Brooklyn & Bailey Almost Missed Their Disney Trip *alone in the airport*

– Hola Paisley. – Hola Papi. – Como estas? – Bien, como estas tu? – Muy bien, gracias. – De nada. – Muy bien, mi hijita. (upbeat music) – Okay, so we are in Cincinnati trying to fly home. This is currently the storm and the reason why all of
our flights are delayed. Look at this storm. In case you’re wondering, there’s a building over there. Not this light, that’s the reflection, it’s like actually over
there, but you can’t see it. Oh my gosh, did you hear that? They’re making us get
away from the windows. This is insane, oh my gosh. – [Danielle] Brooklyn, I’m scared. – Oh my gosh. We’ve now lost some electricity in the airport. – I’m so scared. – I didn’t even know you
could lose electricity at the airport. It looks like there’s a backup generator and it all came back on. – [Danielle] Oh, yay. – I doubt that’s gonna be
the last time that happens. Our flight has been delayed until 11:15, it’s currently 7:00 p.m. Second time the electricity has gone out. Twice now at an airport. Talk about sketch and scary as heck. – The lights and power just went ksh and then came back on then ksh, cut again. Big fat question mark,
will we survive the night? We don’t know! – Don’t say that. – [Brooklyn] Looks like
the trams are stuck. After the electricity went down. You’re gonna, it’s gonna close. Just sitting there open. How creepy. ♪ And we ain’t got nothing ♪ ♪ Gotta do something ♪ ♪ Get it right ♪ ♪ Gonna keep on running ♪ ♪ Grab the funny ♪ ♪ Live it light ♪ ♪ And tomorrow’s far away ♪ ♪ Should I let the party wait ♪ ♪ And we ain’t got nothing ♪ ♪ Gotta do something ♪ – Today I’m going to go to
iCode to code battle bots. Do you guys like coding,
then you should try iCode. – [Shaun] What are battle bots? – Battle bots are where
you could like fight, make them out of legos and you could like, add drills and like, gears
to be like, chainsaws. – [Shaun] And you like, control
them with a remote control? – Yeah, you control them by remote. – [Shaun] And then I’m gonna win. – Me. – Now this is just awful lighting. We made it to Disney World. We are here for a like,
Toy Story experience. And we just got a bunch of goodies. I fricking got a like, little pig spatula for my kitchen, which is exciting ’cause
I’m moving into a new house. And we got some fun like,
Toy Story-esque stuff. I get some Buzz Lightyear fanny pack, just a bunch of really fun goodies. Bailey and I are trying to decide if we’re gonna go to Magic
Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. We just don’t know ’cause we have a couple hours today to do something and yeah! So quick turnaround from our last trip but that’s kinda how it goes. We’re just always moving quickly. I’m starving personally, I’m ready to eat some food, so. That’s where I’m going next. We’re here at the Toy Story event. And you can see, obviously, we have all this Toy Story stuff going on, back here. But we are about to go see the movie. – Toy Story 4. – Toy Story 4. So, right now we’re just
looking at all the merch that’s around here, they
have like a bunch of merch. And then we’re gonna go screen the movie which will be super fun because all my friends are jealous ’cause they all wanna see it. And we’re gonna get to see it first. (audience cheering) – [Host] And the space
ranger, always on a mission, Tim Allen, that’s the
voice of Buzz Lightyear. (audience cheering) – [Tom Hanks] This knuckle
head, when he showed up, (audience laughing) I had to explain the
rules of the road to him, you are a toy! – We’re in our favorite ride! Toy Story Mania. I don’t think we’re ever
going to achieve this goal but our goal is beat Kamri’s score today. – It’s never gonna happen. – It’s like three and ninety-something, it’s literally insane. It’s probably never going to happen, but that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna try! A for effort. Didn’t beat the score. – But did you post the highest score? – No, barely got like 230? – Two.
– 25, 30?
– Two, 225 000. – Which is like an all-time
high I think for us. So, we did our best! We are at the store getting some meat, because dad and I are
attempting to make beef jerky. This is beef jerky that we’ve eaten, my entire life and my adopted grandpa, his name is Grandpa Bill. He makes this every year for us and we are finally going
to try to do it ourselves because I wanna take some back to college, I wanna eat it on the daily. We just bought a dehydrator, so fingers crossed that it turns out great. Meat and all the sauces I needed. – Not the fry sauce. We don’t put fry sauce on jerky. – Okay, this is a combination of soy sauce, Worcestershire
sauce, liquid smoke, salt. – [Kamri] Water. – Water. Now we’re just– – [Shaun] That’s the jerky marinade. – Mixing, at the moment. – [Shaun] Do not drink. – That would be disgusting. – [Shaun] You’ll smell like a campfire. And then we soak this overnight until all the meat is dark. There’s no need to see no red. Kamri does not eat red meat and so we picked her up some
turkey breast over here. For her so she can have, – Turkey jerky.
– [Shaun] Turkey jerky. Pretty much done. – [Bailey] Yes, so we
are like, laying out. – [Shaun] That’s the brisket, right there and I’m gonna see how it does. – This is a big piece of meat. – [Shaun] That shrinks down to like, very small. We’re gonna do jerky, we’re gonna eventually do fruit, grapefruit, apricots, fruit leather. – 10 trays of jerky. Ready to dehydrate. – [Shaun] How much of it are you getting? – Like, four bags. Yeah, they’re mine, I made it, it’s mine. (laughing) – [Shaun] Before it’s hot, pull one out and let’s look at it. How are they looking? Ooh, this one I think might be about done. Turkey jerky, how is it? – It’s good. – Mm. – [Shaun] The rest of them are too thick. So it’s gonna take a couple more hours. – It’s so good. – [Shaun] It’s good? – Mm-hm.
– Yeah. – [Shaun] Just like you remembered it? – Mm-hm. – We have this whole thing
planned for our husbands for Father’s Day this year and I think I’m gonna
give it to Shaun today, so that I can film it and then put it in Monday’s vlog. So I’m actually gonna give
it to him a couple days early and I’ve been it a secret now
for like a month and a half. It’s been killing me, ’cause it’s such a good surprise. – I wanna hear the secret. – I’m not gonna tell you. – I won’t tell Daddy! – No, you can find out later.
– What’s the present? – But I’m so excited to give it to him, so I’m prepping it right now. So for the record before you
judge us all on our wrapping, we actually do have wrapping
paper and gift bags. But they are currently in the attic that has been barricaded by Brooklyn and Bailey’s stuff coming
back for the summer. So we opted to just go really super fancy wrapping and use the envelopes
the presents arrived in. – Okay give me one second,
I’ll be right back. – [Mindy] Oh no. Did he get himself a present? We’re all concerned when Dad
decides to go get something. – All right. – [Mindy] Oh, brother. (groaning) (laughing) – [Mindy] Are you gonna
wear that on Sunday, too? – I might. – [Brooklyn] This is so extra, I can’t. – [Bailey] Please wear it to church. – Please wear it. – Somebody sent this and I thought, I’m going to keep it
just for this occasion. – [Mindy] I triple dog dare
you to wear that to church. – I quadruple dog dare
him to wear it to church. – [Mindy] Yeah. – Buy all of us mini
tiaras and we’re all like princesses sitting next to you. – [Mindy] No, because that would take away from him being the king. – We could be a good royal family. Dad looks like a good king. – [Kamri] Yeah, you’d make a good king. – This one’s pretty good, right? – [Paisley] I wanna give one to Dad. – I did this because I knew
I would get a reaction. That was just it. – [Mindy] Okay give
Daddy his first present. This is from me and the littles. – This is from you and the littles. Made in China. Oh, nice! Nice, this is a charger for my, you’re probably tired of my
watch being back from Hainan. – [Mindy] It charges all
three at the same time. – Yeah, and your earbuds and it’s jet black right, the space black? – [Mindy] Brooklyn got Shaun a what? Shaun, hold it up. – It’s a dad joke book. – [Mindy] Just for all of
you that are following him on Twitter where he does
all of his bad dad jokes. – They’re not bad, they’re great! – I also asked Brooklyn and Bailey to go to the grocery store and get a gift card so
I could put the surprise for Shaun in it. So they get a card and they came home with this card, which is super funny about dads but neglected to, apparently did not understand that you also have to grab the envelope when you grab the card. So we got the card with no envelope. – Because you’re such an
awesome aufathor you know, like a dad but way mightier. We, your lovely wives, are sending you on a two-night, three-day vacation. You will fly to LAX where you
will pick up two rental cars and check-in at your
comfortable vacation home. Friday evening you will have
tickets to a Dodgers stadium where you will watch the LA Dodgers play the San Francisco Giants in
a Major League Baseball game then after a restful night’s sleep, you will enjoy a trip to Rose Bowl Stadium where you will have tickets to watch the ULCA Bruins dismantle San Diego. Ah, that’s cool! – [Girl] Dang. – We’re gonna get three games? On a weekend? Holy cow! – [Mindy] A baseball game, a college football and then NFL. – So these guys don’t know either? These guys don’t know either, this is what they’re
getting for Father’s Day? – [Mindy] Some of them know, some don’t. Such a boys’ trip, right? – Such a man thing.
– Such a boys’ trip. – I don’t know how much
more guy weekend do you get than hitting an NBA or no, sorry. Major League Baseball,
NFL, and college football all in the same weekend
with a bunch of guys that you are buddies with. (gasping)
So, that was the surprise. All the women are
sacrificing their husbands so that they can go have
a sports-crazy weekend. – [Bailey] I’m the rightful
heir to the throne. – [Mindy] Brooklyn’s
now inherited the crown. (bright music)

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  1. Such a great video, as always. I can't believe how much your whole family is growing up. I love all of you so, so much!

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  3. I went to both animal and magic kingdom I actully just went to magic kingdom when u guys posted this vidio

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  5. Brooklyn and Bailey, please don’t think the weather in Cincinnati is always awful, Cincinnati is a beautiful city!! 😁

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