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Bolivia is a relatively undeveloped country
in the heart of South America.k To explore this unpolished diamond, fly to its administrative capital La Paz, which sits high on the Bolivian plateau at
a breathtaking altitude of about twelve thousand feet. Bolivia may be poor, but it has a wealth of
natural treasures. Riches that shine through in the country’s
infinite salt deserts, extraordinary islands, mountains of silver, tropical lowlands, and high altiplanos where alpacas roam. La Paz means “Peace” and this high-altitude city is the welcoming
tourism capital of Bolivia. Like Bolivia, La Paz may be rough around the
edges, but sparkles inside. Look beyond the city’s back-to-basics architecture, cuisine and lifestyle to find some real jewels, from sixteenth-century Spanish colonial mansions to modern buildings modeled on pre-Columbian
temples. Despite all the destruction caused by the
Spanish, these Conquistadors shaped and polished Bolivia’s
cities. Upon founding La Paz, they erected brilliant
buildings, such as the National Congress
and the Presidential Palace, which are still eye catchers on Plaza Murillo
today. As devout catholics, the Spanish also erected
the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral, dedicated to the Lady of Peace. While twentyfirst-century comforts slowly
trickle in, Bolivia is still a land of unbreakable traditions. Many residents embrace their Quechua, Aymara,
and Inca heritage and indigenous women still proudly wear the
colorful clothing of the highlands. Join them on the Plaza San Francisco, a convenient meeting point in the heart of
the city. Its late 18th-century basilica, dedicated to Francis of Assisi, is home to an art museum with a precious collection
of historic paintings. See artworks by modern artists at the Museo
Nacional de Arte, housed in a well-preserved Spanish colonial
mansion. For a cultural experience of a different kind, visit the nearby Witches’ Market to marvel
at the mummified llamas, carved amulets and potent herbal remedies. On the mirador at Laikacota, see how the city’s outer suburbs cling to
the steep mountainsides and spill out in the valley below. Here you can get your first glimpse of the
ragged peaks of the surrounding valley, beckoning you to leave the city behind to
explore Bolivia’s natural gems. The Valle de la Luna was chiseled by the masons
of time, creating the moon-like landscape that gave
it its name. Make your way up or around the naturally cleaved
stones, which come in all shapes and sizes. Another hidden treasure in the Department
of La Paz is the Tiwanaku Cultural Heritage Site, dating back some two-and-a-half thousand years. But it’s in nearby Lake Titicaca that Bolivia
really sparkles. Titicaca is a half a day by bus from La Paz
and is one of the world’s highest navigable lakes. This jewel in the crown of South America straddles
the Peruvian border and is well worth exploring. The icy cold lake has breathtaking islands and is home to one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures: the Uru people. Hundreds of Uros still live on spongy floating
islands made of reed and somehow survive in the extreme climate
at altitude. Treat yourself to their handicrafts, which they sell to maintain a living on the
lake, or just watch them enjoy the simple pleasures
of life. The region’s rugged landscapes make for
harsh living conditions and it takes an adventurous traveler to appreciate
the untapped potential that this emerging South American nation offers. It becomes even more obvious that Bolivia
is a diamond in the rough if you fly south to Salar de Uyuni, the endless salt plains in Bolivia’s south. As you skim over its polished surface in a
four-wheel drive, you’ll come across boiling hot springs and
glistening salt lakes. The few high points of this remote terrain, shimmer on the horizon like a mirage in a
desert. For a unique experience, stay in a hotel made almost entirely out of
salt before you return to civilization. The gateway to the salt plains is Potosí, a place where you can mingle with the locals and admire a blend of architectural styles. A highlight attraction here is walking over
the roof of the San Francisco Convent, to find a sea of terra cotta at your feet. In the distance, Cerro Rico, which means “Rich Hill”, was once a bountiful silver and tin deposit. These precious metals provided the fortunes
needed to establish the constitutional capital Sucre, a three-hour drive away. As with diamonds, its the core that is the most brilliant and that certainly is the case with this central
Bolivian city. Nicknamed “Ciudad Blanca,” the “White City,” Sucre’s white-washed colonial buildings
and fountains reflect the sunlight. Exploring Bolivia holds the promise of discovery, the prospect of finding something precious
where few have cared to look. Whether you visit its heritage cities to chase
the romance of the days gone by, or engage in thrilling outdoor adventures, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful memories
for life. End your tour of Bolivia back in La Paz. But, before you fly out, take one last look over the valley from the
Killi Killi lookout. Local legend states that the snow-capped peaks
of Illimani Mountain are there to protect this city in the clouds, Bolivia’s hidden gem. At night, the valley twinkles… beckoning you to come and see what lies beneath.

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