British tourists among 33 injured in horror coach crash in France

 British tourists are among 33 people who were injured in a horror coach crash in northern France  Four victims suffered serious injuries when the FlixBus coach veered out of its lane at a bend in a motorway, smashed into a guardrail and rolled onto its side east of Amiens, local media reported  The coach was travelling from Paris to London with passengers from the UK, France, the US, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Romania and Russia, reports added  Firefighters cut a hole in the back of the coach to free some of the injured passengers who were trapped inside the overturned vehicle  Do you know any of passengers who were on the coach? Email [email protected]     The incident happened on the A1 motorway, near Saint-Quentin, Somme, just before 12pm local time on Sunday  The driver and all 32 passengers were injured, and victims were taken to a number of local hospitals, the Courrier Picard newspaper reported  Four patients who suffered serious injuries were in hospital in Amiens.  A major incident was declared by the emergency services, with about 50 firefighters, 30 police officers and 10 ambulances sent to the scene  The bus veered out of its lane at a bend, crashed into the guardian and rolled onto its side, Courrier Picard reported  The motorway was wet at the time, but it was unclear whether surface and/or weather conditions were a factor  Photos show the coach on its side with a smashed windscreen.  FlixBus sent a replacement coach to take passengers to London if they were well enough to continue the journey  The firm set up an emergency number (+33 80030013730) and email address ([email protected] com) for passengers and their loved ones.  The crash happened at Exit 13 of the A1 motorway, which was closed for several hours, at Estrees-Déniécourt  Police are probing the cause of the crash.  A FlixBus spokesman told Mirror Online: “FlixBus regrets to confirm that, according to the most recent information available, a long-distance bus on its scheduled route from Paris to London from our local partner operating on behalf of FlixBus was involved in an accident today, Sunday November 3, at approximately at 12pm near Ablaincourt-Pressoir  “According to the latest findings, there were 32 passengers and one bus driver on board  “Injured passengers were taken to local hospitals; those not requiring medical attention are being taken care of by local authorities  “FlixBus is in close contact with the relevant authorities in order to determine the exact cause of the accident and to ensure all passengers receive appropriate support  “An emergency phone number is available for the passengers and their relatives ”

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  1. Im sorry thiers no excuse for wet roads especially when your travelling in open area, ravine areas or other. Speed limits in the wet and dense areas should be a thing, france as killed more tourist in bus crashes than car accidents. French cant drive under pressure or extreme weather conditions. I lost a big group of my friends at school on 1 coach in late 90's that took trip to France, driver was driving to fast round tight bends on a scenic route and plummeted over edge of a ravine killing all but several. A trip i nearly went on myself but due to family issues, i ended up in belguim trip eating chocolate. This is a disgrace by french transport agency for decades and still this occurs but yet here in UK we are fine and see more rain, more traffic of huge proportion and barely a coach crash or bus crash. We have more car crashes happen here, rarely a bus. Its the french drivers or foreign drivers at fault unproffessional.

    My condolences go out to all families who have lost loved ones, friends or neighbours to another horrific french bus crash ๐Ÿ˜”

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