Bolsonaro’s Brazil: Murder, God and Carnaval | Foreign Correspondent

SALLY SARA: Rio de Janeiro is famous for sun,
sand and samba. It’s Carnaval time in one of the
world’s most stunning cities. I love Brazil! But, beyond the celebrations, Rio is on the
frontline of a fight for law and order. GLENN GREENWALD: The fears of violence in
Brazil are very real. SALLY SARA: Brazil’s new right-wing President,
Jair Bolsonaro, is promising to crack down on criminals. But some now fear that the so-called
‘Trump of the Tropics’ may be turning Brazil into a police state. In the build-up to Carnaval,
we take to the streets for the Battle of Rio. (GUITAR AND SINGER) SALLY SARA: It’s taken Sagat B 40 years
to find his true voice. He’s restarting his life after more
than a decade in and out of prison for drugs and violence. His music comes from Rio’s slums,
known as favelas. Places like this are at the epicentre of the war against crime. More than 63,000 people were murdered
in Brazil in 2017. Most were poor, young and black. BOY: Mangueira! Sagat is now a barber by day and
rapper by night. He still wears the scars of his criminal past. The police shot him after he attempted
a robbery. He was lucky to survive. More than 5,000 people are killed
by Brazilian police every year. He hopes his second chance
inspires others. Sagat thinks the new President’s
tough on crime approach will backfire. SALLY SARA: That’s everything, I think. Home is the favela of Mangueira. It’s estimated that there are more than
one thousand slums like this in Rio. It sits on a hillside overlooking Maracana Stadium – the centrepiece of the 2016 Olympics. The rich neighbourhoods are just
out of reach. But the people here make the most
of what they have. Claudiene Esteves is a long-time local samba dancer. Once a year, the people of Mangueira
put their favela on the world stage. Mangueira is famous for samba. Brazil’s signature dance is a mixture of Latin and African rhythms. It’s less than a week to go before
members of Mangueira’s Samba School will compete at Rio’s Carnaval. This is one of the last rehearsals before
Carnaval. It gives you an idea of the strong sense of community and the resourcefulness
of Mangueira. The people here are able to gather thousands of locals together to put
on a winning performance at what is known as the biggest party on earth. But this is much more than a celebration.
This year’s song pays tribute to the oppressed. Another name has been added to
the list of heroes. Marielle Franco was assassinated a year ago. She was the only black woman on
Rio’s city council. This is the man who is polarising
the country. Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro
has little time for his critics. Bolsonaro is infamous for his
sexist, racist and homophobic rants. He was once a fringe
political character. A former Army officer, who praised
military dictatorships. But many Brazilians were fed up with
crime on the streets and a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal under the previous left-wing
government. They wanted a wild card. GLENN GREENWALD: Anybody who successfully
poses as an outsider and promises to burn down that political system, it will seem like
it’s worth taking the risk. Bolsonaro was stabbed at a rally,
a month before the election. He was sworn in on January
1st this year. The question is, how far will
voters allow Bolsonaro to go? Christ the Redeemer keeps watch
over the city. Religious conservatives are a big part of President Bolsonaro’s support
base. His promised return to ‘family values’ and law and order resonates with many. Brazil is the largest Catholic
nation on earth. But there’s a big shift underway. The rise of Evangelical churches
is changing the religious and political landscape and delivering millions votes
to President Bolsonaro. The Evangelicals already account
for more than 20 percent of Brazil’s population. GLENN GREENWALD: The Evangelical movement
is probably the single most powerful and influential political faction in Brazil. Silas Malafaia is a high-profile
Pentecostal pastor with a vast network of churches and business interests. The Evangelicals are highly successful
at recruiting and retaining a loyal congregation. With the President’s blessing,
the Evangelicals push their hard-line views on everything from abortion to homophobia. Rio City councillor, Marielle Franco, received threats
too – but with deadly consequences. Marielle was black, lesbian and grew
up in the favelas. She was a persistent voice against repression and police brutality. The 38-year old and her driver
were shot dead on March 14th last year. GLENN GREENWALD: One of the reasons she was
so inspiring and important as a political figure was because she was so defiant. She
used to challenge viscerally to the kind of conservative culture that not only dominates Brazil, but becomes stronger as part
of the Bolsonaro movement. David Miranda was Marielle Franco’s
colleague on the Rio City Council. He’s also gay, black, outspoken and from the favelas. He carried Marielle’s coffin at her funeral. DAVID MIRANDA: It was so heavy, because like
it was my friend inside of there. And every time we passed through the people, they would
just like fall down. Just like the bodies would just give up when we pass.
And everybody was crying. Miranda is the husband of journalist
Glenn Greenwald. They have two adopted sons. GLENN GREENWALD: We’re obvious targets. We’re
not paranoid about it. We’re not going to flee the country. We are not going to restrain
our advocacy or our work in any way, but we’re obviously conscious of what the risks are. Now, David Miranda is a member
of the National Parliament, chosen to replace another gay MP, Jean Wyllys, who
fled because of death threats. He’s determined to keep speaking
out, especially for the favelas. DAVID MIRANDA: And I know what I can do in
the Congress. That’s why I got into politics, because I believe I can be this voice. Last month, two former police officers were
arrested for Marielle Franco’s murder. They say they’re innocent. As detectives
investigate, Marielle’s supporters believe the killing was linked to right wing hit squads. DAVID MIRANDA: Powerful men killed
her, because we know they don’t accept people like us in politics. The militias are run by current and
former army and police officers. For years, they have operated with impunity in Rio. The question remains, who killed
Marielle Franco? And who ordered it? President Bolsonaro is facing increasing
demands to explain his family’s alleged links to the militias. He denies any
connection to the killers. In Rio’s state parliament, the
political debate is bitter. The number one item on the agenda
is the fight against violent crime. Long-time observers have never seen it like this. ARI PEIXOTO: We have today a House of
Representatives full of people from the right-wing. They are just interested in killing
people and they think that killing people, they are going
to reduce the crime rate. But the uncompromising approach
has the support of millions of people in Rio. ARI PEIXOTO: President Bolsonaro was elected
with a huge votation here in Rio de Janeiro, I think more than 60 percent. He had more
than 60 per cent of the votes here in Rio de Janeiro. Conservative debutant, Rodrigo
Amorim, won more votes in 2018 than any other candidate in Rio. Rodrigo Amorim is a family friend
of the Bolsonaros. He supports the President’s policy, allowing police to shoot to kill,
even if suspects are teenagers. On the city’s most famous beach,
Copacabana, people are divided. For some Bolsonaro supporters,
the conservative shift is long overdue. Rachel Gutvilen is a single mother. She wants
a better future for her four-year old son, Romeu. But crime is so bad, Rachel and
many other middle-class residents live in secure compounds like this one. Before she moved here, Rachel
was a victim of violent crime seven times, including rape and robbery. She wants heavily armed criminals to be killed. Rapper, Sagat B, is performing
in downtown Rio. Sagat and his friends live in
fear as the war on crime escalates. In February, 13 young people were
killed during a police raid in the nearby favela of Fallet. Police have defended the raid and
denied any wrongdoing. Young people are caught in the crossfire between police, drug
gangs and right-wing militias. Many Brazilians have learned to live
in the moment. For Sagat B, this is one of the
few places he feels free. Decades of upheaval have bred
resilience and passion. Rio is getting ready for one of
the biggest nights of the year. This is the pinnacle of Carnaval. Thousands of people are at the Samba Drome, to watch the city’s best samba schools compete. This event will go on until dawn. Member of Parliament, David Miranda, will
be performing for the first time. DAVID MIRANDA: I’m very excited about tonight.
There’s going to be a lot of protests. Like the Samba movement always have been about
putting like culture, but at the same time showing resistance. It was born in a place
where all the black people who were slaves came to Brazil. Ten times more African slaves
were sent to Brazil than the United States. Today, their descendants keep samba alive. DAVID MIRANDA: All those schools come from
favelas. And when you see everybody just passing over there, it shows the energy of the
communities of Rio de Janeiro. No government, nobody can
take that from us. (TSHIRT READS “Who told you to kill Marielle Franco?” DAVID MIRANDA: I hope everybody is going to
be asking this question tomorrow; who are the ones who killed Marielle Franco? Up in the stands is Marielle Franco’s
widow, Monica Benicio. The parade is broadcast to millions.
The performers know that their message will be seen and heard all the way to the top. Claudiene and the performers have
been waiting all night. It’s time for Mangueira to shine. “Mangueira, Mangueira!” As Carnaval rolls on, the battle
of Rio is far from over. President Bolsonaro’s opponents
say they won’t be silenced. Mangueira’s final act is to
fly the flag of their hero – Marielle Franco.

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  1. Every were Europeans landed all the did was kill steal cheat to gain everything they didn’t any hard work but want to charge people with crimes when they are committing crimes more then the worse criminals in our streets this must stop

  2. Crap documentary. Now make one about the victims of criminals in Brazil and you'll understand why Bolsonaro got ellected

  3. Brazil is a number of generations away from becoming a first world country. Brazil is more like El Salvador or Nigeria than Canada or Germany due to Brazil’s high level of crime and political corruption, racism, lack of respect for true democracy, human rights and the environment as well as the low level of government provided education and health care to ordinary Brazilians. I first went to Brazil thirty years ago and see now that while some poor people have recently became middle class due to their hard work and education, the quality of life for the majority of Brazilians, especially the hundred million black people, may not improve quickly until the above societal problems are fixed.

  4. Its funny u guys reducing Brazil as just one city. U guys in Europe have big problems with geography don't U? And beyond that I tell u guys we don't have 57 million people in middle class in Brazil… (this is the number of people who elected him) so don't try to mislead the public opinion showing a middle class Bolsonaro's supporter while faking the news showing poor Rio's people like the opposition. Don't be so stupid! By the way I come from the biggest favela in Americas and it's not in Rio, it's in Brasília and it's called Sol Nascente DF, and I tell U most of the people in there supports Bolsonaro and this is not cause his wife also comes from it ! The truth is that U left wing Media guys have nothing to say about my country, stop saying lies… Brazil was under war for decades, it didn't start with Bolsonaro. PT has started that…. U say about 5,000 (most of them gangsters) been killed by police but forget to say about the other 55,000 been killed in the hands of gangsters. Why making this doc in Rio? Is it that cause left wing has increased and developed the urban violence in the last 16 years? Who knows what interest the should have on that ; )

  5. Countries where HATE (a.k.a Bolsonaro) wins the presidential elections does not deserve, nor will have a good future. The problem of Brazil is the hateful, bigoted people that live there. I will never consider to visit Brazil and I am happier than ever now to be living in a civilised country in my beloved Europe.

  6. Brazil is sick. Brazilians are sick. Have always been, but now are Showing their true colors, backed by a manic president and a strong evangelical church that has taken over the Congress. Just Read through the comments and u can see how many insane people are cursing this beautiful documentary. Thanks for showing the world whats happening inside this madhouse

  7. There's no way to believe in any documentary where Glenn Greenwald opens his mouth..To tendencious and shallow.

  8. This is a very poorly produced video, limited to a small part of our continental country. Rio is deeply known for high level of corruption spread on the political system, but it doesn`t date from beginning of 2019.

    What sny foreigner should know is the that social system is cruel to the poorest and those who claim to defend them are, actually, who establishes policies to favor the powerful and the system controllers.

    Since military regime we have been experiencing left party goverments in all levels and now that situation has changed the establishment is fighting with all they have to regain power. It comes in all forms, since media stream fake news propagation, to politicians trying to pass laws in congress against corruption fight.

    The path to Brazil`s development goes not only through education (which model has to be changed as far as possible) but also by economic freedom.

    ABC should be really careful before saying things about president`s caracter, because there is no proof of what was stated, and also just to update the video, since the begining of new government crime ratio has dropped around 20% in the first semester, almost 450 thousand new jobs were created in country. Pension reform which was tried to pass under the last 3 presindents (including Lula) is now on senate and will probably approved by october. Economical freedom law just passed and will be sactioned by president, this will change lives of millions of people who can now endeavor and produce wealth without state assistance.

    A bit more of what was accomplished so far. A free economic trade with EU was reached by brazilian miniters team. This agreement was on a table for more than 20 years but was never closed in previous governments. Last week another free trade economic deal was closed, this time with EFTA.

    Car wash operation fighting corruption is stronger than ever, and supported by the majority of brazilian population. We still have a judiciary power acting against constitution in order to protect themselves and it associates, but soon the true will come up.

    In the end if you really want to know about what Brazil is, and what is really happening here, I suggest you to travel a lot, and don`t stay only on "favelas" in Rio where you will only see a small part of the country and take a biased side of the history.

  9. Me doy cuenta que argentinos y brasileros somos muy distintos. A nosotros no nos interesa la religión (en general), y somos más tolerantes con la diversidad sexual.

  10. The leftist international media only shows and gives voice to the lefts and "progressives"! While the silent MAJORITY who are fed up with the leftist LIES will continue to elect those who the international media HATES!!

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    I still like to tell them that without arms, no white head would have been there.
    Catholicism most reverse what the said about Africa in the story of Moses.

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    we used to avoid rio and moved away from brazil! it is a great country but you can't live peacefully !

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    The result is violence never end

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  37. This "ABC News in Depth" documentary is very biased! But best of all is how this documentary shows the contradiction of the very people who while talking badly use drugs in front of the camera.

    What the documentary won't show is how the trafficking happens, where the money that goes out of the hands of these drug addicts goes into the hands of the drug dealer buying rifles, machine guns, pistols to fight the police when the police raid the hills to Search and apprehension of criminals, guns and drugs, but police are greeted by shooting! I ask: Can't cops defend themselves?

    They talk about Brazilians as if it were pure Africa, kkkk! They speak of Mariele as if he were the only Brazilian unjustly killed just because she is black, they speak of Bolsonaro as if they were the villain of Brazil, but they forget that the true villains ruled in previous governments.

    They talk of the police as if they were white uniformed men running after blacks for being black, but it seems they "ABC" are blind or dishonest because most of the police are brown and black, as are all the whole Brazilian people, mixed with Indian, black and White!

    I'll give you a documentary tip! Why not make a documentary about the police in Brazil?

    It's a lot of material for a great documentary!

    Make documentary about the thousands of police officers killed in combat with bandits or criminals, show their family in mourning, show the day to day police, how they work to fight crime, the psychological trauma they suffer, the injured or that left them with serious sequels.


    Make a documentary about violence in Brazil, why in Brazil dies more in a month than several years of war in Syria? There are 60,000 deaths a year! And how is the President striving to reduce these numbers with his decisions on government projects?

    But that you ABC won't do!

    Why? It has no commitment to the truth. Then go to shit !!!!!!

    Ah ABC ! Australia is only Kangaroo and Sydnei?

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