BioPark hosting dinner with cold-blooded creatures

THIS MONTH AT THE ZOO YOU CAN DINE ALONG SIDE THE CROCODILES — AND FEAST ON AN AFRICAN MEAL. HERE )S NEWS 13 )S FRANCESCA WASHINGTON. 10:55 oh that )s a huge crocodile 10:56 IT )S NOT YOUR AVERAGE DINING EXPERIENCE… 14:23 a very different date night 14:24 FOR 75-DOLLARS PEOPLE CAN DINE NEXT TO ALL THESE COLD-BLOODED CRITTERS IN THE BIO PARK )S REPTILE BUILDING. 21:27 huge big crocodiles so I love the idea 21:31 THE UPCOMING REPTILE DINNER IS A PART OF THE BIO PARK )S DESTINATION DINNER SERIES… 17:17 we have one in April called the great aperil where you )re dining amongst the primates and of you )ve ever been terribly close to a gorilla they could be a little, they have a unique scent 17:25 17:29 the reptiles is probably the best smelling dinner that we have 17:32 AND ON THE MENU THIS TIME AROUND AFRICAN INSPIRED CUISINE… DISHES LIKE CHICKEN SUYA AFRICAN MEAT PIES, JOLLOF RICE AND WESTERN AFRICAN LIME CAKE 15:25 we )re kind of drawing attention to some of its plight by featuring some food from its native land 15:31 AND WHILE GUESTS ENJOY THEIR FOOD, THIS SALT WATER CROCODILE WILL BE DOING THE SAME… croc going after food from brighteye ZOO OFFICIALS SAYS THESE DESTINATION DINNERS… 16:03 we )ll have keepers out with some of the reptiles talking about them and what makes them unique 16:06 ARE ALSO A LEARNING OPPORTUNITY, THAT SUPPORTS THE BIOPARK )S CONSERVATION EFFORTS. 21:58 it is so nice that we get to educate our children our grandchildren about these things so they know the difference between the crocodile and an alligator 22:08 FRANCESCA WASHINGTON, KRQE NEWS 13. THE REPTILE DINNER IS NOVEMBER 16TH. ATTENDEES CAN ALSO BID ON PAINTINGS CREATED BY REPTILES AT THE BIOPARK. MANY KIDS SPEND THE DAY

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