BTOB Appointed As Korean Tourism Ambassadors(News)

BTOB Appointed As Korean Tourism Ambassadors BTOB has been chosen to be the ambassadors for Korean tourism!. On February 27, BTOB attended an appointment ceremony at the Korea Tourism Center in Seoul and officially became ambassadors for Korean tourism. Soompi. Display. News. English. 300×250. Mobile. English. 300×250. ATF. As ambassadors, BTOB will promote tourism in Korea through the theme of seven members and seven different colors of Korean tourism. The group will promote and produce videos and brochures on Korean performances, traditional markets, sports, cruises, events, food, and other unique experiences that Korea has to offer. BTOB will also participate in promotional events in Korea and abroad. A source from the Korea Tourism Organizations Theme Product Team said, We hope that having BTOB as Korean travel ambassadors will help promote various Korean tourism content abroad. BTOBs Eunkwang recently released a duet with NC. A while Ilhoon is preparing for his solo debut which will be released on March 8.

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