Biometrics: Making travel easier while keeping Canada safe.

Canada is joining many countries around
the world by using biometrics in an effort to help make travel easier while
keeping Canada safe. Each year, Canada welcomes millions of visitors and
accepts hundreds of thousands of students workers and permanent residents.
Canada has been shaped by generations of immigrants. Canadians welcome newcomers.
We believe that diversity makes us stronger and we value the contribution
of every individual and community across our country.
Immigration continues to play a key role in contributing to Canada’s well-being,
to our economic prosperity and to our success as a nation. Biometrics are the
measurement of unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints and
facial features. We use them to establish and confirm that you are who you say you
are. If you plan to travel to Canada and need a visa, study or work permit, or if
you apply to be a permanent resident, you need to give your biometrics.
This helps immigration and border officials prevent identity theft, spot
those who pose a security risk and stop criminals from entering Canada while
facilitating entry into Canada for most travelers. We can quickly and accurately
confirm your identity when you travel. This makes your entry into Canada easier.
Giving your biometrics is simple and safe. If you apply for a visa or a study
or work permit you can give your biometrics at the same time as you
submit your application in person at a Visa Application Centre. Temporary
residents only need to enroll their biometrics once every ten years. If you
apply online or by mail, you can give your biometrics after you submit your
application. You will get a letter asking you to give your biometrics. This is
known as a biometric instruction letter. It takes just a few minutes to scan your
fingerprints and take your photo at a biometrics collection point near you.
Once you have done this, we will assess your application, once your application
is approved, you can enjoy many years of easy travel to Canada.

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