong with
these companies. Perfectly legit and I am sure they will provide you with a visa.
But they have paid for that position on Google.
And you are paying 20 dollars to the Turkish government.
To get your visa to go and visit Turkey. That
is fair enough. Ok however they have had to pay some money to be in that position. So
they are not going to charge you 20 dollars are they.
We will find out in a minute how much they
will charge you.
Now this is the correct site to go too. E visa Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application
But I didn’92t know that. However I did know
that this is the UK foreign travel advice site from the British Government.
That is as good a place as any to go to be
sure. So I look on here. I think the travel advice on the Government website is always
worth reading. It is usually up to date. It is pretty good.
By reading it, it can actually affect your insurance.
However I will come to that in another video
so do check the channel out for that.
So it is saying we should go to the official republic of Turkey e visa website and it is
going to cost me 20 dollars.
So out of interest lets nip back to one of these chaps and see what they are going to
charge me.
Now they are going to do the process. They are going to do it online. They are going
to give me all these services and they can provide a visa from all these other countries
not just the United Kingdom.
And they are going to charge me sixty nine dollars. Excluding a government processing
fee. That can vary between 25 dollars to 60 dollars depending on your citizenship.
So for me from the UK. So I am going to be
paying 94 dollars for something that is going to cost me 20 dollars.
So how complicated can it be to apply online
you ask ?
Not complicated at all he says.
In fact I have to say I was impressed with the website. I build websites. I have done
in the past. This site works.
This is the page you are looking for. Okay this is the official site. This is where you
are going to get your visa from.
And as you can see they are telling you how straightforward it is. Apply, Make payment,
Download your visa.
Now I don’92t know for any other country it might be a bit more complicated. But basically
it was a couple of minute, 5 minute process.
So I started my new application. On the first page it wants to know which country I am from.
It wants to know what travel document I am using.

I am just using an ordinary passport. Because I am just some bloke who travels a lot. No
diplomatic passport, no service passport. Then it wants a standard internet security
Then it is going to ask you when you are actually going. Now on the basis that they came up
on the 19th. You could buy it on the day. But I am doing in advance.
Then it wants your standard information from
It also asks for your Mothers name and your fathers name. And I didn’92t want to put
that in. It said it was optional. Then when I have my verification. You can see I have
hidden my personal details.
It says not present. That did not affect anything.
I was then sent an email. Which gave me my
reference number.
When I approved that. I was then taken straight to the payment page.
See that figure there 20 dollars 55 cents.
Paid it. Downloaded my visa. Job done.
I don’92t think I needed to pay someone 60
dollars to do that for me.
Hope that is useful. Give it a thumbs up if it is.
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