Blue train from Kandy to Ella | Sri Lanka Episode 3

Hello guys welcome back to my channel and I’m in Sri Lanka today …! hello friends today is my third day in Sri lanka Have a look on this beautiful view behind my back the morning began very nice morning swimming , refreshed myself what we gonna do today? Today we’ll try to catch a train from Kandy to Ella also we gonna do some photoshot in our amazing pool and of course Pasha will fly the drone Just right now! And now is time to leave the hotel with breathtaking view but not the time to leave Sri Lanka If you traveling around Sri Lanka like me moving from one city to another, instead of sitting by the ocean and burn your skin under the sun then don’t miss the opportunity to have a ride on this magic train from Kandy to Ella Well-known blue train runs through the most beautiful landscapes of the country you can see waterfalls , tea -fields, gorges, and cliffs and whole journey takes 7 hours but believe me it feels like 2 hours only!! Train STATION we got ready in 15 minutes we left our hotel in 5 minutes just paid our bills and so on , and called TUK-TUK And came here in 7 minutes and we still have literally 15 minutes for quick break that we can eat some food and this the food we bought in local supermarket I don’t know what the correct name of this , as I know it called Sambusa… (Samosa…)this is vegetable mix , potato potato, eggs , dough (obviously) and some spices it’s not spicy too much but you can feel lil fire in your mouth so it’s edible and tasty and while we finishing our food , our train smoothly arraving to the station and it’s time to go on board We trying to find our carriage First life-hack for you if you gonna travel by train from Kandy to Ella First where you have to grab the seats .. its over here Everybody sit by couples here in each doorway Guys it is first life hack you need to know of the train from Kandy to Ella

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