Bonne Nuit | Poetic Traveler

I can’t sleep so I’m moving around the city trying to get me something to eat a bus ride with empty seats a moment of truth, a moment of peace while driving trough these streets I can hear sirens trough the silence see the violence
reflecting in my iris the smell of gasoline and rubber tires at an hour of lust and desires portrayed in statues while crossing the avenues inspired by the views that you only see at night dark ally’s in the lime light try to capture the sight imagine yourself driving trough the city away from madness just drive off to liberty far away from the epidimi seeking for a remedy just trying to get yourself…. to sleep….. bumpy roads waking me up overtime I go… deep I’m crawling trough the night like the rat a traveler without a map or direction trying to get closer to God by reflecting getting answers to my questions and being thankful for the small suggesters in life blessed and grateful. Crossing roads, used to take the left lane. Now I chose to take the right I’m changing my decisions norms and values learning from my mistakes and failures changing my direction to Muhammed’s [p.b.u.h] perfection. leaving my sins behind me Praying the Qiyaam and ask for the favors before the sun uprising motivate yourself trough setbacks Let the atmosphere inspire you. and watch how the city goes to sleep for now I say…. Paris… Goodnight and thank you…

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