Boat Stuck At Niagara Falls For More Than 100 Years Comes Loose | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Boat Stuck At Niagara Falls For More Than 100 Years Comes Loose | NBC Nightly News

  1. We have to let our past go at some point of time, no matter how much we love it.

    That's how this world works. There were completely different people before us who used same resources as we are using now… and in future, when we all will be gone.. a wonderful new generation will use the same resources. Life is beautiful .. enjoy it.. forget past.. live in present and work for future.

  2. … ok, so my great,great, great grandchildren will get to watch its final demise… is this REALLY newsworthy ? Them poor trees, that gave so many generations of fun & pleasure able memories , that succumbed…got NO such press ? I am angered ! 😡 ……lmao !

  3. Bruh y’all wanna talk about how PewDiePie goes to Canada and visits Viagra falls the same day that 100 year boat falls. Thanks boomer!

  4. What about the mom that killed her child up there, oh that isn’t news worthy?

  5. Reminds me of my teacher not letting me go at dismissal time and saying the bell doesnt dismiss you I DO

  6. What do you mean even after the ship is gone…its not gonna be there..I mean what do you think is gonna happen if someone brings their kids to the falls…

    Kids: I dont see a boat

  7. Always respect and know the waters no matter how well of a swimmer you are. And I did elite swimming competition.

  8. Hello,Humans.
    When the wall cracks, out comes the smoke. Such smoke will create new understanding, for what we know as universal ties. Those connections will last beyond time itself.


  9. A piece of history that will live on? Uh buddy I JUST learned this TODAY, you really expect me to remember it tomorrow? That’s funny

  10. The greatest debate ever The unmovable object meets the unstoppable force lets see who wins…101 years later we know

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  12. Wow! I live in Florida now bc, well, Buffalo. But we used to drive by that every Sunday on our way to Dad's house…thought it would be there forever.

  13. of course water always wins….. I took a shower right when i woke up this morning and fell because i was half asleep and i forgot to put it to warm water..

  14. Pewdiepie he did it. Don’t ask me how I know but it was him, I mean it all adds up he was at the falls on Halloween night on his video

  15. Yes the barge is part of Niagara Falls history. The barge with two men on board broke lose of the tug . Headed down the river one of the men tied him self to the barge . If it is going over i,m going with it that did not happen the other man on the barge opened the dumming doors and the barge got stuck on rocks and the rescuing the two men was done by a dare divel who whent on branch bouy to get the men off the bage the next day. My Dad i would alway when go to Niagara Falls we would walk to where the barge was at and tell the story .

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