Bullied Australian Boy Gets $300K for Disneyland Trip

100 thoughts on “Bullied Australian Boy Gets $300K for Disneyland Trip

  1. Inside Edition, please correct your WRONGFUL video title. This kid nor his family is getting 300K. They will receive the money they need for the trip and the rest is going to charity.

  2. The parents of the bullies need to be educated the most I feel. What kind of things do you teach your children to bully disabled schoolmates? I remember in my high school we treated disabled kids with utmost respect no one was laughing at them let alone bullying them.

  3. Guys it’s a 18 year old boy and he just fake it and there was pictures of him with GUCCI so like I think he has the money

  4. This is fake he’s actually an actor will a lot of money I believe so that’s what they show him cursing and having so much money

  5. The real thing that matters is that we should stick up for bullied people (and if he’s truly 18, some of y’all got played).

  6. I can understand why kids may act like this type of stuff is ok cuz their kids but really parents need to step it up and really raise awareness cuz some younger kids dont really know the consequences of bullying

  7. Look to be honest I don’t care if he’s 9 or 18 , it’s horrible if he’s actually being bullied or if it’s the other way around it’s horrible that he would lie about it, at the end of the day no one except for him and his mother really knows the truth so debating about it won’t do any good

  8. Can’t believe he actually scammed people when people actually cared. And its a real thing happening to real children smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. If your ever getting bullied, just know, god loves you. Stay strong, and never give up. But most importantly, put it on the internet so that you can go to Disneyland and get undeserved restitution.

  10. I use to get bullied for having a big head n my mom never wanted to record a video show it to the world she said to me “son stick up for yourself “

  11. Suicide? Damn dude raise kids with a backbone
    I was bullied too but I still had a resilience
    Maybe we don’t need these weak ass genetics in our species

  12. Remember you guys donated to that homeless guy who pushed a trolley at the knife wielding maniac in Melbourne then found put he is a thief. I'll wait few weeks.

  13. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves instead of recording them and enabling them being pushovers therefore grooming a victim mentality.

  14. What a sweet little boy. I pray for him to have the happiest and healthiest life anyone could ever have. God bless him and all those who have shown him love and support. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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