BTS VLOG CONCERT World Tour Love Yourself / PARIS (20.10.18) DAY 2 (ENG SUB)

6 am wassup yunjaeeee let’s go there because it’s too noisy leave our bags here C’MOOOON nobody will touch them don’t be like that because when someone will run with your bag and ticket we have just arrived in front of the concert hall in front of the ACCORHOTEL AREA IN PARIS so now we are waiting, tell me the hour IIIIIIIIIT’S 7:56 am we were wake up at 3-4 am we are so happy (we didn’t have words) guys we are the first yes we are the fist here for the seats of the stands wait let me show you, it will be here go away X2 and let me show you this now when we came we thought it was here to wait for the concert we thought like “wtffffff” look look all the line but this line is for all the people who want to buy goodies, nightstick etc and for us it’s here so we are waiting oooh i am in a hurry look there is a picture of them there here so they put their face on the stairs they killed me look at suga omg wt….???? is that normal ? he look like someone looking for a child or a filter on snapchat look at jimiiiiin look at his mouth, his nose v omggg it’s too much for v omg look at his chin omggg wtf with jhope chope is beautiful fu*ck off look he look like a fried you look like a child i will eat this fried we are going to see bts is that normal ? look at their face on the screen fu*ck youuuu your big voice so now it’s 12:30 and we don’t want to eat, and we still first hehe for the ticket we are not hungry, because of the stress because we don’t believe it I think we are all like that we talk with a lot of person and they are all like that since yesterday we can’t eat shit I forget I had the camera in this hand guyyyys look at this we are next to them omggggg you don’t know how much we cried when we came here the face of a gril who cried during 10 min so we are in the arena stoop let me speak we are waiting for the concert in … 2h and we are really not ready because we are next to them doudi was crying so much a girl from the staff told her to calm down or she will go out and not come back it’s normal to cry we were so shocked we didn’t know we were so close like that we paid and you said that biiiiiit*h????? im not okay… this is the opening of the concert that someone gives us because we were so shocked that we forget the cam at this moment so THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEATY BE CAUREFULL WITH THE SOUND IN … We don’t have an explication for our face omg sorry xD the face when you see bae after 6 years can you hear that voice omg xD ??? jk : i am happy today i am tired and sick but with you im not sick and tired i am happy because of you 2 times in Paris is not a lot right ? can we come back next year ? there is something that I really want to give you i love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow he look drunk lool I don’t know if you know it but I was out we you were waiting us i I saw how you were waiting us but you did’t start to see us smile because bts is in Paris it was the first time in Paris yesterday and I was so shocked I heard a lot of you know yes like that you have a lot of happy song when you waiting us bas and army are one thank you for all the noises and song i think it’s good for the last concert that we are in Paris i have a heartbreaker because of your love and passion so this Sunday 20 we realized our dream with doudi the 20.10.2018 it was the day that we saw bts i don’t have words..just incredible magic at the moment it was unreal for me but now im like “yeah I saw bts” it’s incredible energy, power that they have on stage charisma, they are here and have a big presence incredible to see them that makes us have a lot of motivation it was unique and you must live it they are talented, they have a lot of hope, love we can see that they love their works they are so professional it was really magic I hope all the army will see theme someday it’s really incredible to see them on stage believe on your dream guys, don’t be defeatist have a lot of motivation to accomplish your dream we had our ticket in last time (1 day before the concert) and …yeah we finally accomplish a dream WHOAAAAA I WANT TO CRYYYYYY NO NO KAY NO don’t worry if you didn’t have your place its okay we had it 1 day before so everything is possible yeah thank you for everything

21 thoughts on “BTS VLOG CONCERT World Tour Love Yourself / PARIS (20.10.18) DAY 2 (ENG SUB)

  1. Après 10 min de vidéo je me remet à pleurer, on les a vu bordel 😭 Après le concert j’ai pleuré pendant 40 min je ne pouvais plus arrêter et maintenant c’est reparti 😭 Merci pour ce vlog, merci pour ces souvenirs, merci bcp ! Vous m’avez fait pleurer aussi à la fin ptn 😭😭😭

    Ps: Je suis triste d’être trop timide et de ne pas être venu vous voir alors qu’on était à quelques centimètres

  2. Je pleure on les a vu et j’en reviens toujours genre l’ambiance et tout c’était ouf😭🌸💕

    J’aimerais remercier les army qui ont tout donné pour que ce concert sois reussis😭💝🔥

    J’espère que les autres army qui n’ont pas pu aller a un de leur concert auront une chance d’aller à un de leur concert parce que c’est vraiment une expérience unique et incroyable❤️

    Army Forever 💜💜💜

    Merci BTS🌸
    Thank you BTS🌸

    Super vlog skdisodksi j’aime troooop je l’attendais tellement 💟

    J’espère la prochaine fois vous croiser vraiment😂😭❤️

    La fin m’a vraiment touché 💕

    Yunjae Forever🎵🔥💝I love you💜💝

  3. Actually, Suga said he continuously heard a sound of sea and finally Army and BTS became a sea together but the translator might not caught it properly.

  4. 😀 😀 OWWWW.😆 YESSS.BTS 💜 💜 Live concert 😍 happy day
    I a. K am 💜💜💜💜💜💜
    💜 SUBS 구독 👇 👇 👇 🍒 THANKS SO MUCH 🌷

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