Brazil 2014: The World Cup through Google Search


97 thoughts on “Brazil 2014: The World Cup through Google Search

  1. Fuck the world cup!
    For who the hell is using Google Now take a look at "favelas" or "public schools/hospitals in brazil".

  2. Google doodles that are shown during the world cup matches might have brought significant searches.

  3. Thank goodness it's over, now all the demented, violent and racist soccer fans can shut up for another four years.



  6. Unbelievable how you guys did not include James Rodriguez the superstar of the world cup on this video #whatever  

  7. I'm Brazillian but the Mexican goaly for Mexico is amazing. But the brazillian goaly is shit… Did you see the international games now? BRAZIL IS KICKING ASS!

  8. that's the way Google see the world cup….
    when so many activists die for one beter Brazil…
    when   Brazil people have no hospitals and schools….
    what a fucking pitty !!!!

  9. What a joke that Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup when England made a bid.

    "Yeah sure! Let that country that just shot down a civilian airliner host a World Cup!"

    FIFA are corrupt idiots. Same goes for Qatar.

  10. are you fucking serious google???? Costa Rica took out 3 ex-world cup winners, and you mentioned nothing about that

  11. Google u do realize that costa rica took the netherlands to penalties ?? thats pretty clear that costa rica is better than spain isnt that right ?

  12. I am a Germany supporter but I do admit that we were lucky not to meet Neymar and Silva. See? Atleast one supporter actually cares the reality!

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